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Is this build good?

I was wondering if I need to change my talents.
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I was wondering if I need to change my talents.
Talents, but rubies! :)!3!112...3…sib/C!gtrdrf/DB

I can't log in to game now, but from memory I am using something like this in astral in FH.

The idea is: Get a spell + rubies which gave Heal Over Time. that one on the almost bottom left.
Get a spell which is spammable heal, singla target and generates "combat advantage" ( fanaticism in case of healer)
Get another spell for AoE heals, because the team will receive AoE dmg.

If you are FH in astral and you need to make damage, then just change the team! Probably very weak dps or to much support or somebody went to astral with pvp build or something else very wrong there. You need to do 0 dps. If you go to an easy astal, than every DP want to show how OP it is he and will pull half map, you decide let you die and learn the lesson to not pull or heal him, at the 3-5x costs of healing a tank! But no reason to do any dps.

When the fight start I do 1x spam heals, to get 1 fana.
After that I will cast the HoT spell to give some heal + defense to tank.
If a crazy dps or 2 is there, I will cast the Halo, to give defense to they + heals.

Casting that HoT spell will consume fana effects, so is a kind of must to increase the pool.

There is the bouble spell, which protects the healer, but with rubies will increase the heals + gives acceleration to pary members. In S6 some cases it is good. Otherwise not much used.

The tear spells on hard bosses ( at S6) one is HoT and the other is a shield, protection.

There is a Glint ( jump to) spell, not so much used, but in critical cases can be used.

The Assault mode:
Something like this:!3!133..33…tbthi/SGMAAFFLU
It is a very-very good aoe, trash mob killer.
Has the spell to get +3 fana
Has the Freezy
Has the Chain + rubies ro activate the Flame and flame rubies. The most dps will do the activated flames!!!
Has the PoL + rubies and the 2h weapon mele dmg for the single target and getting fana effect. Need 2h.

Like I told killing trash mobs is top dps: +3 fana + freezy, then Smite + Chain + Chain + melee spell + chain + chain + melee + chain and all mobs died. :)

At boss: Freezey + 3x fana + melee which generates fana PoL + mele which takes fana + mele + .... The most dmg does the melee, which generates fana ( that spammable on 8th row at talant)

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