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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 6:44am

8.0 population free to play/p2p

so how are the servers doing after the 8.0 drop? thinking about playing. relly really want to..


Friday, February 3rd 2017, 9:29am

Population on the p2p server is...non existing. I have no idea why the p2p could not lift off on the International version, given the success it had on the Russian version.
The f2p is fairly crowded. You won't feel alone for sure. A lot of big competitive and casual guilds on both League and Empire side. The leveling feels a bit boring, but occasionally you will find players here and there.
I don't know, and I don't know what I don't know, you know? :|


Friday, February 3rd 2017, 12:58pm

make new account
-> free playtime a few days
-> see yourself


why not invite a friend or a personal acquaintance and just try it, its free! :)

in german forum there is someone in the same situation like you, maybe you want to play togther? :D


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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 1:43pm

[Warning! This post is very blunt, read at your own risk. Chances are you'll be offended by it's content.]

I have no idea why the p2p could not lift off on the International version, given the success it had on the Russian version.

It's simple. Average Russian player is way more hardcore and competent than average EU/NA player. The cancerous instant gratification mentality comes from the west sadly. Actually in the younger generation it's even more prevalent (oh, the horror).

Most EU/NA players wouldn't recognize true long-term quality even if it kicked them straight in the butt, they are all about right here and right now - shallow, mindless, shortsighted cattle. I know it's considered pretty offensive to say so out loud, but the truth often stings, that's why it is so.

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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 2:16pm

not so long ago in western countries ppl tended to be much more "competent" as you call it
its a development from the last few years, where games became less "doom" and more "call of duty" (maybe you know this already, see and the audiences like it as these games still get bought a lot as it seems

"cattle" ppl are not only showing this mentality in games, in RL you also see this behavior pretty often
just dont become this way yourself...

but see it positive, when you are not a casual player you have lots of easy enemies so its more fun dominating in PVP ;)

PS: do really so many ppl feel offended when you just state the obvious?

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Friday, February 3rd 2017, 3:09pm

Woooow, that video isn't even funny. It's depressing.

That pointing arrow and "return to combat area" message. I don't even...

I felt deep rage and sadness at the same time after watching this.

Edit: Thinking deeper about it, the fact I actually put a warning on my initial post proves that this "counter-culture" is actually affecting me somehow. In the past I would just spit it out in intended recipient's face without blinking an eye.

Great, now in addition to rage and sadness I also feel disgust.

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