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Wednesday, April 27th 2016, 2:56pm

Gamemechanics i miss / feedback 7.0

as i had some time to play 7.0 now i want to share some thoughts about the new mechanics

some things have become way better, but some things of the old classmechanics i really miss

1st, there is householding with mana
i always liked the aspect of mana and how manaclasses 1st had the ability to "burst" but once mana was depleted they became much slower, while evergyclasses always had a steady income but could not burst like manaclasses
also, its a pity that things like manapotion, blue carnifex and purple scroll of the commander are obsolete now

while its a great simplification on one hand, on the other it removed a tactical aspect of the game which i enjoyed, as all manaclasses had some mechanics of regaining mana too (only mage in the last stage of its rework lost manareg from illusions, that was silly)

2nd, attacks with special effects
for example wandering fever which killed a player some minutes later (new one in general is better ofc but the old one gave me many many funny moments)
icy comet which was homing and required no line of sight... i was really sad when i tested mage 7.0 and saw this is no longer working :( also the range is reduced now)
erase mind from psionicist, which rquired not only no line of sight but also had no need for any line at all, the contact was enough, plus it had also expanded range (was so funny to mess with hiding players in open pvp)
bards dmg"aura", this was the primary reason why bards were so nice
scouts invisibility; i was shocked when i saw the new scout no longer has ANY invisibility :( smokecloud gone too :'(
ooh and warden... the pet lost almost every functionality now, it feels like a hellion ._.
and where we are at hellions, summoners pet now has only 2 skills left and banshees invisibility is also gone
i miss "do nothing", "hold position" and "attack everything"... is a pity these things are gone :(
heals over time (HOT) are also rare now (only warden has one, right?) at least we have the healing trinket, but that one is passive and limited

but also there are new things i love, like warriors harpoon skill, the portal from the engineer and few other...

maybe some player do / did not pay any attention to these things as they were more for "messing around" than for "seriously playing", but as its a game in total messing around can be "serious gaming too" as long as it gains joy :P

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Wednesday, April 27th 2016, 6:08pm



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it feels like 7.0 removed the souls of every classes and what made them fun to play; that's such a shame and i miss the "traditional" classes so much ;(

but yes, there are at least a few new skills that are quite interesting and really add something to the gameplay...

there were so many things they could have add to this game but they've prefered to change the classes that worked just fine instead.. GGWP devs :thumbdown:


Wednesday, April 27th 2016, 6:52pm

well i quite like most of the changes^^ its new wind after 6 years of what i play^^ also warden has many hots :P

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