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Psionicist build before and after 7.0.1

On 3 Aug I reset my talents and rubies and I was very happy with the Pyrolisys and Poltergeist effects and the second day, after Patch 7.0.1, they never manifested again.
I also got the level 5 set of runes, but the character seems very weak, instead of entertaining, the game became tiring and nothing funny happens.
All creeps are hard to defeat, they take more time than before to be defeated, even with potions and enhancing elixirs.

I have deactivated and reactivated Aspect of Assault but Pyrolisys and Poltergeist still don't manifest.
Should I redistribute rubies after every patch?


Hello, i didn't notice anythng like that, could you post your build to see what may be wrong?

My first idea was that you didn't turn on aspect of assault, but you did. So, which level are you and in which zone are you playing? For example, in KoE they rised the mobs' lvls from 70 to 73, so, those should be hardder than before, also, the new astral allods are hardder too.

To activate Pyrolisys you must crit, check your current crit chance.



It was probably a bug because I didn't do anything and the effects started again to manifest, about 3 days after my first post.
Thanks anyway!

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