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Friday, February 10th 2017, 3:20am

Which one is the most annoying enemy for YOU? (PVP)

Which one is the most annoying enemy for YOU?

A total of 36 Votes have been submitted.


Psi (Suppression) (17)


Fullhealer in general (11)


Warrior (Tank) (7)


Warden (Support) (1)

i made lots of pleasent and funny expierences and had interesting chats ingame, finding out several classes with certain aspects drive many players crazy
i want to carry this topic on to the forum and ask you guys here, what is the most annoying enemy to fight with for you?

i made a list of the most "beloved" ones :love: :P

Warrior (Tank)
-> great defensive aspects beeing able to still do good damage along with potent CC + debuff

Psi (Suppression)
-> mass control effects, beeing able to shut down a player almost infinitely (especially now with willpower made worthless)

Warden (Support)
-> will heal up all the time as a shielded one while he slows & debuffs and the pet molests you

Fullhealer in general

-> possible to kill only with multiple players while keeping the whole enemy team alive and rendering all your dmg invalid

each one of the above listed ones is especially funny to play in any pvp-action
you know more or think the list should be expanded? tell us :D


Friday, February 10th 2017, 4:33pm



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Warrior tank for sure most annoying lmao, they need an update where Tank aspect makes you take 4x more damage from players :D
No matter what class, pally or war, 4x more dmg received in pvp at least, as soon as you equip Tank Aspect.

In other news, plenty war/pally tanks in BGs, but 80% of them never tank astral. Trash players every single one War or Pally tank in bg.


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 10:18am

Most annoying enemy is Lag.
Shuts you down completely, keeps enemy team alive, molests you all the time.


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 6:23pm

Gothica, are you sure its lag?
had you problems with lag before 7.0 (dane)

i ask because i experienced this a lot myself what you describe, however this was an experience i only had after the introduction of 7.0 (dane), so the global cooldown (GCD) desaster
i write this as a player with an above average bad ping

if GCD would be a class im sure it would be the winner of our little survey ;)


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 6:49pm

Unkillable fullhealers are real pain in the ass. But whats worse than tanky pvp warrior ? Palla with assautl aspect and shield. Did you forgot about.. ASSAULT PALLADIN WITH SHIELD?! Hard hitting, and also very tanky.


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 7:46pm

i was not aware the shield makes such a big difference for paladin in assault mode...?my experience is assaultpaladin is paper and tankaspect paladin does minimal dmg while having no noteable CC except the skill which he can pull players (chain of light?), so if there are other targets it usually just dies from AOE after some time


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 8:22pm

I remember assault palla with shield being extremely op in bg's, having the most kills in scoreboards, hiting very hard, and also tanky as tank warrior. Maybe it's just becouse your build was bad.


Saturday, February 11th 2017, 11:48pm

paladin in general tends to do well in BG due to the mechanics (burstdmg + great AOE + plates/absorbtionmechanic) but still seem to be squishy in assautmode (not as squishy as a scout or mage but still die much faster than tanksaspect/fh/support)
its no way as tanky as warrior pvp spec alone due to the fact it does not have so high HP in assaultmode
what you saw maybe was a char nearly to full potential with a good player

i also doubt the builds of the paladins i saw were bad as they were good / experienced veterans often
nevertheless they seem squishy overall, especially when facing similar high/burst dmg


Sunday, February 12th 2017, 3:53am

shields bring you barely any noticable defense... i mean they bring you what 1-2k amor? only works against physical dmg


Sunday, February 12th 2017, 9:32pm


Monday, February 13th 2017, 12:37pm



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Shield on Assaultadin was mostly to give access to all the defensive skills while still allowing the full range of offensive holy damage back in the 7.0 and 7.1 eras. It's not as much of a thing these days, now that having a shield on actually deprives you of certain damage-centric abilities and the fact Pally now depends a lot on physical damage as well as holy.
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Monday, February 13th 2017, 1:42pm



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I have no idea what the current situation is like, but I remember back in the time around Gipat, or especially before Gipat patch, DPS Healer and hybrid (DPS/Off-heal) Summoner was two very strong and annoying classes. Summoner was very nice when Vampirism used to self-heal :D I believe Summoner can still be quite OP in PvP, but I don't think it shines as much as many other classes in PvP today unfortunately. Summoner had its time in the light already.
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