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Sunday, March 20th 2016, 3:02am

Cheap players guarding area for dailies

It seems for over a week or longer a hand full of cheap players from the imp side are guarding the area in the kingdom of elements where we need to do our dailies. Allods needs to turn off the flag of war while doing this guild quest so these juvenile players with their runes ranging from level 8-13 who attacks while your in battle can find a new skilless way to mess with people. Even at full health it takes one shot to kill with runes that high. How do these people get off guarding the area all evening and night long. The server has a low population and this is only making things worse. I have talked to players in other guilds and they just stopped going. Do something about this Allods. You created the scenario for this to happen, Fix it!


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 4:34am



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kingdomoE is a sheer mirrawar, im not goin there since a long time coz i hate how allods forces people to do this quests with fow active and i like my mirra to much for this mess wasting time.

as u had to kill 20 mobs in pearlring for guildquest it happens rar times that kakers came to troll but it became rampant then in koe with this bonus for killed players.

its suxallot and they wont fix this coz they wring their money out of tiny egos with this bullshitkinda stuff.
they swarm even bgs just for the kills and i hate this nabs totaly ignoring all tactics in evry mode and running for lowiekills instead of golems, flags, marks.
i didnt saw anything like this befor the server merges and its the mainreason i stoped thinkin about recommending allods coz this is what kiddies do not serious players.
im really wondering why imps dont come to novo during this current event out of town to troll.
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 6:55am

I am on league side, and while I am not the best player. Welcome to an mmo that involves pvp. If your complaining about a little camping or kill stealing. You clearly would not last ten seconds in any other real game. Like games where you lose gear if you die. If you don't like getting beat, work hard, and get stronger. Either that or join a guild/find friends that will protect you. Crying to mommy because your getting picked on is so petty.

I am not here to bash on a fellow league. I just wanted to point out that this is a pvp mmorpg. Complaining about that is silly. Find another game to play if people don't enjoy that. Back in 40 patch high levels lived in asee-teph. That was where all the big fights took place mostly. I miss those days myself. Back when it meant something to be full legend gear. There was pride in the game back then.

Patch comes soon. So get your big kid pants on, and join the race to the top. Focus on gearing and learning your class. So when the big kids start a fight with you, your friends, or weaker players. You can be one who stands against them. Because if you won't help yourself. Mommy isn't going to save you. Find good friends who have your back, and a guild that you are proud to represent.

Otherwise find a new game.


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 7:15am

as I like to say, "working as intended!"

over 9000 hours in MSPAINT


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 9:02am

Allods advertises pve and or pvp. And I am in a great guild as well as working on getting stronger. In another game, Im in war for over a year of constant attacks as well as dropping 20K to be stronger. This game is suppose to be stress relief. Obviously you like PVP and I don't but will when called on. But there should be no pvp in an area like that with quests. They can place one of those pvp arena's there. How would you feel if it was reversed. Saying that someone is calling for mommy is a childish act in itself. You must be one of them.


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 9:26am

Hahaha I must be one of them. I hate imps more then most. For personal reasons as well as when I chose a side, I stay loyal to the side. You can believe whatever you prefer. I have certainly done my fair share of imp hunting. So I can't say I'm any better. After all, the only good imp. Is a dead imp.

Back on topic however. Your right, to some degree. Allods has a large amount of pve and pvp. It's that way with its dailies as well. There are other ways to earn prestige or nobility for your guild other then just going there. Buying sogs through taka rik, doing astral, twilight isle, I'm sure there are others. That's just an area that requires risk. That's why I called you out for complaining. My reference in which you said was childish.

Just like the guild quests you get in novo. 3 of the 4 quests do not require you to engage in pvp. Only 1 does. So I fail to see why everything has to be pve.

You said how would I feel if the rolls were reversed? I welcome you to elaborate.

You are right though I do love pvp. The difference in level or whatever doesn't matter to me. If I can't beat the imp because he is stronger. Then I find someone to help me accomplish that.


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 12:17pm



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ur this is pvp stop crying find a new game join race focus gear learn class shit does simply miss the point coz nobody is complaining about a lil campin and killstealin or pvp, TE is complaining that he like others cannot make his guildquest over days, me is complaining that this wastes my time and mirra. b4 guildquest was in koe i did it daily b4 evrything else but it sux hard to spend half hour just coz some kiddies get their easy results.

u can have pvp alldaynightlong in bgs and 3v3/6v6. many player dont have guilds that could compete nor have just the timing or are to busy with gearin to guard for this single daily and make it a daily raidquest.
i dont mind that better gear means u will get higher ratio of progress more wins and so on i just liked to complete my guildquests once ago and i think they should just remove the prestige for killed players in koe.

as i remember, the guildquest in koe is to complete one daily guildquest that gives the most prestige so to do this there is no other way.
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!


Sunday, March 20th 2016, 12:26pm

as i remember, the guildquest in koe is to complete one daily guildquest that gives the most prestige so to do this there is no other way.

This isn't true. Most prestige is from the quest to read the speeches in your capital.

You get more prestige and loyalty per time spent in Tka Rik's cave. Those KoE dailies aren't better than that even if you count the quest to hand in all symbols.

Or if you absolutely must do them, form a raid and wipe the scum out.

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Sunday, March 20th 2016, 7:07pm



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I hate to say it, but this is the main method that Allods uses to promote open world PvP. It's been this way since the very beginning, barring that in the very earliest release there was no flag of war to turn off. Register complaints as much as you want, it's been six years and it's very obvious they have no intention of changing it, barring the changes they made to AT a few years back. You may want to adjust.
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Sunday, March 20th 2016, 7:11pm

this seems like a thread similar to the "QQ all those strong players in asee teph make me cry i am a little loser who cant deal with the situation"

just for all those who dont know: there is an item for a few relics that makes respawn free for 60 minutes, sold from the npc at portal, its no problem to be weaker and die, its actually a good way of learning

you dont HAVE to do this quest, its just a bonus if you do

so this

as I like to say, "working as intended!"

is the only correct answer here 8o


Monday, March 21st 2016, 1:28am

Simply you dont need to do this quest.But if you want absolutely,go with a couple of friends or better go when is Arena or Dominion time:)

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:) ^^ :)


Monday, March 21st 2016, 1:50am



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Whisper them and tell them they suck, I'm sure they will leave you alone after that.
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Monday, March 21st 2016, 10:03pm

I have to say both side doing that. I remember doing reincarnation quest in KoE it was hard to kill mobs since they all pretty much aggro each other. I remeber i was getting close to finish quest and some league players gathering around me i was thinking oh they wanna help till i realize they was looking for easy snack after a min another league joins and kills me RIP quest i had to do stupid quest over again with same risk. I redo that quest in a day 3 4 times. Definetly good times.
poot poot poot poot poot... POOTIE!! YOU'VE BEEN POOTED!!!


Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 5:07am

Yeah, i've gotten used to these people in KoE. It's childish, but the best way to avoid losing Mirra is to just 'turn the other cheek' and get rekt one time, and then when you're in purgatory, you grab a drink, watch a video on youtube, and just wait out those 15 minutes. Usually, if it's just one PvP junkie passing through, and if you're not back within a minute or two they'll get bored waiting, and move on.

What you absolutely should not do, is pull out the victim card. That only attracts more unwanted attention.

Having said that, let's be honest about it, guys... You know you're doing something not quite right when Southpark spoofs your ass! :D

PvP junkies are a negative side-effect of the mmoRPG genre, not the defining characteristic.


Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 3:18pm

why pvp junkies r negative? u can be a pvp junky without being a ganker


Tuesday, March 22nd 2016, 7:31pm

why pvp junkies r negative? u can be a pvp junky without being a ganker

ok you're right, sorry... i meant gankers. I think they even refer to that guy as such in SouthPark :X


Wednesday, March 23rd 2016, 8:29am



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ok you're right, sorry... i meant gankers. I think they even refer to that guy as such in SouthPark :X

Lol i remember that episode and you are completely right.

Yesterday Warsong was fighting Mincs and SoS in KoE there was about 7/8 of us each side and it was a fun fight fairly equal. I remember seeing a few lower geared (or reincs) running through with red flag, both sides ignored them.

I think, this ganking you are talking about it, as often as it happens, is only a few certain people doing it (with no heart).

You are more likely to get ganked if you are higher geared than lower geared in my opinion.


Thursday, March 24th 2016, 7:23pm

it's very obvious that there's braggin who has more player kc, so those QQ faces gotta do something to keep up with the summoners and PrEgNANCE kappa

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