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Monday, August 15th 2016, 12:15pm

1st impressions of the sub server

Good morning everyone.
I first played this game many years ago. There was only one raid I believe it was GT all endgame was pvp and astral and I think level cap was something remarkably low like 40-50. Even when doing every single quest possible we still hand to grind out the last 1/3 bar to get to the next zone level. I mention this to give reference for my experience with the game. There wasn't a subscription server upon release. I realized A LOT has changed. Some things never will.

ptp server has the most vanilla wow feel (in a good way) of any game I've played the exception of course being a vanilla wow private server.
This may only be an issue for me as I bought the collectors edition but I get xp way too fast. I have to skip an absurd amount of quests if I want to get drops from npcs or kill xp. I realize it is a bit of a 1st world problem. I like the lore so I like the quests.
ftp server has this issue as well as giving all new characters xp scrolls. If I didn't know how important some quest chains are for the secrets I might of easily just skipped all of Nez.
Lack of players, there are some pros to this con. With a smaller player base people tend to be more helpful and friendly, if you like the game you most likely will see the same people around as there are still social hubs.
Lack of Barrens chat, again there are some cons to the pro. With a small player base and without guild chat it can get a little lonely when leveling. Even with accelerated xp gains 70 is still going to take quite a while.
Lack of cash shop, if you are a subscriber this is probably one of the main reasons you are one. That being said, everyone likes to look cool and I've never had issue with vanity items in other games just game changing ones. With lack of cash shop I feel a bit like a cheater with collectors goodies in all honesty, but in all other games I'd get collectors ed as well so meh.
I haven't seen any new content yet as I'm just over 30. My only huge gripe is the 2 second GCD; with two whole seconds between actions I guess it makes the CD's less in theory and it feels more strategy/chesslike when selecting the next optimal ability in any given situation, I've always loved that Allods doesn't have an "autoattack" with the GCD as it is it feels a little clunky without one. I thought there was something wrong with my connection for the longest time. If I didn't know it used to be otherwise of course I would never know.
Overall I think I like the idea of aspects if not the execution Assault/Support/Crowd Control. It lets people be a little more defined in their roles or specializations. Of course not an issue for someone who has been playing for the past two years or so but it helps explain better group dynamics.
I am a little disappointed with the new astral system. It is by far more fair and doesn't encourage as much Dbaggery as back in the day when all the best gear was from allods. But that was the danger, life isn't fair and neither is allods I respected that in a way. Rampant treachery and piracy in the deep astral as well as some blockading of some the Nez port were things that would happen on a weekly basis.
The League on my old server earned my hatred, it was beautiful.
As I was leveling in the Holy Lands I remembered how terrifying and crazy pvp was. When ever anyone of my friends or I would run into League we'd farm out a flag and jump their group. It's backfired more than a few times but I miss flag fights.
I suppose it's possible for it to happen on ftp server with more players but I wouldn't know anymore as my old account has been wiped.
Anyways my two cents for what it's worth.
I'm still leveling and having a blast.
Cheers everyone!


Monday, August 15th 2016, 4:35pm

The reason questing is so fast right now is because its double XP for lucky moments, its definitely not this fast normally.
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