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Monday, June 13th 2016, 1:56am

7.0 How to skill Psionicist

I am pretty new in allods and i would like to know how can i skill on the psi for every playstyle.


Monday, June 13th 2016, 1:31pm

if you take the skills marked with a small yellow star you will get a well PVE DPS build

if you go for support (and take most of the supportrubies) you get a well PVE DPS build (with effects like 25% more dmg on target for all others too)

if you go for suppression (and thake the rubies for it) you get a PVP - CC build with less dmg & survivability but the option to permanently lock a player

if you moseover rubies you see many "need xxx aspect", these only work with that aspect, keep this in mind


Monday, June 13th 2016, 2:10pm

may i see the supression build ? I would like to play that build but dont know how to skill. i also dont know which rubies i should take.
Is the supression build rlly low dmg ? and am i useless against boss monsters with that build?


Monday, June 13th 2016, 2:57pm

The suppression build is fun for battlegrounds, but unless you are some ultra Cash Shop player, you won't do very much damage. The support aspect is not for PVE, you have the assault aspect, which deals a lot more damage ( I tried them both). The support is great in pvp, it makes you pretty tanky ( if you are a well geared lvl 70 player) because it gives you 200 survivability ( I think - the stat that increases the damage absorbed by your shields), so you can spend more gear def stats on concentration and bloodlust - and adding the fact that you have great AoE attacks, you'll absorb a lot of damage and restore a great amount of hp too in battlegrounds.


Monday, June 13th 2016, 3:13pm

if you are not maxlevel i would not consider any other aspect (and resulting rubies) other than assault

"normal" is once you reach greatness, you make a 2nd spec for PVP (you can change between these for a few drops of mirra then)
this is the point of decision what build to use then :)

suppession-aspect even with high itemshop wont do noticeable damage at all, its just enough to kill an enemy without any heals over time

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Monday, June 13th 2016, 4:53pm

This message is for ALLODS-ONLINE-PLAYER:
When you reach greatness you mean maxim-on level 70, correct ?
Please how you make a 2nd spec PVP, because i have no idea, is a quest or what it is not sufficient info for that ?


Sunday, June 19th 2016, 2:58pm

Maybe is too late but here is the answer:

- You can reach greatness doing a quest that ask you to turn 320 tokens. The reward is a second spec, a ruby and a skill point, and get access to the quest to build your own allod.

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