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Game Laggy, Endless loadingscreens, Models not loading since last patch

there is a thread on the german forum already regarding this (see…ad&postID=86634 )
but as most ppl wont look there of course this should be written here too

so since the last patch there are serious issues with the game, basically chanigng from 1 location to another takes 4 minutes instead of 4 seconds
playermodels load not or only show the generic model and everything lags horrible

ingame research lead me to the result that more than a few ppl have this problem...

please fix this...


Yup, same problem here, when I log in every day it keeps 'dowloading' additional updates and always the same. Tried to reinstall already and didn't work.
MMOseppe peace out! 8o


the problem i'm having isn't the serverlag, but framerate drop, please fix this




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Freeze is still there in Novo or Koe when players are around.
I've never been hit with the loading lag, but I still experience 1-2 second freezes here and there.
Though it's much more tolerable than last week, it's nothing compared to how it was in 7.1 for example (where there were no freeze at all).

Edited with proper words. It's not laggy, it's totaly freezing for 1-2s.

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fps-lag (=stuttering) in capital city is always when there are more than than ~ 44 players; it does not matter what amount of performance your computer has so this seems to be something engine-related :(

if you know command and conquer generals this might is familiar to you; when you have a big battle with 4 players engine also gets overload and fps go down, does not matter what hardware, as its limited by the engine


Yes what matter are limits of engine, but 1 week ago, i could play with a good amout of fps (i had orange fps at least) , but now everywhere i have red fps. A problem happened this week and i don't know what it is...




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This patch fixed the freeze issue I had since a few weeks. It's back to normal as it was before, nice !


And it's the reverse for many, so many lags and mini free since today :(


Preformance seems to be dropping to red in a lot of areas.

And I am speaking as someone with a top of the line gaming computer, so something is seriously wrong.


Yup, after this maintenance tower is HORRIBLE performance. Prior to this maintenance/patch I had no problems in tower, now it's red performance and noticeable graphics lag.



I was wrong, it isn't JUST the tower. It's pretty much everywhere, and it is more noticeable in areas with more than 6 or so people. In skirmishes ( BFC in particular ) it was ridiculously bad.


How about a reply allods staff?

On a weekend? BLASPHEMY!

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