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Thursday, November 10th 2016, 11:09pm

  • Konuyu başlatan "Sniffler23"

Mesajlar: 5

Konum: England, United Kingdom

Meslek: Chef

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Server List not showing

I am coming back to the game after almost a year off, I have redownloaded the game and this is what happens.

1) I open Allods(EN)
2 Allods opens in the client, nothing loads where it normally does will attache pictures if possible
3) i click 'play'
4) testing game integrity = successful
5) Allods Online launches and i go to the Server Select screen.
6) No servers are shown
7) click refresh server list
8) No servers are shown

Note: It won't even tell me the last server i visited 'Last server visited:..........'

I can't seem to find any source to find server status, no one replied to my Facebook video of it on your official page either

Note can't attach JPEG photos taken by my iPhone as they over 150KB in size


Thursday, November 10th 2016, 11:55pm

  • Konuyu başlatan "Sniffler23"

Mesajlar: 5

Konum: England, United Kingdom

Meslek: Chef

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some virusscanner or other thing causing this trouble?
I only have the Microsoft Security Essentials (up to date) and i have done a couple full scans with nothing detected. I submitted a ticket and the response i got via email was this exactly: 'Thank you 1'


Friday, November 11th 2016, 12:09am

would you try it with the virusscanner disabled?
i read reports of players that had troubles originating from their virusscanner

otherwise, you have any router hardwarefirewall etc? this can also cause this when configurated improperly
(just a guess however)


Friday, November 11th 2016, 7:35am


Orta Düzey

Mesajlar: 531

Konum: Kuopio, Finland

  • Özel mesaj gönder

This won't help much but after each maintenance that requires the launcher to update the game, I have to accept 2 requests that my computer thinks are unreliable. If I don't, the game won't even start. I'm not sure is it firewall or my security program that always asks about them (not a computer savvy person in any way).

Just thought you may have something blocked that the game needs to run properly. Then again I doubt it would only affect to server list...

PS. the thank you reply is just to let you know they've received your ticket. It may take weeks, even months to get a real answer, if ever.
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