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Tuesday, April 15th 2014, 3:23pm

Pimp My Build - Paladin

Dear Sarnaut,

Update 6.0 "Broken Chains" has brought many new tweaks and changes to the game, as well as the classes themselves, making it a good time to review your character and prepare for a new adventure - starting with your build!

Now that Pimp My Build has returned, you get to help others develop their character - and we get to rewardyou for doing it!

Have you mastered your class? Do you believe you have something to teach the rookies you have faced? Will you inspire those who wish to become as knowledgeable as you by sharing your secrets? We're calling out all experts of each class to help inspire the up-and-coming fighters of Sarnaut via Pimp My Build!

"Pimp My Build" begins on the 17th of March and ends on the 4th ofApril!
  • PMB Rules
  1. Visit the Official Forum Archetype List and find your class. (Seems you're already here)
  2. Open a new thread with the prefix [PMB] at the start of the thread title.
  3. Introduce yourself via character's name, guild, role - and why you like this class and its abilities.
  4. Discuss how the latest update has impacted your class, how it has altered or modified your build, and how you've incorporated the changes into your play style.
  5. The build itself - is it PVE, PVP, Raid, Hybrid? What spells and rubies did you pick and why did you make those choices?
NOTE: Players can only post one guide per class as part of the competition - and you may not use a guide previously submitted to Pimp My Build!

Think of what you would look for in a guide to your class if you were a completely new player to Allods. Be clear, informative and legible. Make it stand out from the crowd as best you can, such as useful images or fancy layout. Give all the information you think is necessary, such as thoughts on how the class has recently changed. Originality goes a long way with our jury!

Don't underestimate presentation, seeing as the goal is to educate new players - and you are the teacher. Do you prefer to study from an ordered book where it's easy to find the topics and examples, or from an impenetrable wall of text?

To provide you with a little extra incentive, all participants will be rewarded with a special-pet - and we're also giving away these fantastic prizes!

NOTE: Prizes will be awarded per-language, and winners of each class will also receive an exclusive item that will make them recognizable everywhere in Sarnaut: the Winner's Wings.

If you wish to take part, use this section to share your knowledge about the Paladin!

-The Allods Team
The Sky Is Not The Limit, It Is Only The Genesis Of Dreams.
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