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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 8:23am

7.0 Solo Warrior Build Guide

Hello fellow Warriors! My name is Khanjali and Instead of spending my time this first week of 7.0 reaching level 70 I’ve been perfecting/finalizing the most ideal solo Warrior build. This build offers high health, high damage, and a complete ignorance of Energy and Combat Advantage management, allowing you to move from enemy to enemy without pause.

Table of Contents:

I - The Build: Talents
II - The Build: Rubies
III - Explanations
IV - The Damage
V - Weapon Choice
VI - The Defense
VIII - Build Negatives
IX - Ending Notes
X - Conclusion

I- The Build: Talents
*Updated build*

Devastating Blow: Not used. Leave at rank 1. Explained below.

Rapid Strike: Also not used. No purpose in this build. Leave at Rank 1.

Deadly Lunge: Not used You’ll only need rank 2 to get to the rest of the talents.

Charge: The benefits from Athlet(e) and Breakthrough make it much easier for you to go from enemy to enemy without need to pause. Must get Rank 3

Shield Slam: You don’t use a shield, so this is worthless.

Turtle: As great as a potential 52% damage reduction is, having it on a 25 second downtime is not ideal. This build is simply too fast for this.

Fracture: This is your primary Combat Advantage generator and Energy spender. Further explanation below. Must get Rank 3

Jagged Slice: After doing some testing, it turns out using Jagged Slice reduces the overall damage you deal. You can safely skip this.

Kick: One of your two Mutilation-reducing skills. I recommend Rank 3 for the lower cooldown and greater damage.


Bloody Harvest: The most important aspect of this entire build. Must get Rank 3.

Aspect of Defense: You must get at least Rank 1 of this to even be able to use this build. You don’t need to go any higher than Rank 1, but since we’re not Talent starved nor is the 2% additional threat an issue, getting Rank 3 is a definite boon.

Treacherous Strike: This is your primary Combat Advantage spender. Treacherous Strike becomes stupidly strong with this build. Further explanation below. Must get Rank 3

Respite: The rubies that affect Respite are not needed in this build, so there’s no need for you to take this as well. If you think your Mutilation is not being reduced enough by Kick and Deliverance you can drop a rank from Kick to get Rank 2 of this.

Destructive Attack: Same as with Devastating Blow. Don’t bother with it.

Vicious Spin: Your primary AOE Energy Spender. Must get Rank 3.

Headbutt: A decent extra damage skill. With the low cooldown of Charge and the disorient from Athlet(e), you can make effective use out of Headbutt > Charge.
This is completely optional, but primary usage is in PvP. Get whatever Rank you want.

Deliverance: Your main Mutilation reduction tool, as well as your strongest self-heal. Must get Rank 3.
  • Deliverance will completely clear out your Mutilation. Save it for when Mutilation is high or at max.

Hack: *NEW* You must get Rank 3 of Hack. It counts as a control effect and will greatly boost your damage.

Harpoon: This has better uses in PvP than PvE, but it can be used in PvE if you feel it necessary to pull enemies. You’ll only need Rank 1.

Tramp: Your AOE Combat Advantage spender. Get Rank 3

Mighty Leap: *NEW* After some testing, this is no longer useful. You can safely skip this.

Adrenaline Surge: The only extra defensive tool you’ll need. This is something to save for a situation where you’re in trouble. Optional, Rank 1 or 2 is fine.

Dragon Tear Talents
Berserker: Excellent when paired with Stand at Bay. And that’s really it. Only get rank 1 to use when you get low on health(if you get it). Higher ranks just reduce the cooldown from 8 minutes to 5 minutes. Optional, Get whatever Rank you prefer.

Slaughter: The old Bloodbath’s wannabe younger brother. Has absolutely no use in this build, and on top of that Slaughter is just...bad. Don’t even both with it.

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 8:25am

II - The Build: Rubies
Only the rubies necessary for this build will be discussed. Assume that all rubies discussed have all available ranks taken unless otherwise specified. (AoD) = ruby only works in Aspect of Defense.

Dirty Blows: Increases the damage of your blows by 5/10/15/20%. Necessary for Fracture to not be weak.

Rampaging Menace: Increases Vigor by 3/6/9%. No explanations needed.

Brutality: Gives Treacherous Strike a 100% Critical Strike Chance when the enemy has a control effect on them. While in Aspect of Defense, this is always in effect. Since we’re always in Aspect of Defense, this makes our main damaging skill far more powerful.

Perfect Sharpening: Increases your Critical Strike Damage by 120. Buffs not only our damage, but our defensive skills too.

Brutal Cutter: Increases Brutality by 30/60/90. Brutality isn’t a primary stat for us, but an extra 90 to any stat is always nice.

Optional choices:
Uncontrollable Fury: Reduces the cooldown of Charge and Kick by 2/4 seconds, and the cooldown of Headbutt and Mighty Leap by 4/8 seconds when you receive a control effect. Amazing PvP rubies. Not as useful in PvE.

No Escape: Vicious Spin slows targets hit for 2 seconds. In Aspect of Defense, the duration is doubled and the effect applies with any equipped weapon. I don’t understand the any equipped weapon part, since it doesn’t indicate otherwise outside of AoD, but this is useful in PvP to keep opposing players near you.

Vortex of Steel: Increases damage of Vicious Spin by 7/14/21% and allows you to move while under the effect at 60% movement speed. Damage boosts are nice, but the movement speed allows you grab enemies that are slightly out of your reach, or crawl your way to the next group of enemies.

Raging Storm: Gain 1/2/3 point(s) of Combat Advantage every time Vicious Spin deals damage. This is per enemy. This allows you to generate enough CA for Tramp and Bloody Harvest at a faster rate.

Tornado: Pulls all enemies within a 15 radius towards you when you use Vicious Spin. Has a 25 second cooldown. More of a PvP talent that works well with No Escape, but this is usefull in PvE to group up enemies for Tramp or to allow group members to place AoE’s in one spot.

Bloodbath: Vicious Spin applies a bleed effect each time it deals damage. The bleed effect ticks once per second, stacks 3 times, and lasts 4 seconds. The new slightly-worse-I -already-miss-the-old Bloodbath. Because of how this works, each usage of Vicious Spin will lead to 8 ticks of Bloodbath. Strengthens your AoE damage quite a bit.

King of the Hill: Using Mighty Leap and Harpoon outside of combat requires no resources. You need this ruby to get to the Solid Rock and Rampant Slayer rubies, but it’s a significant bonus if you use either of the two skills affected.

Solid Rock(AoD): Deliverance heals you for 20/40% of the damage absorbed from Mutilation. This amount increases by 3% per 100 Critical Damage. Makes Deliverance one of your primary self-heal abilities. Full explanation below.

Rampant Slayer(AoD): Melee attacks reduce the cooldown of Deliverance by 1 second. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Experienced Fighter(AoD): Increases threat generation by 40% and damage dealt by 10%. Very strong boost to damage. This and AoD increases your total Threat generation by 42%, which will still be below all tank generation.

70% of damage taken is converted to Mutilation. Mutilation deducts 10% of its’ total every 3 seconds and applies that damage to you. This is Stony Resilience. Helps to reduce the amount of damage you take. Damage absorbed into Mutilation is affected by damage reduction effects before absorption.

Bruiser(AoD): Increases Health while in Aspect of Defense by a further 30/60%. This increases the bonus health from AoD to 110%. Note that the tooltip in game is missing the Aspect of Defense notifier.

Tireless Fighter: Increases Energy restoration by 1/2/3 per second. This gives you 13 Energy per second. More details below.

Optional choices:
Patriot: Increases Willpower by 50/100/150. PvP mandatory.

Scarface: Increases Survivabilty by 30/60/90% and Threat generation by 10/20/30%. The Survivability increase boosts your absorption by 9%, which is quite nice. This is excellent for PvP but be careful using it in group PvE because you may pull mobs away from the tank. You will get at least two of these going for the below rubies.

Dueler: Charge grants you an absorption shield for 4 seconds equal to 5/10/15% of your health. Absorption amount increases by 1% per 100 Critical Damage. Excellent utility for this build, but unfortunately it’s set behind unnecessary rubies and isn’t a priority. If you do plan to get this, go through Scarface and Exasperation instead of Strong Shell (unless you use Turtle, in which case do the opposite).

Mercenary *Updated*
Sturdy: Increases your stamina by 20/40/60%. More health is always nice.

Giant Swing: Blows stun the target for 1/2/3 seconds. While in Aspect of Defense, the duration of the stun is doubled. Ruby description explains what the stun does. This allows your first Treacherous Strike to receive the 50% damage bonus. It’s also important in helping you take far less damage.

Earthquake: Tramp drags all enemies within a 7 yard radius towards you for 0.5/1/1.5 seconds. 25 second cooldown. The drag effect is effectively a knockdown, so it will interrupt enemy attacks for a moment. 2 ranks give a full 1 second of interruption. No longer worth the investment.

Easy Prey: Treacherous Strike deals 10/20/30% more damage to enemies under control or movement impairment effects. In Aspect of Defense, this is always active. More Treacherous Strike damage!

*New* Disgrace: Kick, Hack, and Shield Slaw apply the Cowardice effect to the target for 8 seconds. Cowardice lowers Willpower by 350. Oh hey, another control effect that makes other control effects better! Must get.

: Bloody Harvest reduces incoming damage and increases damage dealt by 10/20/30%. Also increases energy regeneration and Combat Advantage by 5 every 6/4/2 seconds. This is the whole reason why this build can even exist. This is a priority over everything else.

: Charge cooldown is reduced by 50%. Headbutt inflicts a 3 second disorient on the target once they land. Needed to make it so you can move from enemy-to-enemy with ease. (Tooltip is misspelled)

Breakthrough(AoD): Charge resets Shield Slam. Charge reduces the cooldown of Kick by 15 seconds. More Kicks result in more potential healing and Mutilation reduction. Since Charge can be used in melee combat, this is really useful for longer fights.

Onslaught: Charge stuns everyone in the path to your target. While in Aspect of Defense, Kick reduces damage stored in Mutilation by X amount and heals for that amount. This turns Kick into your secondary Mutilation reducer as well as a nice heal.

: You receive 2/4/6 points of Combat Advantage every 2 seconds. You’ll get one point of this to reach Heavy Blade and Mighty Blows. We have no problems with Combat Advantage management so this isn’t needed.

Heavy Blade
: Fracture deals 7/18/28% more damage, generates 3/6/9 more Combat Advantage, and increases the duration of Jagged Slice by 0.3/0.5/0.8 seconds. This allows us to immediately enter Bloody Harvest. Absolutely mandatory.

MIghty Blows
: Treacherous Strike weakens enemies for 3 seconds. In Aspect of Defense, the duration is doubled. This ensures you will have a control effect on your target. Weaken also lowers the offensive stats of your target, so this helps in reducing the damage you take.

Optional Choices
Stand at Bay: When your health drops below 30%, you take 35% reduced damage and skills consume 25/50/75% less resources. Lasts 10 seconds, cooldown is 300/240/180 seconds. This is the new, somewhat worse Die Hard. Works wonders with Berserker. If you get this, you’ll only need Rank 1. Getting this will mean you get all ranks of Encouragement.

Rattle of War
: Immobilizes enemies within a 7 yard radius for 1/2/3 seconds. Increases Combat Advantage cost by 10/20/30%. This isn’t bad, but it’s just not necessary to have.

Flaming Blade
: All blows deal Fire Damage. Devastating Blow and Destructive Attack reduce the energy cost of Fracture by 5/10/15 for 8 seconds. Increases the range of melee attacks by 0.7/1.4/2.0. The only purpose of this ruby for this build is the range increase, and that’s a PvP thing.

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 8:28am

III - Explanations

So if you read all of the above, you’d have a good idea of how this build works. If you didn’t...well, to be honest, it is kinda wordy, so I don’t really blame you.

IV - The Damage
This build focuses on boosting Treacherous Strike so that it does massive amounts of damage. To put into perspective how much damage Treacherous Strike gets, here’s a list of damage modifiers (note that not all of them are exclusive to TS):
  • 50% (from Treacherous Strike)
  • 30% (Easy Prey)
  • 22% (Bloody Harvest’s Thrust damage bonus)
  • 30% (Warpath)
  • 15% (From Cleft Armor)
  • 10% (Experienced Fighter)
That comes out to 157%. But wait, there’s more!
  • Damage x2 (100% Critical Hit Chance from Brutality)
But wait, there’s even more!
  • +24% Critical Damage (Perfect Sharpening)

You want to know what this means for total damage? Me too!
I have no idea how damage calculations work (beyond Critical Hits).
(Stupid crafty blows. What are you?!)

To get to the point where you are dealing so much damage, you’ll need to follow this setup rotation:

(34 CA)- (-30 CA)-- (38 CA)-- (-35 CA)-- (37 CA)-- (-35 CA)

At this point, Cleft Armor will be at 3 stacks and Treacherous Strike will be dealing it’s maximum damage. Bloody Harvest will be going off cooldown after two more Fracture + Treacherous Strike (usually right after Treacherous Strike) and you’ll need to cast Bloody Harvest again.

You absolutely must prioritize Bloody Harvest upkeep over everything else, and thankfully it being off the global cooldown makes it easy to re-cast it (as well as it being an 11 second duration on a 10 second cooldown).

Charge is your primary opener. You’ll be using it to enter combat and after using Kick to reduce its’ cooldown.

For AoE, the rotation is simply:

With two points of Raging Storm, you generate 8 Combat Advantage per enemy per Vicious Spin. Don’t use the AoE rotation on anything less than 3 enemies as you won’t be generating enough Combat Advantage (even with rank 1 of Encouragement).

V - Weapon Choice:
For this build, a two-handed weapon or slow paired weapon is ideal. Treacherous Strike has a fixed cooldown which means you'll cripple your damage and Energy/CA management using a faster weapon (as the only skill you will be able to use more is Fracture). Theoretically this would allow you to weave Jagged Slice in to your 1-on-1 rotation, but it will still be doing far less damage overall than what would be possible in a full DPS or Tank build.

There's also no reason to use a shield with this build. The only benefit of a shield would be for the Fan Defense, Shattering Blow, and Deafening Tramp rubies. Those originally did not have the equipped shield requirement, but they were considered too strong and made to be tanking rubies. I've tried seeing how these rubies worked with this build and:
1) Your damage is significantly lower than using a two-handed weapon/slow paired weapon
2) You don't have 10 rubies to spare to get all necessary rubies.

VI - The Defense

There are three factors to the defensive side of this build:
  1. High Health
  2. Constant 30% damage reduction
  3. (Stony Resilience) Survivability and Mutilation

The Health factor is rather straightforward. The Sturdy rubies increases your health by 60%, then Aspect of Defense + Bruiser increases that total by 110%.
To give an example: I am level 65 (still. Shut up) with 1.25 million health outside of AoD and just over 3 million in AoD.

Since Bloody Harvest will always be active, so too will the 30% reduction from the Warpath rubies. This is the other reason you keep Bloody Harvest up at all times.

Survivability (Stony Resilience to us veteran Warriors) is our tank mechanic equal to 200% of our total health. Mutilation is the mechanic behind it, and it absorbs damage after all other damage reductions.
To give an example, imagine this scenario:

You have 1,000,000 health.
An enemy attacks you, dealing 300,000 damage.
That is first reduced by 30% to 210,000.
Then a further 70% (147,000) is turned into Mutilation, leaving just 63,000 to actually hit your health.

Over the next 21 seconds, that 147,000 will be dealt to you in 10% increments every 3 seconds.
You don’t want this to happen, so you use one of two skills - Kick or Deliverance - to reduce the Mutilation damage.
  • Prioritize Kick over Deliverance. Kick reduces Mutilation by roughly 10% of your health, while Deliverance will completely clear out all stored damage.

Thanks to the Onslaught and Solid Rock rubies, Kick and Deliverance heal you based on how much Mutilation damage was available at their time of use. This means that over-reducing mutilation damage hurts your self healing. If you use one of those two skills when you don’t have the same or more mutilation damage stored, you will be healed for much less.
  • Kick will heal you for all of the Mutilation damage it reduces, which is about 10% of your total health.
  • Deliverance will heal you for 40% of the damage it reduces (and an extra 3% per 100 Critical Damage)
    • With Deliverance, this roughly equates to 12% of your total health.

Since Kick and Deliverance heal for roughly the same amount, it’s again better to prioritize Kick. To keep Kick on a low cooldown, use Charge immediately afterwards to reduce it’s cooldown.

Oh, I forgot to mention Giant Swing. The Stun effect from them causes enemies to deal 35% less damage, though is only applicable to single target.

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 8:34am

The PvP version of this build is mainly talent changes, not ruby changes.
It will look something like this:

  • Flaming Blade is an option for the range increase. I’d drop the Vigor rubies for this.
  • Jagged Slice is a nice ruby, but it requires Jagged Slice, a talent we don’t use. Oh well.
  • I forgot to put the Willpower rubies in the build. I honestly don’t know what I’d replace for them, but they are important.

VIII - Build Negatives

As great as this build is, there are a number of negative factors that need to be mentioned.
  1. You’ll be dealing less damage to and taking more damage from Red Ring/Boss monsters
    1. Boss monsters aren’t affected by control effects. This means Treacherous Strike loses its’ 50% damage bonus and Giant Swing won’t apply the Stun effect to reduce damage dealt by the target.
  2. You aren’t a tank, and you’re not going to be the top damage dealer.
    1. You’re everything between. Prepare to off-tank if the tank needs assistance, or dies (you’ll be doing so anyways).

IX - Ending Notes
I am missing a number of rubies as my character has not completed any of the raid related world mysteries. The extra rubies from those are definitely beneficial to PvP, as we kinda don’t really have much else to go for in the PvE build.

You may wonder what racial skill you should use (NB: you can now purchase the ability to have all racials on the P2P server for 100k gold).

Animal Pounce (Priden Warlord racial)
Animal Pounce has stupidly high base damage (it’s something like 120% stronger than any of your other skills) recovers 30 Energy and 30 Combat Advantage, and has a 45 second cooldown. This is the only racial you’ll want as the resource recovery can help if you accidentally mismanage.

X - Conclusion
And now we arrive at the end of this guide (with a slant rhyme, no less).
If you find this build interesting, give it a try! We have a few more days to play around with the Water of Death Droplets. I definitely recommend this build if you want a simple, easy leveling path.

You may wonder (again) if something similar is possible with other classes.
When I was writing up the racial skills guide, I poked through each of the classes talents and →rubies while I waited for the morpher cooldown to end. The only other class that could have something similar is Healer with a Support Melee Healer build, maybe.

Thank you for reading through this guide. Let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or concerns.

(also thanks to Shooth over on the forums for some of the skill icons.)

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 9:50am



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I hope you die a painful and slow death for promoting tank warriors to spam spin
/edit by Fayne: Please follow the Signatur Rules


Thursday, April 7th 2016, 2:18pm



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Regardless of the "spin to win" fact that Erwyn is pointing out...
I am incredibly happy to see someone essentially doing a PMB before PMB contest is even out...
This really helps promote talking about builds and understanding the class.

Thank you very much for taking the time to post all this, possibly, valuable information! :thumbup:


Thursday, April 7th 2016, 5:14pm

I hope you die a painful and slow death for promoting tank warriors to spam spin
Oh, that reminds me to point out that you can't do this build wearing a shield.
I did say that once in the guide, but I should clarify that.
Fan Defense, Deafening Blow, and Shattering Blow all require the use of a shield. As good as those rubies are, they are more suited for a full tank PvE build since their purpose isn't to deal damage, but to build threat on a group of enemies (Hit Vicious Spin, let it apply Bloodbath and Fan Defense, cancel Vicious Spin and go back to your normal single target rotation).

I did say this was a Solo build. I also stated you can't tank with this. You are tanky, but you're not a tank.
The whole point of this is to make soloing or leveling as a Warrior very simple.

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 5:25pm

fellow warrior here. I enjoyed your guide and the time that you took to make it, especially so soon after the patch. i think you've probably made a lot of people happy in doing so

over 9000 hours in MSPAINT


Thursday, April 7th 2016, 5:27pm

Thanks Groot and Push!

Added a Weapon Choice segment at the end of the The Damage segment.
I should probably make a Table of Contents.

Edit: I made a table of contents.

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Thursday, April 7th 2016, 6:21pm



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Just a tiny note on your damage calculations, I believe crits only do +50% damage now as opposed to the +100% damage they did before. This is without factoring in bonuses given by the crit power stat. Correct me if I'm wrong, I say this based on some damage testing I did a few days ago on Engie, and I was focused more on crit RATE at the time.
IGN: Rozetri
Class: Xadaganian Great Avenger - Lv.75
Guild: Ascendancy (Valiance)
Server: New Frontier (Tensess)
Ship: IndigoSky


Thursday, April 7th 2016, 6:31pm

Just a tiny note on your damage calculations, I believe crits only do +50% damage now as opposed to the +100% damage they did before. This is without factoring in bonuses given by the crit power stat. Correct me if I'm wrong, I say this based on some damage testing I did a few days ago on Engie, and I was focused more on crit RATE at the time.
oo, good to know, I'll try this later and get back to you.


Thursday, April 7th 2016, 10:47pm

So, I'm finding it difficult to get a good gasp of how much damage Critical Hits do (Damage varies to wildly, I really miss the old paired weapon rubies that removed damage variation), but in the process I did discover something interesting:
Either Treacherous Strike gets a 50% damage bonus per control effect on the target, or it has a hidden damage increase modifier to knocked down targets.
Any enemy I knocked down from using Kick gets a Critical Hit for almost twice what I usually hit.


Friday, April 8th 2016, 12:53am



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helloo user,

maybe a bug in this rubies?!1!111...…..!a/DB!a/B!a/B
maybe try without activated aspect?

thx anyway...

ps: with something similar, did u mean something like this?!3!133..2…fztai/YTWUKTYPE

i was completely disapointed with my casterbuild and made this just for better spamming chain. it has a permashield, selfheal evry 3secs, a healcircle and i completed mostly 80% of an entire lvl on-my-way to another questpoint through this bunch of hillbillys near the mine. anathema is quiet not realy necessary coz this prayin and this rubies above supportaspect generates nuff fanas, strike and chains with flameapplication work fine, u just have to tap through targets while chainin, particle is just good for pulling... in total it feels smoothylike and makes bit fun in this mess of a patch. cheerio
PLS make Tekians playable race. fix shipcanons!

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Friday, April 8th 2016, 5:09am

excellent guide, great for farming

warriors whirlwind-spin has never been more pleasent :love:

(it seems warrior is the only class where not playing in damageaspect is really valuable, although psi also has the option to enhance overall dmg in non-damage-aspects 8o )

warrior's whirlwind is now similar like the old bards dmgaura (song) :)

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Friday, April 8th 2016, 9:39pm

helloo user,

maybe a bug in this rubies?!1!111...…..!a/DB!a/B!a/B
maybe try without activated aspect?

thx anyway...

ps: with something similar, did u mean something like this?!3!133..2…fztai/YTWUKTYPE

i was completely disapointed with my casterbuild and made this just for better spamming chain. it has a permashield, selfheal evry 3secs, a healcircle and i completed mostly 80% of an entire lvl on-my-way to another questpoint through this bunch of hillbillys near the mine. anathema is quiet not realy necessary coz this prayin and this rubies above supportaspect generates nuff fanas, strike and chains with flameapplication work fine, u just have to tap through targets while chainin, particle is just good for pulling... in total it feels smoothylike and makes bit fun in this mess of a patch. cheerio
I'm somewhat confident that there's a bug with how Easy Prey or Treacherous Strike checks for a control effect or movement impairment on the target. With Easy Prey while in Aspect of Defense, the check is ignored and the 30% damage bonus is applied at all times. However, I'm thinking that certain control effects will still trigger the 30% damage bonus, thus double-dipping and increasing the damage even more. Treacherous Strike is supposed to increase in damage by 50% on targets with a control or moment impairment effect, but I think it's also affected by double-dipping.
From testing, this appears to be stuns and disorients. Movement impairments do not double-dip. (I tried with Hack and it didn't provide as noticeable as an increase as the stun from Kick).

Of course, I may be completely wrong and one of the damage bonuses is just not working at all, or one of the control effects I'm applying isn't being counted towards the overall bonus. Damage variance makes things quite difficult to test properly.

Yes, that is the exact Support Melee Healer build I was referring to. In my brief testing of it I found that it never ran out of fanaticism/faith/whatever it's called so it is very much like this build.

Thanks A-O-P!


Sunday, April 10th 2016, 3:38am

Updated Build and Mercenary Ruby grid.

Hack is now mandatory. It, along with Disgrace, add two control effects to the target, ensuring that Treacherous Strike will always have control effects to play off of.

If you've seen the new DPS build from 5ko55, you could have the thought that removing Vicious Spin and its' related rubies from this build is possible.

It is! You'd go for these rubies instead:

Scarface will provide additional bonuses to your absorbs and self-healing, including the newly-obtained Dueler, which will be active quite often due to the near-always constant use of Charge.

Do note that by getting Scarface you will be generating quite a bit of threat that will rival that of full tanks.

Additionally, I updated the The Defense section to reflect that Mutilation is equal to 200% of your total health.


Monday, May 23rd 2016, 9:29pm

Interesting build, haven't had a chance to try it out but I plan to. What are the main stats you are running on this?


Tuesday, January 3rd 2017, 9:01am

This build is viable in the current version of the game?

If so, what do I focus on offensive and defensive status?


Tuesday, January 3rd 2017, 6:42pm

build is less viable in current version due to removal of the effect that prolongs the CD of enemies attacks and the onger CD on the whirlwind pull; otherwise still great for PVP as its very endurant
you will have problems vs offheal maybe; for fighting those who try to kite you should use all things which help to get them in meleerage (= harpoon, taunt with pulleffect, whirlwind-tornado ruby, slowdown skills)

consider this as kind of mixed "suppression/support build" as it wont shine with excellent damage but rather endurance and lots of controleffects, you can lock enemies for a long time & slow infinite; its very funny and makes some ppl rage :P
you will do great at capturing the golem/flag and you will be a strong defender for cannon / spots to hold
only a tank with shield will endure more (but also have even less dmg in singletarge)


Saturday, January 7th 2017, 12:56am

Hi all I m new and was nice reading this guide I might try going this route but if some1 could tell me what stats i should look for my eqipment.

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