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Friday, August 12th 2016, 10:14pm

Allods Gearing System Feedback Thread

As I am starting. My thought is that the system is bad because of the daily limit. Why is it there? Getting equipment parts is currently hard already. Do they really need a daily cap to make things worse?

Newbies cannot really catch people up. People think runes matter so much in this game. Well they do, but equipments also matter. As much as runes do affect the game, so does the equipment. Even +100 physical / elemental / holy / natural resistance (not the secondary defensive stat) you can ger from an armor piece can make a difference here.

You cannot play until your fingers break, because there is always a cap. Yes, tools must be sold too but really, this justifies the allods team handicapping the newer players to the gear system too hard? The gear system is so hard to understand already, and even harder to prepare things for it. The gold requirement is insane too but whatever, gold requirement is not the point. This is just unfair. At least with lower levels I would expect a difficulty decrease if this game really goes with a daily cap.

I am against the idea of astral keys too. They would give both the dust and a little equipment parts at the same chest or like how rune costs are, they would let us choose like %100 parts, %50 parts %50 dust or just %100 dust and that would be fine. Allods is doing similar systems everytime when it comes to gearing and people who are behind always have one thing in common and that is ''Oh wait I can wait till the next patch / next year'' then I will catch.

I may think wrong, but the 1-shot powercreep is not on the runes. It is on the broken gearing system.


Friday, August 12th 2016, 11:03pm

wait...your kidding right?

if where to begin...

ok lets start 1 daily limit is important cuz else some ppl would just farm their gear in 1 day... which would make many many players quit who simply dont have the time for this cuz of work or school

2 new players are greatly pushed already.. i mean lol fist off you can infinitly farm lvl 71 legend gear which took us like..half a year? and full legy 71 is even now pretty good...then you can get carried by higher players which is a super boost i mean lol you can completly skip several gear lvls altogether^^ let yourself get carried to the max sektor (atm its s14) and you drop already LEGENDS! and get a nice amount of combatmats to build the other half of the equip...

i mean cmon the system is basically made for ppl to easy catch up with next patch you even only need 1 person who has the sektor open to get carried in new astral...


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 2:32am



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I don't really agree with the easy catch up here. A new player can craft all 71 he wants, sure.
But for him to really gear up it means unlocking epic 73, that is 83k GS.

That doesn't really happen until this player got some fabled 71 : full leggy 71 is around 71k GS, crafting blues won't help much, and the drops in epic sector only help for 10% of GS in this patch.
Getting all of the epic drops would only lead to 72-73k GS with 71 leggy.
Full blue 100% + all the epic drops 100% would get 76k GS. Still far from 83k.

Basically if you haven't done fractal in hard mode and don't have any fabled 71, you're screwed. You're going to beg for carry in s13/14 for a long time.
And that's even more true if you plan to unlock leggy sectors in this patch (100500 GS) where you need all fabled 71 + 5-6 leggy 73.

This patch is imho the worst for players to catch up, because there is no way for them to achieve it unless they beat fractal in hard mode.

Unless you're in a guild that can carry new players through fractal hard mode, and willing to do it, the chances for a a new player to gear up to max this season are close to 0.

An easy fix would be to allow exchange of 71 combat materials for perfect combat mats, this allowing players to catch up even if they only beat fractal in easy mode.

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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 1:03pm

Pochtron is so accurate on this one.

Not just because materials for 1 equipment piece takes weeks to collect, the next pieces always demand more and more from the only resource we have daily limits for.

Also, dusts are too time-consuming to collect if you want a large amount but that is not the point, gearing must be easier than most in my opinion.

Players are expected to both gear up, make runes and cash shop but only 1 of them is possible at the moment. You cannot focus both of them at once. So new people and sometimes even the old gamers refuse to gear up because in the next year it won't matter anyway.

I would want (with the current affect of runes) to quickly gear up, then consume my gold for crystals and runes after the gearing after you complete gearing decently fine. Decently fine does not mean ''the best'' but people must gear up enough so that we can enter the PvP battlegrounds without the fear of getting one-shotted. Everyone thinks only runes are responsible for the one-shot thing, but it really is not.

For example, I would say:
-Green: Poor
-Blue: Decent
-Purple: Strong
-Orange: Competitive
-Turtoquise: OP

I would like to say, if half of the playerbase is Strong, then we must very easily be able to get Decent equipment. If the elitists are Competitive, we must be able to get Strong equipments easier.

I do not say people need to have the same equipment with the elitists, but if they are sticking with OP and most people are sticking with Poor, getting one-shotted is not really a surprise.

Making equipments are hard as hell too, as Pochtron said, we must get carried or wait until the next year. Making dropped items contribute for %10 was not definitely a good idea. They want people to catch up? Then why did they do that? Yeah it was abusable but there are way too many problems with gearing.

And also the best way to get Amalgams is from the Battlegrounds which nearly no undergeared person really enjoys.

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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 2:33pm



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Basically if you didn't have blue (epic parts, blue drops) sector unlocked when 7.1 was released you are...F***ed.
Farming green sector is impossible, takes you 5h of grinding for one piece of blue equipment and tons of keys.
And about getting carried (s13)...well good luck. I've been spamming it for 2 days nobody has ever responded.

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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 3:14pm

This is a nice thread.

I am one of those with troubles to gear up. Before this patch we did the astral allods almost every day (spending all the keys) and we didn't got full leg/crafted gear. On this patch it will be the same or worst. Sure, people can tp you, if you are lucky, but it isn't just one tp, you must be teleported each time, and it isn't easy for people without guild or with a small one.

Now, i don't complain about the hard work, its whats keeps me playing, but some changes could be done to have easier access to some stuff.

- For example, i don't see the point on unlock the option to buy (with dust) the gear from the npc if the option is unlocked when you have enough level to go to that sector. Those are weak versions of that gear, so it should be available earlier.

- Since we have the search function, it could be something to help us to tp too. It could have some requierements, maybe pay gold, don't know, and a reward for the higher lvl ones for help (maybe get x2 boxes on that run, if they stay, or something like that).

[Also, i don't really know how the raid thing works, in the search function i never saw the option to "join", only to "go", and ofc go alone is not an option. Shouldn't it work like the others and "join" until there are people rdy to go or something? no idea.]


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 3:15pm



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the gearing system in allods is (and has always been) pure crap imo

I thought it'd be better with 7.0 but actually it isn't for a few reasons :

- draconic gear is gone (i loved draco gear as it gave a small amount of stats but was usefull for a few years so it felt like it was worth getting) now the new raids are just part of this silly gear race and don't have special loots (draco gear, colo patterns, costumes...) that made them so special and ineteresting to do; now it's just "well i need to farm these boss for smth that will become useless in 4 months... yeah... #NotMotivating"

- gear progress is partly reset every 4 months instead of 1 year (that was already too much as i hate investing my time into temporary things!)

- now if you're not part of the ~5% lucky players that has the chance to be in one of the top guild, to be top gear before next patch, you're screwed and have to spend all your days asking for someone to carry you -_- . Who the hell in allods team thought it was going to be fun to do that?? because no guys, we're not willing to do green sectors when we can have a much faster progress by beeing carried... But as beiing a homeless asking for money in the steet irl isn't smthing fun, beeing an allods players lfm to carry isn't neither!! (maybe the comparison is a bit exagerated^^)

anyway, i almost stop farming gold because it has never been so hard to get BC than it is now; so i've started to gear up; but with 7.1 i don't know if i'll have the motivation to up my gear all over again...
srly devs, we can't farm decents amounts of BC anymore, the gearing process is crap... maybe you could fix one of these issue??? or you're too busy preparing the next temporary stuff for this game -_-


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 5:14pm

I only just hit 71k gs and it was a pain even to get there, even with a couple of 73 rare pieces and a few pieces of 71 legendary equipment, but with my runes being all 4s at the moment i won't even be able to do any hard mode fractal or the new one for a long time as i would be a liability unless some group that runs it carries me through and lets me have the fable piece which is quite unlikely.

I also agree it isn't fun to gear up constantly like we have been lately, it was fun with the glyphs and upgrading before 7.0 but now some people won't let you join them for the harder versions of the astral because a lot of us are not good now and if there is only 6 fables to be gained from the new raid then that means there is another season or two of gearing to go and so we would have to go through it all again until it is all released but then people will end up falling further behind, yes they will progress but then they get stuck and will have to back track until they can get what they need from previous seasons.


Saturday, August 13th 2016, 7:13pm



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I also agree with Specialist about farm for CS & runes. If players spend too much time catching up in gears, they will never progress with the rest. And we all know that it's much easier to earn gold with gear than without - best geared farm eclipse & ferris for costumes chests to make most money in groups of 4 people (just an example).

Players need to have a feeling of progression and improvement to keep them going - in CS, runes, or gear.
I don't blame allods for screwing players that refused to gear before, but denying progression behind GS locked tiers and hard mode raids that only a few guilds can do will hurt playerbase massively.

Tips to improve player experience :
- allow buying dropped gear with dust without restrictions from the Relic Master (as suggested by Yosuf)
- allow exchange of level 71 Combat Materials to Perfect Materials at 1:1 rate
- lower GS requirement on Winter Palace easy mode to 71 or 75k GS

This won't affect the top players in any way since they already craft 73 leggy and will soon go Winter Palace in hard mode.

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Saturday, August 13th 2016, 7:39pm

Yeah, players need a feeling of progression.

And the thing is, without runes and d5 and only a good high score you maybe cannot 1v1 but you can still be competitive in a way. Yes you would be weaker than people who farmed for runes and d5 but that is how it is supposed to be. Then of course, the players farm their runes and d5 slowly over time. Allods would not lose any money, they would still sell their cash shop items, but with gearing easier and even letting a player have a decently strong set of gear in a week would make those players instead farm for runes and patronage, and cash shop items. The players would still farm for things, but can feel that they are pretty competitive, none would really get an unfair advantage in the battlegrounds.

Yes, players who geared up would have a little problem about that, but their gears are temporary. After this patch, it will not matter anyway.

P.S. hire me instead of those current developers. I dare you I can do the job better.

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