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New Frontier Weird health bars

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Sunday, March 27th 2016, 3:54pm

Weird health bars

Sometimes after I teleport/respawn, I get these weird health bars : . It's just a visual bug, but it is annoying as hell and it happens pretty often. Am I the only one with this problem?


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 7:15pm



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Its your graphics card most likely.
Never seen or hear of anybody having this problem, update your drivers (all not just graphics card) and see if that helps.


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 7:41pm

this could also be an indicator of broken RAM, a friend of mine had this problem (check with memtest)

but more likely this is not some hardwarefailure as i experience this from time to time on various computers ONLY when playing allods; it seems to have some kind of memoryleak; i so GUESS its a problem related to allods itself

on german forum this problem has also been reported ( see )

maybe this will be gone with version 7 update


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 10:35pm



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That happens to me all the time too...
I have no idea why.
It started in the 6.0 patch and has persisted through all patches's annoying, but doesn't harm anything.


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 11:25pm



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got this Problem too without any hardware problems i know of

relogging fixes it for me, at least until it happens again...


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 11:33pm

only happens in nezeb tower for me^^ never in raids,astral or pvp so seems to be an error there


Sunday, March 27th 2016, 11:49pm



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This is in time void just about 3 minutes ago.


Monday, March 28th 2016, 12:47pm



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Happens to me daily... started happening after patch 6.0.3 for me.

It also affects some quest windows... specially in Ferris' Dragon Bay and the 3 others. The quest reward glyphs are shown as different class skill icons.

It has nothing to do with ppl's computers - at least I seriously doubt that... it's something in the game.

There are plenty of more different distortions but I haven't screened them. One of them had huge yellow smiley repeating all over the health bar xD

Forgot it once affected even Item Shop window - all crystals were white blocks...

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Monday, March 28th 2016, 2:28pm



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Forgot it once affected even Item Shop window - all crystals were white blocks...

Oh quit lying Gwin, you're just trying to not show off your billions of crystals. :whistling:


Monday, March 28th 2016, 2:46pm



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its very strange coz i wouldnt know any reason why the heck the hpbar should load repeatedly the same or different false icons at the same time, as i imagine it has neither background separated in this way nor parts in its self that should be loaded in tiles especially coz it covers all three bars...
and jes it affects icons in questwindows and icons in boutique too

im a bit sick of it so i opened the threat in german forum. it sux much more when im healin then trollin with incas and i hoped to exclude hardwarefailures and get some INFORMATION from official side if this problem is known and/or under construction.

for me it starts anytime anywhere when i aim any target and regularly if i entered bg even if it was fine after leavin bg returning to novo, so relog is no option for me at this point.
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Monday, March 28th 2016, 7:50pm


I have the exact same issue, and I collected them just like Gwiniel did :D.
Always in Yasker tower, and quite always the very first NPC I select (so it's often the one from guild quests).

I ran the "verify and repair" tool, I installed a fresh new EN client, and I have this bug on both of my client.
It's been there since patch 6.03 if i remember well, or maybe the one before.
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Monday, March 28th 2016, 11:09pm

Yeah its happen to me also I started see weird things. I saw them as happy little bugs

poot poot poot poot poot... POOTIE!! YOU'VE BEEN POOTED!!!


Tuesday, March 29th 2016, 4:43am

Aha! I thought I was the only one. This started when 6.0 patch hits(for me tho) and has been happening ever since. The only thing annoying with this one is I have to look on the bar above my target's head to verify its health w/c i don't like cause I was used to checking that bar on top of the screen.

Updating drivers wont work for me especially for the graphics card as I have a problem with the latest version. Event viewer reported an error with "atiumva.dll"(graphics related) which caused AO to crash before I can even get to login screen. I also don't think I have a hardware problem(ram, etc...) cause my laptop has a hardware scan feature and has been doing it every month and no problem has been detected since then.

P.S. Since many people reported this problem, it's very unlikely that this is caused by hardware failure. This maybe a bug with AO that has never been documented up until now. I really hope it will be resolved next patch. ;)

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