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Sunday, April 20th 2014, 4:13am

Funnest Class

well after not doing too much research about the xp allotment with the umoir quests I basically have to grind a whole level to get to 60 (DAM YOU MARKS OF FATE!!!! DAMMMM YOUUUUU!!!!!). I can't stand killing mobs over and over again so I'm just going to level via GB rewards.

Seeing as how it will take a little time to get to 60 I was thinking about working on a inc. I created an engineer thinking it would be fun (it is what I went to college for xD). Well, I got to the IMD and I can't stand this class anymore. It's just spamming shots and using a turret that never targets anything you want it to. I also feel like this class is incredibly weak.

Well rant aside, I want to know what you guys think. What class would you guys consider the funnest and why? My proj is a warden (the one at 59) and I have leveled a warrior inc up to 55
Goldberger - League Scout
Ginsberger - Imperial Warden


Sunday, April 20th 2014, 5:40am



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It depends on what you really like... My first main character was a Warden - which I found incredibly fun! And when it came to trying other classes nothing seemed be quite like it. I've always hated Melee classes myself, so Warr and Pally were out. So that left me with 4 other choices. (Before Bard and Engi came)

I tried Summoner, and found it way too slow in combat (this was before the rework, mind you) for my liking. It has a pet and heals which is helpful but just not my cup of tea.

Then I tried Mage. Always loved Mage classes in MMOs, the glass cannon, the top dps class, the class that I have always known. And I was so bored. Of course it's changed now, my Main on Sub Server is a Mage currently.

Next came Scout! It was great until 25ish. The lack of Melee didn't seem to work when it came to mobs getting closer. At the time I played a scout it was still a very hard class to play, with Depleted Resources and not being able to cast anything up close. So it's easier and more versatile now I guess, but the initial impression I got from the class has kind of stuck.

Finally, I tried Psi. I loved it. I absolutely fell in love with the class. The cast times were kind of annoying but being able to have a Mental twin and Manipulate my enemies (even if it was just my mind RPing the Scenario) was great! Also, being one of the few Psis around at the time was very fun - it gave you a sense of Pride and Prestige. I played a Psi as my main until 3.0 where I decided that the situation the class was in wasn't going to improve. The devs then reworked psi a few patches later but by then I had another main.

I don't know if this post has been helpful to you - but in sense, just try out everything! You're bound to find another class you'll like (play into the 25-30 area if you can) if you are willing to spend a few hours with each character learning how to play and which skills to use when.


Sunday, April 20th 2014, 5:56am



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You really have to be a fan of the "run and Gun" classes to enjoy the engineer for sure. also, There is a ruby for an ability that alows you to mark your target for the turret to kill Increasing its range to 40 yards.



Monday, April 21st 2014, 2:57am



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classes ived played
summoner>mage>psi>palladin>warden in that order for me, i like killing fast with mage but it gets 2nd place cuz summy can pull whole map when geared and still doesnt die :D, waiting to see new warden playstyle cuz now for me its just slow and boring (lvled it for balms and nature balance...)
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Akyrra - 70 - psionicist healer
Turquiose - 60 - bard
Springfull - 60 - mage
FoxBee - 31 warden


Monday, April 21st 2014, 5:27pm

hey guys, thanks for the feedback as to your favorites. I'm debating between a bard and summy. I like the jack of all trades classes that mmos have (main in wow was druid and still my favorite class of any game :D) and these two tend to fill that role like the warden. I had a League summy pre-gipat and it was fun so I might roll one on my imperial char but the bard seems so op from what i've read.

One thing I was reading on the fourms is how hard it is now to level an inc, because of the egg buff until max lvl and the new stat system and that dam flying fish quest in umoir( i died like 10 times before i was able to spam z fast enough xD). So my question to you guys is how easy would it be to level one of the incs? i have 776/555 runes so should i upgrade them or would that be enough to safely level without fear of dying.
Goldberger - League Scout
Ginsberger - Imperial Warden


Monday, April 21st 2014, 5:58pm

With inc. egg debuff you get 30% less damage/healing done so with those runes that should not be a big problem because you will deal much more damage then newbies plus if you for example make a bard as inc. and take leatherworking you can craft yourself epic gear and that will much more improve your stats and egg debuff will be almost unnoticeable in leveling except in pvp so make sure to avoid it with it and you will have no problem with dying.

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