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Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 9:36am

Tips for the new Scout?

Hello everyone.
I have been playing Allods for a long time, on an on-off style, leaving and coming back.
Played since the 45 max level days, leaving after reaching max level and then getting bored of the upgrade system (the previous one sucked so much)
But once again, I came back after the 7.0 patch, and I was completely lost. I have no idea of what to do with my Scout. I created a build, but I dont know why, it seems to be missing something.
Does anyone have any tips for the new Scout? A guide or something? Would appreciate it.


Tuesday, April 5th 2016, 4:47pm!8!313...…ss/SWKLNQSI!a/B

If you have a low amount of rubies/talents like me:

start with poison charms > aimed shot > fire charms > volley or whatever its called > repeat infinitely
always keep up elimination and never use any skill without first using a charm.

Poison dots increase your dps by 12%+15% because of painful death and denying rubies.
Volley always deals aoe fire damage anyway because of Fire boom and explosive tips but also leave a fire dot at the last hit on the main target.
Casting a charm before a skill increases that skill damage by +15 whatever that means (probably %) thanks to arcane subtlety and another 45% because of elimination.
Always keep aimed shot off cd as it's one of the only skills that satisfy.

The reason I chose to cast aimed shot with poison charms is because it instantly gives an 8 second poison dot instead of stacking little shitty dots on top of eachother in case I get interrupted meaning volley which is the most annoying crap skill in the history of forever almost deals enough damage to not suck. At least it gives +5 gear pieces.....

Multi Target
poison charms > bomb arrow > fire charms > steel rose > fire volley > repeat infinitely

Poison charms+bomb arrow leaves a massive poison field that deals pretty good damage and just like all poison dots increase damage on all targets by 12%+15%, fire charms+steel rose apply a +25% damage received debuff on all enemies making your previous poison field deal more damage and all attacks after too for six seconds.
Since your enemies are already suffering from poison you can cast fire charms+volley to deal aoe fire damage to them and reaping the benefits of the damage debuff, charms buff, poison debuff.

Aspect Killer and Ready for Anything give a permanent 12%+10% damage bonus and allow you to stack more gear pieces if for any stupid reason you decide to do so. Dont do so.
Readiness appears to proc at the start of every fight and gives you +20% damage for X+6seconds, X reduced by swiftness.
Poison damage > Fire damage because you need less rubies to get equal % increases (four rubies for 20% poison damage and five rubies for 20% fire...) and poison gives us more buffs than fire does.

Try to line up cooldowns with readiness if you have any (preparedness/refill) when it procs but it's probably a dps loss to not keep refill on cd.

On the other hand someone might be tempted to take mobility over elimination because you get instant explosive shot / aimed shot firing and a +30% damage buff on those skills permanently as well as running faster while shooting. Nice for PvP if you don't have friends to cc or tank for you. Also means you have to spam volley more because you lose the passive gear piece regeneration from elimination.

Melee scouts are the most boring thing ever, Astrum Nival just went lel look at the ranged attacks lets do the same theme for melee.
Volley is literally cascade with range and shady strike is literally aimed shot without range.
Most good melee rubies require tank aspect making it shit for dps which means you are stuck with alternating fire charms+shady strikex2 for the deadly combination ruby and poison charms+cascade to consume deadly combination and apply brutal killing and painful death rubies.
Still using elimination to buff your attacks by 45% and get more passive gear pieces.

No comment on tanking but battlewounds feels like staggering from world of warcrafts brewmaster monk tanks. You can even cleanse and reduce the stagger amount.

Suppose ice charms is useful for pvp and for tank scouts as they have a lot of rubies interacting with it.

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