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Monday, February 22nd 2016, 4:22am

Wait for steam date or download now?

So I started playing allods online about 5 or so years ago, and I played for a good couple of years. Honestly the most fun I've had in an mmo in a while (noted I had a lower end pc at the time so I couldn't play much) but now I am playing new trendy games like blade & soul, black desert online, etc. I saw that the russian version of this game was on steam and I got excited, so I spent a few hours reading a ton of forums and investigating allods news and a wave of nostalgia hit me. I really wanted to get back into this game but I'm not so sure if it's smarter to wait for a western version to come on steam or just download now. At the moment it looks like people are conflicted about servers, whether f2p or p2p, and I know it's probably dumb for me to want to play a steam version since it's brand new but I like fresh starts. I can't seem to find news on dates and estimated release times so I'm not sure if I should wait for one or just download now. I know there's probably a great community on these servers as well but I would like to know for sure what I want to do before I do it. I'm just asking for some form of advice. It would be greatly appreciated if someone answered me and I can't wait to get back into this game.


Monday, February 22nd 2016, 8:14am

I'm looking at picking the game up too when the 7.0 launch, I'll probably go for the P2P server myself (although it sounds like steam is only going to have F2P option).


Monday, February 22nd 2016, 9:12am

There are no further information about Allods and Steam.
There are romours about a new Steam server (that wouldnt be successfull I guess).
We have no date expect that they wont release it before 7.0.

My advice is start on the P2P, you will be max level when the patch will hit the server, so you can start gearing with the rest of the server at the same time.
P2P has no cs, so you less/ no disadvantages as a new player.
The problem about the P2P is the low population, but I hope 7.0 + Steam will bring us some new players.


Monday, February 22nd 2016, 2:25pm


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I'm thinking about leveling up a character on the subscription server now so I have a max lvled one when 7.0 kicks in. By then I might also know if it's worth continuing on the subscription server or if I should focus on the f2p server once 7.0 is released.

If ya want a gaming buddy, let me know :)
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