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Friday, April 18th 2014, 6:11pm

PMB Ymira Druid lvl 31

Hey guys, hows everyone? I'm Ymira a Kanian lvl 31 Druid and Member of the Transcend Guild. I wanna share with you all who are Warden class of either The League or The Empire Factions of my builds and opinions.

I'm a Pet Build Warden (PVE/PVP) because as a warden, your pet is your reliable partner in the times of trouble. You can turn "Man's Best Friend" into a killing machine.

On the Pet's Talent Grid, there are a lot of passive skills which can improves your pet's performance on the field and couple active skills that are most helpful. From the Talent Tree (of my current lvl) I have Wolf's Blow, Lightning, Maul, Vortex, Great hunt and Renew as Rank 2 skill. I have Hawk's Strike as Rank/lvl 3.
Now from my Pet Grid , I maxed out Heightened Senses, Battle Training and Shred. I have Pain shock as rank 2 which is most useful when I use "Shred" skill that lets my pet dealt 3.8k+ max crit dmg on the current patch right now (Heart of the World).

Another helpful skill from the pet's grid is "Call of the Wild", allows your Warden to summon 2 to 3 animals to fight along side both you and your class pet. Its very useful when I got into tough fights or being ganged by a small group enemies or maybe when my pet got dismissed from battle.

My last thought is the disadvantage of this build. Although my pet is really strong but, some of it's skill costs a lot of energy and cooldowns could be a pain.

I hope this build would be helpful or most helpful for those who wanted a Pet Style Warden. I really loved this build.
Thank You! :D


Friday, April 18th 2014, 6:14pm

Man. PmB are meant to be made my old Veterans who explain the classes and the tricks....


Friday, April 18th 2014, 6:28pm


@Randir : PMB are open to every players, whatever their level.

@wilky7002 : try to add some screenshots of your build, it will be better.
You can see some old PMB here if you wanna have an idea of what is this competition :…-entry-argonous

EDIT : i'm not saying that a PMB should look like this long text, but PMB are generally more colorful, with some artwork images :).

It's based on a old TV show, in which an old and ugly car was "pimped" and turned into a very flashy car :D.
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Saturday, April 19th 2014, 3:11am

These are my current stats for my build.
wilky7002 belirtilen resmi ekledi:
  • rsz_allods_140418_124201.jpg
  • rsz_allods_140418_215729.jpg


Saturday, April 19th 2014, 3:15am


Saturday, April 19th 2014, 3:34am


That's ok ;).
You can "edit" your first message if you want ("edit" button, bottom right of your message).

Good luck !
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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 7:06pm



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Teppisch mage now ? :x

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