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Hello :)

Hello my name is Lukas im 24y old and im trying to start my "second" live in this game :D
So here i am with a couple of questions to ask.

1. is this game still viable for new players?
2. what about player base (p2p and f2p servers) world pvp alive?
4. is it possible to form a group for lov lvl dungeons?
5. where is more ppl on f2p server or on p2p serv?

Thx fo reading my questions and sorry for my bad eng :)




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1. It's a great game but it depends what you want from the game. Basics are doable completely free, end-gaming and PVP is not. If you want competitive end-gaming and PVP and don't want to spend fortunes in the game, go to P2P server. In F2P you'll end up using real money much more, if you want to compete when you are completely new player at this stage of the game.

2. Not sure what you meant with the question... Both servers have nice ppl as well as douche-bags. Both have big guilds, F2P has more though.

3. PVP is mostly Skirmishes now and it's alive. You counter some minor pvp in KOE and Asee-Teph as well.

4. There's no need to as you can hire mercenaries that are strong enough. They are cheap so even a new player can afford them.

5. F2P has much more players than P2P - although, both have enough for playing smoothly.

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thx for this answer :)
gonna play on f2p server.

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