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Friday, August 12th 2016, 6:35pm

Summoner Discussion Topic

So, the latest changes are:

AoA: Aspect of Assault
AoS: Aspect of Support
AoH: Aspect oh Healing

-Blood Ties' current health percentage cost reduced to 10 / 15 / 20% depending on skill level from 20% at all ranks. The missing health percentage heal reduced to 10 / 15 / 20% depending on skill level from %20 at all ranks.

-All poison passive damage increasing talents and Evil Fate talents are now AoA only.

-Last Sacrifice got reworked. Now is does not save you from death. It redirects %35 of the damage you take to your pet if your health is below 20 / 40% depending on skill level. This damage includes costs from your other spells and ignores Lurker's %90 damage reduction.
-Weeper, Blood Shield and Path of Rebirth are now AoH only.
-Places of some rubies has changed slightly.

-Healer's Motto, Symbiosis, Hemodynamics, Hyperemia, Stimulation, Cellular Recovery, Cold Flame and the talent which makes Blood Feast a healing spell are all AoH only now.

So, long things short:

-Healing Aspects cannot DPS anymore, healing the team to full while DPS'ing entire groups is no longer possible.

-Aspect of Assault took a huge hit to its damage mitigation.
-Aspect of Assault rubies have a slight problem. AoA can now take every ruby it needs but will have 1 or 2 excess ruby which will make you feel like you are wasting them. AoA not requiring that much rubies is great, but rubies AoA used to take after its own specific skills are maxed was avaliable to all aspects. Now all of them belongs to a certain aspect and AoA players will not be satisfied with spending their excess rubies on useless talents for them.

-Aspect of Support is now more fragile when it has more than %40 health, but it is more resistant to attacks when it is weaker.
-Aspect of Support deals way less damage compared to Assaults, and relies more on debuffs.
-Aspect of Support now cannot mindlessly spam Vampirism and Howl of Death, due to Evil Fate being AoA only, its stack generation is decreased moderately.
-Aspect of Support's Side Effects cannot proc on damage over time now, it only applies to direct attacks and defense effect only applies when you directly heal people critically.

In general, my opinions are:

-Stimulation is useless on FH talents because you wont be spamming Reanimation because of its mana cost and 2 second Treachery will do nothing considering the global cooldown being 2 seconds now. You either give 6 seconds of Treachery to a single target or save the blood to do most of the things a Healer does, and most people choose the second.
-Still useless in raids because you cannot heal when you move.

-Now has an excess ruby problem because of skills belonging to all the aspects are now aspect-specific.

-Damage reduction when you cast Blood Stream and such channeled spells on a Support aspect is useless. No one uses those spells in the AoS anyway. Healing over time does not proc Side Effects so people cannot use it for a defense buff either.
-Hellion and Lurker based AoS builds cannot use Last Sacrifice without wasting talent points on Banshee Howl or Shroud of Darkness.
-Aspect of Support relies on Volatile Infection to weaken the enemy damage which is a huge thing because Volatile Infection is quite a useless ability now. Yes, it has uses in grouped up enemies but it does not provide enough impact for its blood cost.


-Change the ruby places to better suit the builds.

-Make Volatile Infection cannot be preared beforehand.
-Reduce the blood cost of Volatile Infection to 2, and reduce the blood cost increase when you get the spread talent to 1 / 2 / 3 blood from 2 / 3 / 4 blood. Make it increase the VI damage by %50 / 75 / 100 but reduce its spread to 1 / 2 / 3 additional enemies from 2 / 3 / 4 additional enemies.
-Reduce the blood cost to like 6 drops and decrease the cooldown on Ritual of Pain to 40 seconds. Reduce its self damage to current health and make the blood recovery effect a health recovery effect instead. Like ''You take %10 of your current health as damage from Ritual of Pain. For the next 2 seconds, you restore %10 of your maximum health every 2 seconds for 2 / 4 seconds. Also Ritual of Pain's cooldown is reduced by 12.5 / 25 depending on skill rank.'' and that would make it an emergency retaliation ability on a 30 second cooldown. You first inflict pain to yourself then when the enemy takes the pain you take pleasure. 30 second cooldown is there to prevent spamming this ability like the old Blood Ties issue.

-Change the Acute Symptoms. Volatile Infection cast time gets affected by Dehydration now. If Volatile Infection deals damage, it generates a Volatile Infection stack which increases Virus damage by %50 (like Neurotoxin to justify the damage nerf to Support, it will not add too much damage considering VI damage values). After it reaches 4 stacks, the stacks detonate and applies 0,5 / 1 / 1.5 second of Weakness if the enemy has %50 or more health and Vulnerability if they have %50 or less health. (Aspect of Support affects this ability.) This would make it a viable ability.
-Rework Shroud of Darkness (reduced damage and courage while you are healing people ruby). When you would take blood from any source you also get an effect. When it reaches 10 stacks, you become invisible for the next 3 seconds. The effect can only happen once every 20 seconds.

-Rework Reanimation. It now heals %2 more per %1 missing health, up to %200 more healing. (%300 total considering Reanimation's own value.) Reanimation now consumes 5 drops of blood in all ranks.
-Rework Stimulation. Reanimation cleanses the movement impairing effects from the ally, and applies Treachery for 3 / 6 seconds. This makes Reanimation have a 30 / 15 second cooldown. Does not trigger global cooldown, nor is it affected by it (like Howl of Death).
-Rework Healer's Motto for the sake of the raids which includes a Summoner healer. You no longer take reduced damage, but you can still move while healing, but you will be moving at %75 of your speed. (a little higher than Warden and Mage, beccause their damage spec which use those talents just need to be in a safe place, Healer's job is more dangerous to higher movement speed makes a lot of difference.)
-Decrease Healing Injection's cast time to 1,5 seconds for encouraging not waiting 3 Power over Flesh stacks to use that ability and enable using Power over Flesh when it has 1 or 2 stacks when needed.

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