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Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 5:08pm

Emptiness in me: role-play

I'd like to ask you: What was making you really excided about wanting to play a certain class? Do you have still this kid's excidement feeling when you are playing role of something? I am not anymore. Since 7.0.

Do you remember those days when you've said...

"I want to be a summoner! But not a regular one! I want to make a true vampire, I need a blood, blood and more blood. Bloody shield, blody attacks" or "disease bringer"..,
or "I want to be a scout, agile experienced assasin, fast as a light, quick melee hits and then jump away from the target and start to shoot them"
Mage, that focuses only on fire/ice/lighting/mix of everything or the one who throws the most powerfull spells only
or warden that focuses all on pet, elixiers..

...that made you really motivated to play a certain character? And you didnt need to choose from any aspect.. you simply adapt your build to be a support/tank/healer or dps while you could play whatever you wanted without a need to pick up some aspect that costs talent points now...
I feel really empty and limited while I play ANY character becouse I can choose only from those few aspects where everything is related to them, and has only one or very rarely 2 playable variations. So everybody has same builds.

In my eyes, 7.0, regarding to a role-play, is one big failure. :S


Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 5:26pm



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i completely agree with you! since 7.0 to me it feels like classes have literaly lost their souls, what made them special and different the ones from the other.
They wanted every class to be good in its aspects so that every class is as usefull as the others, but in the mean time they made them insipid and look the same, so you just chose the rotation you like the most (but as gameplays are all boring as fuck anyway... -_-)

Also, i just hate the fact that now, weapons are a total nonsense; i mean : why the fuck can mage or summy wear blades??? no logic at all and it totaly ruins the role play :thumbdown:

Finaly, if some new animation are pretty cool (like psi ones) i just hate some of the caster classes. Seriously am i the only one that it really bothers to see his char throwings his tWO hands fowards while he only has ONE wand........ makes no fucking sens ?( :cursing: ?( the old animation with one hand were perfectly fine and much better regarding the role play; so one again :thumbdown: :thumbdown:


Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 5:42pm



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I've always had a soft spot for the dark side, moreso when casting, but never liked plain-old "Mages" or "Wizards" -- eg. in a certain other MMORPG, I played Shadow Priest for many years. I tend to deviate towards self-sustain and being a nuisance rather than flat out damage. I certainly do not enjoy glass cannons as I love being in the thick of things. In short, if no melee class appeals to me, I'll pick the tankiest looking caster 9/10 of the time. Pets I can live with or without - but I do like having one around, especially if they can be customized. I spent many years as an Acid Summoner with my trusty, snot coloured Cadaver and had many fantastic years of fun with it -- so much so that since 2010, I've only played Summoner and Healer (the one and only incarnation I have time for). I've tried Shadow, Acid and Healing (even Acid Healing) - tried it all. It was a blast to play no matter what I did with my character - and no amount of Morphers will ever make me change it.

Back when I was a fresh faced Summoner, new to Allods and hoping to gain some build inspiration, the humble majority of builds remained the same - the only core choice that seemed apparent (outside of the typical DPS or Heal choice) was whether I wanted to be Shadow or Acid. In either case (DPS/Healer, Shadow or Acid), pets would be pretty much set in stone once you picked one, whereas it's the complete reverse in 7.0 - we can choose whatever pet we please no matter what role we want to fill, with only partial ruby restrictions based on Aspects. As of today, I'm playing an Assault Summoner with Lurker -- despite all my instincts telling me to stick to the AoE Cadaver, or even the Hellion now that it has decent single target DoT stacking potential. That's just one example of some choices we may need to make, however restricted they may feel.

When talking of build versatility: Speaking on a personal level, I regarded the old versions as merely 'giving' the illusion of freedom. Granted, there were no restrictions of any kind like we have now, but if you deviated too far away from tried and tested / refined builds, you could still suffer in the grand scheme of things (at least compared to said refined builds), though this may have been class dependant. In addition, there was no indication outside of the forums as to what you should do with your talents/skills/rubies, meaning it was very easy to butcher yourself -- and given respecs are not free, this can be very dissuasive for players who aren't inclined to research before they take the plunge.

I can see why people love/hate the old/new but in the grand scheme of things but I do feel it's better for the game in general that it has taken a streamlined approach. There are some games out there where a fundamental backbone to its appeal is the fact you can create truly unique builds out of obscenely HUGE talent pages (Path of Exile being one example). That is a great thing to have - but it's also vastly off-putting when all you want, at the end of the day, is to log in and slap mobs upside the head with a sharp stick and watch them explode into a pile of epic loot.

In short, we can't please everyone - though I'd like to think people are (overall) happier with the class changes than they are sad. It goes both ways - and feedback on such topics in general will always be welcome.



Tuesday, May 24th 2016, 6:09pm

i am a bit unhappy about the fact they made swords hit as hard as maces and offhands became worthless; except for wearing a shield there is no longer any point to choose a non- 2handed / paired weapon

i do not like that the old mana has been removed

i do not like that aspect- limited rubies killed hybrid-builds ;(
rubies should not be locked to aspects! aspects are very powerful and gamechanging so there is no need to further lock rubies :/

some classes are not hit so hard by this than others
psionicist for example has almost 2/3 of its rubies simply not useable at all due to aspectlimitatios

while i see the argument of ppl just want to "hit mobs with a sharp stick on the head" (which is a legitimate wish i can feel as sometimes im like that too!) i dont see how these could not have been served easily by staying with the little yellow stars we have at talents & rubies

so what i mean is if you dont want to deal with making a build you can just use the recommended ones and will be happy

i also love the new animation of the psionicist
i miss the old animation from the orc-paladin when he used his hand to cast certain spells

overall things have been improved while others have changed in a way which i do not enjoy


Wednesday, May 25th 2016, 2:30pm



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Hey AOP,

Bear in mind that above was my own generic perspective as a player, not an official explanation or anything. In short, just acknowledging the fact that for every person who dislikes it, there is probably another who prefers the simplicity. Naturally, this will be harder to stomach for veterans (used to the old-school) compared to newcomers who can take it as it comes.

Regardless, it is early days into a new expansion, so we'll just have to wait and see where it goes from here (and we'll be compiling all the feedback along the way).


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Wednesday, May 25th 2016, 3:36pm

It's simplicity vs ability to make your dream character. I hope 7.0 is just an experimental begining, and later we will get something like a hybrid of those two.
Would be very nice if rubies stopped to be related on certain Aspect. It would open so much more possibilities. Ofc this would make some characters awfully op, but it's a matter of balance.


Wednesday, May 25th 2016, 6:11pm



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Exactly - after all, 7.0 drastically revamped every class (almost from the ground up). It is natural for steps to be taken in such circumstances in order to keep things in-line. Nobody would be expected to like the restrictions by default (despite the justification), but there needs to be some level of understanding at the very least, given the sheer magnitude of the changes involved.

The alternative would be to incur a revamp with no boundaries (which, as you can imagine, would have been a massive balancing risk in comparison, and highly likely to have resulted in much less enjoyable results for all but a few).



Wednesday, May 25th 2016, 10:49pm

i am confident that over time there will come improvements that enrich the variance among builds as feedbeack gets recieved

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