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Saturday, April 5th 2014, 5:18am

Leatherworking/dissasembling bug

So i started leveling up a scout and choosed leatherworking as one of my professions.
got to level 10 all materials change but bronze pincers are still the only tool i can use to dissasemble,which i need for flawed leather fragments.
When i try i get a message saying "This tool cannot be used for dissasemble".

So is leatherworking bugged or am i missing something?

Thanks in advance.


Saturday, April 5th 2014, 5:56am

hello, as you may have noticed tools are skill level required to buy, also as far as it goes you never should hit point where you are unable to skill up. Maybe you are trying to break something that is out of skill bounds you have, aka are under skilled?


Saturday, April 5th 2014, 6:07am

That is exactly my problem.
Next disassembling tool is for lvl 15,while the Flawed leather fragments are used for lvl 10 in profession.
It should work.My leatherworking lvl is 10/12 btw


Saturday, April 5th 2014, 5:44pm

Just reached lvl 15 i was able to buy iron pincers and could disassemble.
So its confirmed that there is a gap between lvl 10 and 15 where u cant progress leatherworking (At least forme,might be a bug on my client.Who knows).


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 7:11am



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I have same problem with Tailoring / Disassembling
I bought bronze pincers and just to finish one of the quest where tailoring guy asks you to buy pincer and go to disassembling guy. I just cant finish this quest.
I am lvl 13 atm and tailoring is i think lvl 8.
I guess i will have to wait till I am lvl 15.

Just to add I cant find the tailor mat drops to raise my profession lvl furthur. I guess I will goggle where to farm cloth,if possible.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 7:36am



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the mats can drop from any monster that gives you experience
there's no specific mob to kill

as for the problems with leveling, i only started leveling my professions when i reached max level so don't really know
how to help you there.

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Thursday, May 8th 2014, 10:18am



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1st of all, doing tailor or leatherworking as a main (1st) profession is crap. You will get nothing you can use during the lvling up and also, you will lvl your character so fast that the crafted things will be outdated before you even can wear them. The best thing is to start crafting with alchemy. At each lvl you will get something useful.

Anyways, back to the subject.
When you lvl your craft you have to do the last 3 items from the recipes (only those items give you the highest amount of crafting experience which you can check by pressing 'K' and pointing the dotted bar).
For materials that you need you can check resale in NPC vendors on the map your craft lvl is (e.g. I have lvl 8 craft so I go talk to NPC in Victorian Park (Imperial) or Waterfolks in Lightwood (League) and check if they don't have it on resale). You also can check Auction house if someone is selling the items you need or you can ask a high lvled leatherworker if he wouldn't disassemble few items for you or at least lowered the lvl of some high lvl leather. The fastest and cheapest way thou, is to kill mobs on the lvl your craft is so they drop the craft items you need. Thing is that when you have 4 lvl difference between mobs and yourself they will give you nothing. And you cant disassemble any items you want, it can be only the leather/material fragments and the additives like button-hooks, pompoms-looking things etc, not cloths like it was long time ago.

But to answer your query. If you want to be able to use better scissors, etc. but you can't since your craft lvl is to low, then make those items you can do till you have reached the lvl of profession which allows you to change your scissors. The same goes for any other craft, if you cant use it yet, make the ones you can till you have the lvl high enough.

ps. If you are on Imperial side just whisper me in game, I can give you some crafting items you can use.


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 10:31am



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was going through list of item npc sells.
Copper Scissors might be the item to disassemble lower lvl armour.Will try it after I reach home. Well getting money for even that crap might be a problem again but nvm that.
Seems bronze are lvl 15 +.
Strange that the quest with bronze starts at 5.


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 7:52pm

2 pieces of advice for leveling Tailoring and Leather Working.

First if your in a guild you can ask guild mates if they have any materials they will give or sell cheap. You would be amazed how many pack rats are out there that will help you out.

Second if your catching up to your character level you can use the Vile of Retroform(1 time purchase) to degrade the items you can loot into the items you need. There is also a chance that when degrading you will get 2 of the lower grade instead of 1.

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