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19. 04. 2014, 06:07

[PMB] Verdokas Scout

Hello this is Verdokas from Madness guild. I will introduce my guide of scout as a "pure
pve and work fine on pvp as a dps role".

I played as a scout since level 45, until the hear of the world patch scout got many changes.

Actualy i love play as a scout cant play properly on other class since is my favourite style of playing as a ranged.

in this guide i will explain how to properly do damage with your character by just reading the full entirely build.

In this guide i also explain how the current
stats work only for offensive of course and also i will explain the

Vigor = Main stat for damage no matter how is your proficiency or brutality the Vigor
is more important and increases as gear increases so the extra dps can be
provided from that two stats.
I will dont explain defensive stats via PMB if you ask me directly maybe you get answers from that stats.

Proficiency= Secondary stat for damage increases, affects damage directly to your weapon

Determination= Is a pvp stat for anyone who wish to do pvp should consider this stat, myself
will not need this stat at all.

Brutality= Secondary stat for damage, this stat affects damage based on remaining life of the enemy,
the less % of enemy life the damage you can dealt with this stat and also a
deadly combo with the Art of Death Ruby.

Anger= useless stat for pve so i will no explain

Now Talents/Ruby at level 60 will be on next link the stats you can put into Proficiency or brutality myself i prefer to put on


The skill
combos is now a decisive thing for you be able be a important dealer specially
if you are under geared member from your party and damage is important
sometimes can be vital for a win.

skill: a must one Ranging fire, this skill provides boost in damage to the mob
you currently fighting to the skills Intuitive shot, rapid fire, double shot,
incendiary arrow shot, This skill is a must for damage per second (dps)

F1: Second
skill: double shot

skill: Incendiary arrow shot

F3: Fourth:
Intuitive shot:

At this point you can get options but depend if
you got the CS trinket: anyway i will
tell as if you are equiped with that trinket from CS.

If you got the buff from that trinket, apply a second charge of incendiary shot and
Cirppling arrow shot, and then you cast rapid fire, after finish the skill, use your explosive shot (if you
already got) otherwise use tesla arrow shot and then apply the charge of
incendiary shot)

repeat "F0" step and then cast
intuitive to unlock.

at this
point you should cast intuitive shot and ranging fire alternately so you can
unlock Double shot, when so cast that skill.

when you
get the buff from trinket cast also Onslaught so you can provide more skills in
less time.

The gear
should be focused in weapons proficiency as main secondary stat and brutality.

One litle secret: for the ones who read my guide. Personally i don't like this build but
is awesome build that i upgraded as times pass in the game, and in time you will
learn the combos.

forget to cast intensive train to boost yourself and cast Unity to apply
Encouragement effect on tank on Astral partys.

Also dont forget this in the time of battle dont forget to charge your incendiary arrow shot and tesla shot the build himself allow you to charge the shots instantly so its a good add on for your damage in some cases improve better then you think.

That is my
guide and if you need to do questions Pm me directly if i be online, i hope i
see you out my dps in partys xD.

See you soon and good luck on your Scout.

this guide is under construction so i will update at regular times until i finish anyway when final version comes live i tell. all propertys of the game will go to Mail.ru.

Version History

1.00 Maded the topic for PMB edition

1.01 fixed some lines in the post

1.02 A) fixed prefix on post to ensure the topic is valid for PMB section.
B) Added a line that explain the reason for myself like scout.

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