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Monday, April 21st 2014, 9:16pm

[PMB] How to give them Nightmares (Pvp/Pve)

Hey everyone, My name is Nightmare and I am from Monsters Inc. I usually fill a dps role in parties and raids. The reason why I like warriors is because warriors have the potential to CC targets for long time and can hit incredibly high too. In this guide I will be focusing more on pvp.

Patch Changes:
The latest updates changed the way I built my warrior for pvp a little bit. The new stat system and the change in effects of some rubies like stat rubies and critical chance rubies made them somewhat nice to have in most type of builds. Before I wouldn't really bother taking the critical chance increase rubies for pvp since it was hard to crit people who had high endurance but as of the current patch and how luck works landing a crit strike can change the fight to your favour. Since there is no longer endurance having the crit rubies increases your chance to do the fight changing hits that can win you a duel or land an unexpected crit that would burst someone down.

The Builds:
combat advantage(CA) - You gain it by using certain skills while other skills consume it to be used. You need to understand how to use CA to maximize your dps and do well in both pvp and pve.!1!323.3..3…E!gandtnb/WYARE
This is a pretty stand pve dps build. Please note I did not use all my talent points or rubies in this build but I only took the skills that will maximize your dps output. Any left over talent points can be used in what you see best and rubies can be used to make yourself more tanky or to what you see fit.
  • Talents

Devastating blow/Flawless strike - This is one of your 2 spam skills which you will use alot to generate combat advantage. You will want to get it r3 in most builds. (Generates 15 CA)

Charge - Gap closer which is not so useful in pve but generates some combat advantage. I took it r2 so I can get further in talent tree but if you can keep it at r1 and still go further than do it if you want so. (Generates 10 CA)

Lunge - This is your second skill which you will use alot to generate combat advantage along side Flawless strike. R3 is recommended for most builds. (Generates 10 CA)

Agonizing strike/Fatal Blow - One of the hard hitting skills for warrior. This will most likely be doing your most dmg or pretty close to Flawless strike. Consumes 50 combat advantage so you will need to use it after using Flawless strike and lunge couple of times. (Consumes 50 CA)

Die hard - You will need this as a melee dps you will most likely get hit by some aoe skills and also if you get aggro from mobs you won't die right away if your hp drops fast. I have it r3 for lower CD on the skill and needed it to go further in talent tree.

Intimidate - I have it r1 so if I need to take aggro of a certain mob away from a dps or healer or if tank needs a moment to heal up or battle ress. Pretty handy in some situations.

Adrenaline Buzz - Increases your energy regeneration by quite alot which always you to spam your skills more. R3 recommended for most builds.

Aura of Ferocity - Increases your dps and your party members dps. This Aura decreases your armor if you don't have the rubies for it but if you do get the rubies its nice to have this in almost every build unless you are tanking, R3 recommended.

Vicious spin/Whirlwind - Great skill for AoE pulls. Does alot of dmg on multiple targets and one of the few warriors aoe skills. R3 recommended for dps builds. (Consumes 65 CA)

Heroic Might - Gives you 3 stacks which will increase your dmg with flawless strike by a bit. Increases your dps by a small amount. Get it if you can.

Reasoned aggression - Generates combat advantage for as long as it is active but puts you in combat. Can be useful to use Whirlwind more often or use Fatal blow more. I recommend Heroic might over it but get it r1 if you can afford it.
  • Rubies
Most of the rubies are self-explanatory so I will not go over all of them.
Controlled rage -
You need those so you can run ferocity without reducing your armor and making yourself more vulnerable to physical damage.

Verdict - Increases dmg dealt to the mob you use it on by 50/100% depending on rank for 15 seconds or until the mob loses 10% of its hp. Useful if you need to pass a phase of a certain boss quickly or need to kill it fast or to lower the hp of a boss fast so brutality can have a bigger bonus in dps. R2 recommended

Bushido - More energy is always nice :P Get it if you can.

Peddle wall - Increases the shield amount of stony resilience by 15% and increases healing received. Its nice to have as being melee you will most likely get hit by some aoe skills or if you get aggro from a mob or get damaged by a debuff on an allod.

Stat rubies - Always nice to have those. All of them are recommended for pve except for rage.

Critical chance increase rubies - All of them are recommended for pve. Crits are always nice for increasing your dmg. :D

Rotation: During a boss fight or a single target fight you will want to use lunge and flawless blow to build up CA to be able to use fatal blow. Your rotation should be something like this. Flawless blow > lunge > flawless blow > lungle > fatal blow and you pretty much repeart. As for aoe pulls you will use flawless blow and lunge to build up CA to use whirlwind between the mobs.

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 1:33am

Now for the fun part of being a warrior!!1!333.3..3.2..3....33...1.3.....3.1..3!cyzxs/CQFRT!iugh/USGQE!qvxchwn/QARXAU

Please note I will only go over the talents and rubies that I did not explain in the pve build.

  • Talents

Arcing blow - One of the warrior's hardest hitting skills. The target needs to be affected by a knockdown skill for you to be able to use it. R3 recommended. (Generates 20 CA)

Forceful kick - Has 50% chance to knock the target down but to me it seems more like 100% :P Get it atleast r2 for lower cd. Use it to knockdown a target to use Arcing blow on or just simply to cc him for few seconds. (Generates 10 CA)

Headbutt - Knocks the target back and after that the target is knocked down for few seconds. Can be used to knock people off cliffs sometimes or simply to push them away to charge them or using arcing blow. R1 is enough.

Heroic might/Adrenaline rush - Both those skills are must for pvp as they will help you burst targets down pretty fast and not run out of energy while doing so.

  • Rubies
Crowd Control reduction rubies - Most of them are useful as they decrease the duration of CC used on you and reduces the cooldown of charge everytime you receive a cc. Most of them are recommended for pvp.

Ruthlessness - Increases your anger which will reduce the healing received by other people once you get wound complexity on them. Get them if you can.

Thumbs down - Increases the damage you deal by alot especially by Arcing blow or any other skills. As a warrior you have alot of knockdown skills so I recommended getting R3.

Swiftness - Increases your move speed by total of 30% after hitting a target 3 times. I recommended getting atleast r1 of this skill as in pvp it will prevent people from kiting you effectively and you will reach another target faster.

Crushing blow - Can be used as aoe damaging skill or gap closer. I use it mostly when I am blinded. R1 is enough but not a must have.

Streetfighter - Longer knockdown on Charge and makes it a 100% chance to stun. Really useful in pvp as with it charge can stun up to 4 seconds.

Unstoppable force - Cool name and makes you immune to any kind of CC while using charge. If used correctly you can avoid every kind of CC. Recommended in pvp.

Bash - I cannot go over how this skill is useful in pvp. First of all it applies 2 CCs, a knockdown and a 5 second stun which is pretty useful against bards as it will go thought ballade and every other class aswell. Can be used to knockdown a target to using arcing blow aswell. (Consumes 45 CA)

Knee shot - shoots an arrow that reduces target movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds. It is nice to have this one in pvp as it has longer range than your charge and can use it to slow someone who is trying to kite you. I prefer this over Hack as you don't really need to slow someone when you are in melee range as your swiftness rubies will help you stick to them once you get in melee range.

Most of the rubies I didn't go over are damage increasing rubies or stat rubies which are always nice to have.

Rotation: There is no specific rotation in pvp as not all fights go the same. Your highest hitting skills in pvp will most likely be fatal blow or Arcing blow so try use them whenever you can. Also, try to stun your target and keep him CC'd for as long as you can and usually go for squishy targets as you can burst them easily.

I love to pvp with warrior. As a warrior you will most likely hit really hard in pvp occasionally. I love hitting hard in pvp and being able to stunlock someone and watch them die without being able to do anything :D unless they stack willpower ;( In group pvp you can easily kill squishy targets before healers can react to heal them or you can CC someone while your group or raid kill them without your target being able to move or use healing skills/pots. You will usually hit hard enough for you to take kills (or killsteal :rolleyes: ) and here is a proof of how good you can kill steal! :D
Healers are op people!! so please go FH spec and stop dpsing >.>

Relics: Relics are pretty straight forward and I don't see any reason to go over what relics you need.

Reinc skills:
I myself use pally charge. It is another gap closer and works as a knockdown for arcing blow. Other useful reinc skills are tkpull and scout blink. I recommend using those for pvp but you can use any other reinc skill that fits your playstyle.

I hope this guide helped you understand the class more or become a better warrior. Spread the love and smash their faces with your weapons! Remember to give them Nightmares :love:

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Thursday, May 1st 2014, 8:09pm



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you was Summoner? xD


Thursday, May 1st 2014, 9:00pm



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There are 3 different nightmares :D

Nightmare (warrior, was paladin before)
Nightmares (bard, was initially summoner, now retired)
Nightmarious (summoner)
And so on..


Friday, May 2nd 2014, 4:53pm


Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:30am



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I think it's too basic .It should give more tips and stuff.But everyone got his ways.

ToXiC best guild ISA/ZAK


Sunday, May 4th 2014, 8:13am

I think it's too basic .It should give more tips and stuff.But everyone got his ways.

ToXiC best guild ISA/ZAK

You can't teach someone how to master something be it a class or anything else. There are things that you need to learn yourself.


Friday, May 9th 2014, 3:17am


Sunday, May 11th 2014, 10:32am

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( . Y . ) guide man. :)
It's always morning somewhere in the world.

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