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Thursday, December 22nd 2016, 4:53pm

What if I would try to play solo this game?

Since no PvP ( only domi) , on league side as I have heard not enough ppl to fill a raid.

What if I farm gold and pay 5 merc in order to go astral?

I know if better / cheaper with friends.

Is it possible?


Friday, December 23rd 2016, 8:57pm

There are guilds on Server and you dont have to play alone. i normaly hang out in the city right where new people come out and chat. show them around and give them some gold to help them on the Emp side. If you are interested in more then a solo play through i Know a Good drama free group of people you can talk to. Look up ( iceonblood ). i am on alot. and Recruiting for a guild. that is pretty open. Just to have fun.


Saturday, December 24th 2016, 3:13am



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Allods is a MMO game, so playing alone wont get you far. Joining a guild and making friends will allow you to progress faster, and have better times in raids or "hard" sectors like s2 atm.

You can play alone ofc if that's you want, but then don't expect much from random parties for raids or hard sectors. There are some good lone wolves around, but most of the time you'll struggle more than with guildies.

Also a guild allows to share experience on allods bosses, raid bosses or blood trials. It all depends on how you wanna play the game and upgrade your character, it's just easier in a guild than alone : each guild gets some rubies to help their members, ranging from more experience when leveling to better pvp rewards or easier gear upgrade. Up to you to pick the one that fits your gamestyle !


PS : damn me, that's P2P thread. All my comments apply to my experience of F2P server, but the general idea should be the same. I just have no clue how good/bad guilds and randoms are on P2P server, so take it with a grain of salt :)

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Saturday, December 24th 2016, 8:51am

Good morning ,

It really depends on what you expect!

Im sure next few Days will League Side to be full again! I see and hear many old Player comes back and also new Player join !

Same on Empire Side unfortunately the selection on both sides is small, since we have only 2 active Guild each side in Moment !

Astral you can do with Merc, slower, but also there you get to the Equip , you just have to wait 5 minutes for free Mercs ! If you want Raid, you'll need a guild on the P2p, since most of them take own member instead of others, same for the hard sectors too ! But it is also different!

All in all it goes slower !And maybe the random Raid open with the new Players we will see !

But in spite of everything, you can play solo, you can make friendships and whoever accepts it , will take you one or the other time in raid or hard astral!

I wish happy Christmas
Tashuna - P2P and F2P - Empire


Monday, December 26th 2016, 2:39pm

Allods is a MMO game
Sure it is:

Just check some pictures here:…&threadID=14654

Anyway, I went top2w server to learn the new things and get familiar.

The same old issues are still present: semi-afk players at skirmish.
Leaving players at S1 !

Matron, the only one NPC and healer got replaced by the system with a real players, a Healer, who has only DPS aspect... than it worked the kick system :)

16 astral keys burn in less then a day, nothing to do all day, all week...

I can't really tell what games needs this game: rhose who play 10h / day x 7 day / week, or who 2-6h / week, and must be 2-3 on Sunday evening present...

I am a bit disapointed to with the New Order, I took the order, to complete once the quest, because I wanted to level up. Than I changed my mind(I red the description) , and I wanted competly the other. So I canceled. But now I can't take any... kinda bug, I would say.

Quest finder send me to a raid, where I can't move and take it. ..

I am full of Amalgam(+100), but I don't have materials to do any gear upgrade and wasted more then 30 keys. (Some allods failed)

At p2w there are already to much items which offers comfort. Like a horse, dragon with 160% speed, bag, patr 5, runes, FoD, VoD,..
If I start a new char at p2p server at 14-15 I can get a horse with 10% or 20% speed ... Well...

Maybe I will play like this: level up reincarnations, all 12, then delete all, then level up. Since the end-came consume a lot of cash


Tuesday, December 27th 2016, 7:25am

do you even play the same game?

you get 14 keys a day
you cant waste keys for failing cuz you only spend keys on bosskills^^ so 100% foolproof
as for order how i understood this if you leave one you have to wait to join the next one to prevent jumping

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