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Saturday, April 5th 2014, 7:49pm

[Guide] New 60 Gear Guide (WIP)

A Guide on Gearing Up for New Lv 60s
How to get geared, and get gud. Primarily for F2P, but may be suitable for P2P.

After you reach lvl 60, you will probably think 'I don't wanna
lose time or stay behind in the max gear I can get per week, so what am I
gonna do?'

Get the quests in Umoir and head to Wellebell. There is a guy here that gives you quests to
kill some mobs and on completion will give you glyphs. Take the Uncommon Reward quest, since that gives you 8 upgradeable glyphs. Then Legendary to get upgraders for those glyphs. Don't worry, you can use Cinnabar as a reagent. Get as close as you care to turning in 12 of those per week so you can max your
glyphs as fast as you can.

Next, as you may or may not know, the Astral is divided by sectors from 1 to 7, and layers from 1 to 3.

is the difference? You can always choose the gear you want at the start
of the allod. The number is the difficulty of the allod. If you want the max gear possible per week you could do s7 but if you can't get
in those OP groups, it's recommended do s5 so you don't waste a key. Going to s7 and
wiping = 0 gear. And nobody wants that. However if your group isn't up to snuff against s5-7, s1-4 are still alright, but slower.

After you've done all your keys save your astral boxes.

But what should you do with those astral boxes?

You use refractors to open them this way you will get more gear.

starting in s4, you will get chests that allows you to use epic refractors. (50% to
100% loot)

But in s7 you get chests that allow you to use legendary refractors. (150 to 200% loot)

Now an explanation on where to get refractors.

Epic you get in hard mobs from the Thicket of Wellebell. (i keep getting 50% but i want 75% so i can get the max loot possible)

Just keep farming guys farm and farm till u get 75% ones
you can or not (cash shop option) using the lesser symbol from cash shop
make your 50% refractor a 75% (which is a waste since you can get 75% if u
keep farming) and you can make a 75% into a 100%.

Legendary refractors you get in
super hard mobs (i keep getting 150% ones but i want 175% so i can max
the loot possible). Keep farming and farming once again till u get 175%
ones and then again which cs u can make into 200%.

Now lets get back to Wellebel. You may ask yourself, what is this Uncommon Loot I'm getting?

loot tops out at 6400k per week. You can trade them in for
upgrader boxes at Wellebell NPCs, so once again you should spend all the loot
you can per week till you are maxed out. This is an extra gear option that helps
you get that little piece you're missing for a blue.

But I don't have time to do Astral runs, what should I do?

Ok don't stress. 1st thing you can carry 4 weeks for next week that's why it says 8/12 in currency.

But I have 5 keys and its Thursday! I don't want to lose a key!

For this there is still an option to not lose everything.

You can turn an astral key and 4 175% legend refractors into 3k addition
uncomoon loot(This is a good option if you haven't spent all your loot yet.) No this uncommon loot goes in your currency so u can use it to buy
gear. Its not as good has completing a key and don't forget this is a
last option so everything isn't lost.

I hope this helps. Good hunting!


A few things though, before you start heading out.
THING THE FIRST: These are opinions of a player, not the end-all be-all guide on what you should do to get the right gear for you. I take no responsibility if you decide this wasn't worth your time and effort. There are most likely some errors, but tell me on how they can be fixed to help everyone else out. It's no good hoarding information.

THING THE SECOND: I'd like to thank LeSoldatMort for showing me this from his guild's website, I just cleaned up the grammar as best I could to make it more understandable.

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Saturday, April 5th 2014, 8:47pm

And don't buy epic crafted gear like me, you will regreat it.

Fable 52 gear > Blue Astral > Epic Crafted
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Sunday, April 6th 2014, 3:38am

I am a bit curious as to how Umoir Rep Blues fit into this.

Like: Umoir quest stuff < WB Greens < Umoir Rep stuff < (WB upgraded blues < Crafted Epics < Astral stuff)??? < Fable stuff


Sunday, April 6th 2014, 6:40am

And don't buy epic crafted gear like me, you will regreat it.

Fable 52 gear > Blue Astral > Epic Crafted
Bullsht, it really depends on what your goals are. True, myth 52's do have more offensive stats but that doen't mean they are better.

Back to OP, I don't know if you're talking strictly about f2p here, but on p2p large boxes upon you can use an epic refractor on start dropping in s4 not s5, and when you farm wellbell mobs for refractors there IS a chance you'll get a straight up 100% increase in loot from a refractor ( or 200% for a legendary one ).
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Sunday, April 6th 2014, 7:43am



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In f2p there is also a chance of getting a straight up 100% or 200% refractor from the drops.

And it depends if you're a tank or dps. Epic crafted and blue astral gear mixed with a few fable 52's to boost your vitality and profiency might end up being better as you are less squishy with the new gear than with fable 52's (what's the point of high max hp if you take every hit with less defence and stack up wounds like an attack dummy?)

P.S. You can start off with upgrading blue astral weapons and wands (bows if scout) and later rings and earrings as you need 2 of each. (and well, you can't craft epic rings if you're going that way.)
And so on..


Monday, April 7th 2014, 8:17am



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And don't buy epic crafted gear like me, you will regreat it.

Fable 52 gear > Blue Astral > Epic Crafted

In terms of pve you are right - in terms of pvp ff52 is just kamikaze mode - you can do a lot of dps but you are like paper. Besides blue astral wand/bow and weapon is way better than anything else.

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