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Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 12:22am

The Ultimate Summoner Guide


The Summoner is a pet class, which uses them to deal higher damage, manage their resources or create utility. I will tell you what talent is good for each type of pet.
-HELLION (%85 / 100 / 115 HP): Your single target damage dealer, has a single target attack.
-----Gift of Pain: Your Hellion's basic damage increases by %33 of your Critical Chance. (Let's say you have 300 critical chance, then Hellion hits %99 harder.)
-----Gemotoxin: If your Hellion inflicts critical damage, the enemy is applied with Gemotoxin, which is a really strong damage over time.
-CADAVER (%55 HP): Your area of effect damage dealer, has an area of effect attack. Gemotoxin deals damage like %350 of what your Hellion would without any talents, and it deals damage every 2 seconds.
-----Pestilence Herald: When you cast Volatile Infection, next attack of your Cadaver increases by a lot, something like %250 increase. If you cast Ritual of Plague, it increases the next 3 attacks of your Cadaver.
-LURKER (%100 HP, takes %90 less damage, immune to AoE): Your resource manager, gets 1 drop of blood with each of her attacks.
-----Banshee Howl (Only in Aspect of Support): In every 3 attacks, your Lurker applies Banshee Howl. It does not do anything by itself, but your Howl of Death detonates it and applies Helplessness effect to the enemy. Any Summoner can detonate it, mind you.
-----Weeper (Only recommended to Aspect of Healing): In every 2 attacks, your Lurker will heal the party members nearby and damage the enemies nearby.
-----Last Sacrifice (Only in Aspect of Support): In once every 3 minutes, when you would die, your pet dies instead. Then you receive Dark Veil for 4 seconds.

Next I want to introduce Aspects, the New Order introduced us the Aspect system has granted us 3 ways to develop Summoner.
-Aspect of Assault: Increases all damage by %30.
-Aspect of Support: Increases the duration of all support effects by %300 and increases their efficiency by %21 on top of that.
-Aspect of Healing: All healing and absorption shields (works for Healer's shields, NOT Blood Aegis) are increased by %50.

After the pets and aspects cleared out, I want to tell you, the Summoner can be:
-Hellion Single Target Damage (Aspect of Assault): Most useful in raids, where bosses are immune to support effects and crowd control.
-Cadaver Area of Effect Damage (Aspect of Support): Really good in PvP, deals a lot of damage to several enemies.
-Lurker Debuffer / Buffer (Aspect of Support): Really good in PvP, but only with friends. Deals really small damage but abuses the support effects.
-Lurker Healer (Aspect of Healing): The strongest healing class, but hard to play. Provides most protection in all the healing classes, but the most immobile of all the healers too.

ASPECT OF SUPPORT: Here I will tell you about the support effects you can apply.
-Treachery (Positive): Increases the highest secondary attacking stat by 350 (423.5 with Aspect of Support).
-Courage (Positive): Increases Willpower by 350 (423.5 with Aspect of Support).
-Defense (Positive): Decreases damage taken by %35 (%42.35 with Aspect of Support).
-Temporal Acceleration (Positive): Increases movement speed and reduces cast time and cooldowns by %25 (%30.25 with Aspect of Support).
-Helplessness (Negative): Makes all the enemy abilities locked for a certain period.
-Cowardice (Negative): Decreases Willpower by 350 (423.3 with Aspect of Support).
-Vulnerability (Negative): Increases the target's incoming damage by %25 (%30.25 with Aspect of Support).
-Stun (Negative): Increases cast time and cooldowns by %25 (%30.25 with Aspect of Support), when applied to a monster reduces its damage dealt by %35 (%42.35 with Aspect of Support).
-Weakness (Negative): Reduces target's damage dealt by %35 (%42.35 with Aspect of Support).
-Sluggishness (Negative): Slows the target by %50 (%60.5 with Aspect of Support).

Let us start, let me see the resource Summoner uses first: Blood. You have a Blood Bank which can hold up to 10 drops of blood, and you can increase it to 15 another passive talent. You can get blood with:
-Blood Ties (Everyone): Generates 1 drop of blood.
-Dark Vigor (Everyone): Generates 1 drop of blood for each second you are under the effect.
-Vampirism (Damage / Support): Generates 1 drop of blood.
-Blood Fountain (Damage / Support): Generates 1 drop of blood for each 2 critical strikes you make, counting damage over time, primary way of getting blood for everyone except healers.
-Blessing of the Dead (Support): You generate 1 drop of blood every 3 seconds, even in out of battle. The primary blood regeneration talent for Support builds. Never lets you down.
-Thrill of Pain (Support): After casting Ritual of Pain, generates 1 drop of blood every 1 second for 2 seconds.
-Ritual of Blood (Support): After casting Ritual of Plague, generates 2 drops of blood every 2 seconds for 4 seconds.
-Lamia (Support): When you are in Dark Veil, generates 1 drop of blood every second.
-Blood Feast (Healing): When you hold the spell, generates 1 drop of blood per second.
-Blood Storm (Healing): For %50 chance, your critical healing generates 1 drop of blood.
-Bloody Sacrifice (Healing): When you damage yourself with a healing spell (kinda ironic), generates 1 drop of blood.
Oh, and here is a little something about resources, they reset when you are out of combat by 5 seconds, so when we spend 5 seconds out of combat our blood bank is reset to 8, if you are a Support build it is no problem. If you are healing it is also no problem but it can be a little problematic for damage builds, mind you.

So, before I get to complicated things I wanna include your damage over time skills:
-Avid Shadows: Shadow damage over time, has a 15 second (21 with Bloody Harvest) duration and deals damage every 3 seconds.
-Neurotoxin: Poison damage over time, has a 12 second duration and deals damage every 1 second, applies with 1 stack and with every second its stacks increase by 1. With each stack its damage increases by %40, for example if it has 1 stack its damage is %100 and with 2 stacks it is %140 and with 3 stacks it is %196 and it goes on up to 50 stacks. The damage starts off kinda weak. With Necrosis, it increases the stacks by 2 with any critical damage dealt except by Neurotoxin itself.
-Wandering Fever: Disease damage over time, deals its first tick of damage instantly and has a 9 second duration and deals damage every 3 seconds, with Terminal Stage, deals damage when it fades.
-Volatile Infection: Disease damage, and deals damage to everyone with a 15 yard radius, has 8 second cooldown (9 with Bloody Harvest) and damage is dealt every second, but the damage is weak. Only damage over time that can apply Weakness effect to the enemy with Acute Syptoms and Advanced Genetics talents, it can spread to 4 enemies in a 15 yard radius, its damage is AoE so when you take that talent it is a lot of AoE damage and an even greater chance to apply AoE Weakness. In PvP it is crippling indeed but if you are damage spec ignore this skill.

I will now talk about stats before I get serious. I know you are asking me ''Wait, you aren't serious yet?'' now. Hahahahaha... No, I am not.

-Proficiency (Primary): Increases your overall healing percent, take it.
-Brutality (Primary): If you are a Healer, you may want to invest into this, espicially if your allies are stacking Caution.
-Critical Chance (Secondary): The go-to stat for Summoner, take it. Most of your abilities are only useful if you manage to get a critical strike, even the debuffs. Speaking of it, debuffers rely on criticals more than damage since all their debuffs are dependant on it.
-Holy Damage (Secondary): Your second priority, increases Shadow damage.
-Natural Damage (Secondary): Your third priority, increases Disease and Poison damage, so it is a nice support for damage over times.
-Fury (Secondary): If you do not like healers, you can invest this stat. I should warn you, Healer's shields are not affected by this. This will make your damage apply wounds to the target. Half of the incoming healing is used to cure the wounds, so it limits healing the enemy takes.

-Bloodlust (Primary): When Blood Ties is not enough, and most of the times it isn't, you can invest that stat. Healers find this stat more useful because of health cost of some abilities, like Blood Ties and Blood Feast. It also indirectly increases your resource management, more self healing, more health you can sacrifice and that makes more self destruction which makes you have more blood.
-Willpower (Primary): Just get 100 or 150 of this, investing to this stat won't help much. Also, you may invest into Physical, Elemental, Natural and Holy protection because %60 of them is added into Willpower.
-Survivability (Secondary): You can take this stat, it will increase your incoming healing but not your outgoing healing, useful regardless.
-Caution (Secondary): When you have less than %40 health reducing incoming damage will help you. Good with Blood Ties.

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Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 12:02pm

So, I will start now. Ready or not, here I cast! (The Shadow spells, that is.)

Before I go on, I wanna include your other important skills:-Howl of Death: Howl of Death is your nuke spell, it does deal a little higher damage than Vampirism.-Thaumaturgist: Increases your blood bank to 15 drops, increases your damage and healing by %15 on top of that.


I recommend this build to people who raid, go to islands and PvP'ers that does not care about debuffs but instead want high lasting damage against single targets, and lesser damage to everyone else.

First things first, Life Tap does not worth 6 talent points, even for a damage build. Now, let me tell you how the skills work. As you know, thing is all about maintaining damage effects on the enemy while repeatedly assaulting the enemy with Vampirism and Howl of Death. I will not tell how all those skills work, like ''hey this skill increases Proficiency by 90'' because I already told you what stat is important for what.

-Dehydration: Whenever you cast Howl of Death, you get a stack of Dehydration. With this, you can instantly cast Vampirism. Effect stacks up to 5 stacks. Casting Vampirism will consume 1 stack.
-Sepulchral Chill: This, each time you critical strike, has a %39 chance to give you a stack of Sepulchral Chill which lets you cast Howl of Death with only consuming 1 drop of blood. Effect stacks up to 3, by the way. Casting Howl of Death will consume 1 stack.
-Evil Fate: Well this talent is godly. Whenever you critical strike with your Avid Shadows and Wandering Fever, has a %20 chance to get Sepulchral Chill effect, if you already have 3 Sepulchral Chill stacks, it gives you Dehydration.
-Advanced Genetics: This makes your weakish Volatile Infection to spread, it is not worth using on a single enemy, but when you are focusing a single target when a lot of enemies are nearby, that single enemy will take a lot of damage because of multiple AoE poisons dealing damage every 1 second, and do not forget all the enemies take the splash damage from every enemy's tick of Virus so it will stack a lot of damage while your damage over time effects eat your enemy alive.

-Seal of Death: You will apply stacks with your damage over time abilities, your direct damage abilities consume it for higher damage. It is a good ability, but since you will be applying this often in all your builds, rank 3 is kinda overkill.
-Ritual of Plague: Applies every damage over time effect except Volatile Infection, to everyone, in a 15 yard radius.

With those dealing damage, your Hellion will make itself useful with its own talents.


This build is also for PvP, and dealing with the normal mobs quickly in the astral islands. In PvP, you are like the full damage build, except you do not focus on single target damage but focus mostly on area of effect damage instead.

Well, with all your abilities from the damage build, and your cadaver talents you are guaranteed to damage several opponents, I explained everything above, I would write it but I already did, didn't I? With using Ritual of Plague, your Cadaver and Advanced Genetics, when enemies are grouped up they are simply doomed. Advanced Genetics and Ritual of Plague with your pet brings that doom just fine, I tell you.


Well I recommend this build who do not have any runes or d5 yet, so their damage must be really low already. This build does not care about damage, but instead takes advantages of many support effects the class can inflict. If you think you do not feel like you are contributing to the team with your raw damage / healing, you can abuse your support effects with this build and support other baddies in your group.

I suggest Ritual of Blood to get last, it makes little importance to your build. What makes you valuable is Treachery effect. You can realize Reanimation is already rank 1, we are making it rank 1 for a reason. First of all, you are not a healing build so your Reanimation would make little difference anyway, and also it drains 2 blood drops instead of 4 at the max rank. But, you have Stimulation talent, which will give Treachery buff to allies for 6 minutes, which will greatly increase their highest combat stat, the value is said before. You can also have quite a lot of fun with Terrible Visions, which will make suppression builds in your team have a greater chance to lockdown the enemy, with also contributing with a 5 second fear. With your permaslow on Howl of Death, and those stuns and other damage amplification, reduction effects you will be a burden even if you do not deal any damage, that is why we had Acute Symptoms with Advanced Genetics, because you also want to reduce the damage the enemies do. Also, with your permaslow on Howl of Death, your Lurker can do things, like making Howl of Death also apply Helplessness to the enemy when also slowing it, and if you die, you have a second life. For saving people, you have a considerable saving skill with Blood Aegis and Blood Ties, its percent heal only relies on how much health the ally lost, making you a great lifesaver. Let me tell you the skills you will mainly use so you may have a better idea.

-Acute Symptoms (Support): When Volatile Infection inflicts damage, there is a %15 chance to give the enemy Weakness or Vulnerability for 1 second (3 with Aspect of Support).
-Side Effects (Support): This talent is why you are able to actually save someone, on top of Blood Aegis, your critical heals give the ally Defense effect, and any of your critical strikes give the enemy Vulnerability effect. Duration is 1,33 seconds (4 with Aspect of Support).
-Banshee Howl (Support): Periodically, your Lurker will add an effect which lets you apply Helplessness effect with your Howl of Death for 3 seconds, this duration is not affected by Aspect of Support.
-Convulsions (Support): Your damage over time effects have a %20 chance to apply Stun effect to the enemy when they deal a critical strike.
-Terrible Visions (Support): Your Fear of Death duration increases to 5 seconds, and after fading, it applies Cowardice to the enemy for 6 seconds while you get Courage effect for 6 seconds.
-Ghost Speaker (Support): You can cast Ghost Dimension instantly, this is a 5-6 second stun based on the enemy patronage level, the enemy cannot move but still can be attacked but fades when the enemy's health becomes less than %90 with any damage source, still a good ability to catch people off guard when they are supposed to go somewhere that is why this ability is rank 1, since you won't need it often but it is a nice ability. Also it reduces your Fear of Death cooldown by %15 so another great cooldown reduction on this one.
-Last Sacrifice (Support): Since I advised this to people who do not have runes, I expect you to die often because that is how Allods works. But with a second life, you should spend less time respawning at home. When you die, your pet dies instead, and you get Dark Veil effect for 4 seconds so you can try to flee, heal back up with Blood Ties and reposition if you want. Why Blood Ties would heal you ask? Well I will answer.

-Path of Rebirth: This increases the ally with Dark Veil get %50 more healing from you, even if you are that person.
-Borrowed Life: This increases your outgoing healing by %15 when an ally is in Dark Veil, including you.

So with %20 percent of your lost health gained as healing (and really, your health will be 1 at that point) you must get a really good healing value I should say, at least when you are on Dark Veil.

Killing someone is a strenght. Saving someone is greater strenght than killing. But manipulating the battle is a strenght that none can question.

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Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 12:17pm

LURKER HEALER: (Healer)!4!112...3…gtpke/MTTVNKZPF

I suggest this build to everyone, who likes to not die easily and not let people die easily. This build has actually the strongest healing value, with the strongest defense via Blood Aegis, but this is the most immobile of all healers, that is why it is not appealing to many.

This build lets you do supreme healing, but be wary, most of your important healing spells keeps you in your place. I will include some really important talents and not really the ''flat increase for this healing by %whatever'' but instead like everything else I will talk about strategic advantages of those spells you have.

-Healer's Motto: This spell is an important one, the allies with low health get %24 of the single target healing you to, if you are one of those allies (and if you are using Blood Ties, you have a good chance to be) you get the healing, also with Bloodlust that healing counts an an extra healing to you for letting you cast more Blood Ties, also adds area of effect healing to your overall healing. They say Summoner does not have any AoE healing, well they must learn Summoner better.
-Blood Feast: One of two of your AoE healing spells, it does not heal you, all the Bloodlust healing goes to nulify its %20 health cost over 4 seconds but it generates most of your blood espicially if you critically heal people with that. This AoE heal gives you 1 drop of blood every second but Bloody Sacrifice talent gives you blood whenever you harm yourself with a healing spell (the most ironic of them all) so if you do the spell you get 8 drops of blood over 4 seconds with an AoE heal on top of that.
-Symbiosis / Hyperemia: Hyperemia talent makes Blood Aegis increase overall healing they receive from us by %15 which is nice, but when Symbiosis comes it is even more fun because Symbiosis makes %30 of the healing the ally takes be gained by you. For example your ally gets healed by 100, then you heal for 30 and that is good because with Blood Ties cast on a low health tank it is like Blood Ties does not consume health at all.
-Power over Flesh: Oh well this is the greatest healing of them all. Dark Renewal is already quite a strong heal and if you channel it it is the strongest single target healing skill in the game, also supported by Hyperemia and this talent, it makes me cry tears out of joy. Whenever you critically heal except with Healing Injection and Dark Renewal, you gain a stack of Power over Flesh up to 3 stacks. The next cast of Healing Injection or Dark Renewal, consumes all those stacks and increases their healing by %24 for each stack, up to %72 more healing. And do not forget you have time for Dark Veil + Blood Aegis + Dark Renewal combo when you have those stacks it is godly epic I do not have a word of how the enemy would feel if you do that.
-Weeper: Every two attack of your Lurker will heal those around it, and then deal a little damage to the enemies around it. Good for healing melee characters and if it critically heals it can even generate you some blood, with the Lurker already giving blood to you.
-Blood Shield (Healing): If you cast Blood Aegis, all teammates get Defense effect for 4.5 seconds. This is one of the greatest protection spells in the game, after Divine Intervention.

Summoner has quite a lot of AoE heals, with giving supreme protection, the decision making with Summoner is hard and requires you to predict your enemy moves and scheme in battle, like a dark sorcerer does in the plot of the movies. You get to know who the enemy is targeting, if they target you then you must protect yourself with Blood Aegis. If they are targeting your ally you must cast Blood Aegis on them, and that is actually quite a choice. That is why you need protection, the enemy can quickly turn on you if your allies do not prevent that, yes you have tools to escape such as Fear of Death and most of the Reincarnation skills, but still, you can get owned by a Heavy Shackles if you are not careful.


Well, I had quite a lot of thought about this. And here are the skills I think you would like to have in the field.

-Divine Foresight (Healer, Aspect of Healing): Instantly teleports the ally to you and restores %15 of their maximum health points, a pretty good skill to have if you want to save someone, also it will make the ally more reachable for you, because sometimes spell ranges can be a problem.
-Trinity (Warden, Aspect of Healing): A good AoE heal when you wanna make a massive AoE heal with Plague of Mending, just cast Blood Aegis, Trinity and then Plague of Mending and watch the enemy team cry with hatred.
-Ram (Warrior, All Aspects): Oh well, it can be useful.
-Recoil (Scout, All Aspects): You create some gap while also having time to escape, one of the greatest reincarnation skills you can ever have.
-Hunter's Trap (Scout, All Aspects): If you know when the enemy is gonna come to you, you may enjoy this skill. Otherwise I don't recommend.
-Mental Impulse (Psionicist, All Aspects): A good alternative to get rid of those pesky Warriors Cycloning on top of you, that is.
-Flash (Mage, All Aspects): It is one of the best skill Summoner can have, Flash is used as a great escape skill or if you want you can even chase the enemy with it. In the mobility meta, you are really good when you pick this ability.
-Medical Emergency (Engineer, Aspect of Healing): Useful for AoE healing, try to combine it with Blood Aegis and Plague of Mending and see your party healed back to full.

I think I included them all, I didnt tell you how the abilities work like ''Vampirism deals XX damage and generates 1 drop of blood.'' on purpose. Summoner is not an easy class, so try to see all the skills in action. But I think I included most of the strategies you can use in battle.

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Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 2:16pm

DPS For myself why not open it at all if He Vim error in a building you build in the meantime a little sorry my bad english :(!4!313..3…CKOHE!a/XHJOWPC

I see no cadaver blasted me wonder why do not you show the builder ?


Wednesday, July 6th 2016, 2:49pm

I fixed the links. It should be easier to find the build pages now.

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