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Monday, August 22nd 2016, 10:26am

The Kirah problem

So yeah leveling in Kirah and the roadblocks.
I understand this was an endgame zone (it feels like one). I also understand one must complete every single bloody quest in order to unlock next wall of frustration. As an endgame zone I get it, it makes sense.
As I'm leveling through Kirah, key word there "through." Kirah is no longer an end destination but merely a stone along the path. I'm smacked with a bloody quest that relies on events. All of my questing through Kirah I never noticed one event go off so I hit "H" and check. Oh look all of the event times are when I'm at work, so there is no way for me to progress until my day off. Perhaps run home during lunch break and try to get one of the drops? I can of course level alts but in theory once I get an alt to Kirah I will experience the same issue. I may be leveling on the ptp server but I believe I would experience the same issues on the ftp.

Construction for this criticism. Streamline some quests meant as roadblocks for old endgame zones.

P.S. I have loved the lore of Allods until now. Side note time travel is always a bad plot device. It is a crap macguffin in science fiction that is equivalent to the "it was all a dream," cop out that almost every single silly show has. Temporal displacement is such a mind bending thing it is something for mechanics and games to be built around not just added onto.


Monday, August 22nd 2016, 11:12am

none of the time-sheduled quests is needed in any way, you can skip them all, as they - as you said - are from past times and are no longer valuable to complete

just do the "normal" quests and its fine :)


Monday, August 22nd 2016, 11:16am

Much obliged, from reading similar issues it was outdated information it seems. Must complete every quest to unlock the next wall, seemed a bit harsh when it is now a questing zone for leveling.
Thanks again mate


Monday, August 22nd 2016, 11:27am



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Much obliged, from reading similar issues it was outdated information it seems. Must complete every quest to unlock the next wall, seemed a bit harsh when it is now a questing zone for leveling.
Thanks again mate
Usually when players talk about "must complete all quests" only refers the golden yellow aka world mystery quests and the yellow regular quests. Dim yellows/grays are optional and often to provide more "irrelevant" lore bits and pieces and to gain experience so players don't have to grind quite as much.

You can also clear some of those timed events with the points (forgot their name) you gain by questing. And you will experience more of those silly timed events in the zones to come until you reach Pearl Ring/Irdrich zones.
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Thursday, August 25th 2016, 10:40am

Thank you both for your help.
As an update what I found that was most helpful for others experiencing an similar issue is the "auto complete quest" button. Most quests I have taken had "this quest can be completed instantly" under the quest title. I never found the button to do it. The symbol looks like a golden stylized "A" and it will be the lower left most tab in your quest log. If I weren't at work I'd post a screenshot. If you feel you're over leveling an area autocomplete everything you can until things come back within your range. Or in the case of Kirah autocomplete any quest you may be having issues with as that's what worked for me.
I appreciate your help.


Sunday, August 28th 2016, 8:20pm



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with the points (forgot their name) you gain by questing

marks of faith

@ TO

on leagueside i had zero probs to left kirah behind in half an hour with each reincarnation, i just complete most quests with marks of faith so in the end the only time to spend is to get the dragonheart twice and the runs to novo, et voilá kirah is saved ^^
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