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Tuesday, January 17th 2017, 3:33am

Answer to why some players are "unkillable" in PVP and how you can do this too

(unless at least half of the raid focusses them, at least)

and no its neither because of runes nor because of gear
at least not only :P

i often have chats with players where they ask me about damageabsorption and durability in PVP
since there are so many questions that are put so often i want to write this here for the sake of easy information

concentration and bloodlust means damageoutput = healing AND shield
when you AOE now you heal and shield like crazy

but when you get CCed now it will find an abrupt end as healing and shielding stops
boom you are dead
.... except you have these things:

guildrubies, that make you heal while under CC
the heal is AWESOME

but getting CCed & recieving heal is still a zero sum game, right?

this is why you want sustainability (defensive stat that reduces incoming DMG while under CC)

(only temporary item except yellow carnifex & emblem ornament that is worth getting!)

this way under CC your char has "a break" means he recieves a LOT less dmg, usually so much its a positive heal after the CC

"when CC becomes useful to you"

so when you are a weak player and you CC a strong one you actualy help him ;)

this combination is the strongest and most powerful for PVP
just want to makesure everyone is aware about this
serving me great since the introduction of guildrubies
ruining the concept of CC
its hard work to reach the rubies, especially in a small guild, but worth it any day

(big guilds will have the other red highlighted rubies aswell which means even more bloodlust etc...)

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Tuesday, January 17th 2017, 6:22am

I went to S4 with somebody.
That was geared and very high runes.
Used Blood lust elixir.
Did like 4x dmg as a "regular" average player, with medium runes and daily potion and regulart 72k-73k GS.
That Bloodlust healed him ( in S4 ) so much even as he grabbed agro from the tank he could survive very well.
You can try the effect, if you get geared in Blue and go to S1 , maybe s2.

At pvp is almost the same: there are very-very weak players and very strong, just not "plain" and a "red ring" but a name is displayed and a guild name maybe and must make your addons and your memory distinguish which is weak, which is strong.

Some players have missed stats, some do def runes! -some "are DPS" and don't need Stamina rubies, some are afk -at battlegrounds.

One of the indicator is: - has the greatness at all or not even that.
Other visible indicators: - how much potions has active: daily ( or elixirs) + alchemy potion + defensive potion + food, or just plain aspect, or no aspect at at all!

The assault shell has a 6s "unkillable" spells also , with a relative long CD, but they can repair in fight the shell!

Like I presented it may happen to be 4x unkilable who deals more dmg + more kills then the whole other party, but they loose: no focus on game objective, no teamwork at all, just dps race...

Aoe dps with high dps (against weak players) AND high Bloodlust and they don't CC, because that doesn't show at statistics... is how they are "invincible".


Tuesday, January 17th 2017, 5:05pm

The assault shell has a 6s "unkillable" spells also , with a relative long CD, but they can repair in fight the shell!

do you mean emergency repair? this has only little effect

and the protection skill poweed by manabattery can only be used on other players, its useless for yourself :(

Aoe dps with high dps (against weak players) AND high Bloodlust and they don't CC, because that doesn't show at statistics... is how they are "invincible".

i meant the strong ones get CCed :P (and profit from in enourmously)
they do not CC so much usually, they RECIEVE it


Wednesday, January 18th 2017, 3:55pm



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Last I checked, the guild ruby heal wasn't anything to write home about and was reduced to a painfully small amount via wound complexity and runic curse. Sure, every little bit counts, but not entirely gamechanging. Also unless Sustainability was drastically improved, at best you can use the Conclave to bring it up to 240 points, or a 24% reduction while under CC. That sounds like a lot, but I think getting Caution to 500 for the 50% reduction while under 40% takes precedence, given that can give a healer valuable time to get to you AND also saves you from one-shot situations, given the damage reduction applies to whatever amount would have brought you below the 40% threshold even if you were above it beforehand. For a player that is primarily a damage dealer, you don't have the points to seriously invest into more than three stats. Caution has to be one of them. That leaves you with Bloodlust, Concentration, Vitality, and Survivability. There are varying opinions on which of these are the best to go for, given for Bloodlust and Concentration you have to match runes against another player. Yeah, we've all seen how certain players can drag massive crowds of mobs and kill people in PvP as well, but that's because they have the mobs who have no resistance to runes.

Still, Bloodlust/Concentration is a very viable strategy in many cases.
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