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New Frontier Perfect Dialogue

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Perfect Dialogue

Quest is in Ferris,Technical Floor (Underground Bunker).Can someone explaine me what i must do?First step is Ok,but on escape i die and cant do anything.....shield is gone fight dont work....i'm so stupide and dont understand.Pls help me 8|



You need to try to escape at least one or two times (can't remember very well) so that you can activate the 4th skill on your bar (the yellow one) several times, and then mobs will appear. You'll fight them and use your shield, and the quest will validate.
Good luck.
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I am having so much trouble trying to do this quest. Wish I could get help with it.


I have done this at least 10 times and always die and fail at the spot where mobs are supposed to come out. I get sucked in and the quest fails before the mobs come. I get sucked in every time.


You have to stay in place.You can't run.Use the first spell to the beginning of the fight.Then just stand in place and kill the creatures what will come out of the portal.How you will portal to download together again clicking on the magic of the first fight's gold.

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