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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 2:30am



  • "Jinxed" started this thread

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[PMB] Jinxed Fun build :P

Hi!!! My name is Jinx Though my toon name is Jinxed since someone took my name >< Bad League. I an old player from beta I enjoy allods alot though when the level cap hit 45 I took a long break I just came back not to long ago and found this class and I am loving it. So I will be your lovly host this evening so sit back and enjoy my build:P

Engineer Stat Setup:

Vigor: The main damage multiplier. It is identical for all classes and is issued for all types of equipment in an absolute numeric value. So, for example, 1500 points in Vigor will increase damage by 1500 times.
Proficiency: Increases the character’s base damage and healing. try to go for 30 at max
Brutality: Smoothly increases the damage done on targets with incomplete health. The lower the amount of health – the more damage they receive, keep at 30 as well.
Bloodlust: The character recovers part of their health by inflicting damage to opponents. Try for 25 or higher.
Vitality: Increases the character’s health, thus increasing the chance to survive a series of weak or several powerful blows in a short time.
Luck: Allows the character to inflict double damage to the opponent. GT, DC, and Tep relics give you luck
So this little tool Will be your best friend, It keeps track of your heat and cool out put, as well as your energy.

Now I will not give you to much detail of my fighting style :P don't want to let my foe's counter me on the battlefield by having intel. :D
But I will let you know Some, Like your 2 main attacks will be acid and fire shot unless you take astral or lighting but if your going to take one of these 2 only take lighting for long distance pulls, But astral shot takes to much energy. I also like to use the light turret why I fight mods to help put out a little more damage. For group mobs use Vespiary. But this works for beginning area's once you get higher up in level this becomes harder. Due to the fact that the engineer puts out more dps in lower levels and at max level as well with the right gear, In between these points its alittle tougher. Also keep in mind that volleys of different shots will maximums your damage out put. I can't really tell you to much since everyone has there own way of playing there class and your fighting style may end up being different then my own. But I hope it helps a bit..

Also a very good combo is pull couple mobs in then hit flamethrower then right after follow up with a burst of mana, Also same thing bring in mobs then hit hand beam cannon right after follow though with a frag bomb or dither bomb. :P

A best aoe damage comes from, flamethrower, hand cannon, frag bomb, Burst of mana, we also get neurogas, which makes the target or targets take 20% more damage so throwing that in with some of your combo's will help as well.

When I grind mobs I grab acouple mobs say around 3 or 4 then I throw down Neurogas, followed by flamethrow, hit burst of mana and take out left overs..

The light turret will be a great help, It does have a small delay when firing but with max talents and the right rubies it can put out alot of damage. I would say its almost like the turrets you use to get on the F2P server if people remember those. I use it alot with boss fights and also helps in the trial to distract mobs. You can also get target marker which makes the turret only attack the target you marked.

First up Talent tree

Shots a fire ball of death out of your cannon causing XX damage. Cools the reactor 20.. Which I did not know fire cools.. lol

Shots an acid Ball, Causing XX damage, Heats the reactor 25.

Hey another Shocker or I mean a ball of Shock, lol causes xx damage, Just dont Try to jump car with it. cools the reactor 30.

Variable Polarity:Hitting a target with skill that heats your reactor, will make your skills that cool the reactor do more damage. Vice Versa.

Combat mode: in this mode the target has to do 30% of your max heath to take you out of combat mode. You also gain alot of range in this mode.

No this does not make your arms muscle like, every 30 secs restore 12 units of your energy YaY.

This little toy is my fav, It's a steep trap once it hits the target. Well hes unable to move as well as taking damage over time. 80 charges and spends 10 charges pre attack.

These are the frag bomb and Dither bombs Both are aoe's of an area of 3 at max. The Dither bomb does over time damage why the frag bomb does not, also the Dither bomb needs your heat to be 50% or over to use.

This gives you a hovering pad Which ROCKS SOCKS, Did I say socks meh. Makes it so melee attacks cant hit you for 4 secs, Now you can just laugh at them why that swing away and yes the last talent for hover pad lets you move as well. SO yes it almost like flying


Ok this next lovely chat is about the rubies and no there will be no lovely photos.. Ok

Boiling Point: Makes acid and Astral attacks do more damage 5% 10% 15% will melt the skin right off poor gibbs tasty.

Crystallization point: This makes fire and lighting do more damage 5% 10% 15% shock and burn :P

Practices: increases Resistance 3 6 and 9

Synchroniztion: Makes your variable polarity inflict more damage 10% 20% 30%

Steedy hand: ;) energy cost is down for your attacks, 10% 20% 30%

Self-destruct: when you die your reactor blows up causing XX damage BOOM!!! brings a new meaning to take them down with you..

Bombardier: Throw all the bombs in one spot increases 60% reduce cast time by 60%. Faster bombs :)

Checking the strength: Damage to targets with heath 70% or high is increased 24%.

Gloomy Genius: index power increased 3 6 and 9

EXPLOSIVES: BOOM!! ops Frag bombs deal more damage 10% 20% 30% come out come out little gibbs ><

Meteor Frame: armor goes up 5% 10% 15% you don't have to get these rubies if you don't wish.

Natural damage: makes your Elemental damage go up 4% 8% 12%

Jump Resonance: Your over time damage of your Resonant bomb goes up 10% 20% 30%.

Scientitic Atheism: 2% 4% 6% more resistance to Spontaneous and divine damage.

Golden hands: That does not sound heathy don't touch..... moving on Index Excellence by 3 6 and 9.

Engineer 4th category: All attacking Toys applied to do more damage. 4% 8% you can also take those armor rubies and get the 12% 16% and 20% :)
Accelerated Metabolism: add more heath 3% 6% 9%

Heat Shield: Adds a shield to your combat mode, 10% 20% 30%

Capacity battery: adds 60 more charges to your steel trap.
Jinxed-level 60

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Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 9:08am

Hi isawasayuri,

Your guide looks nice, but in order to participate in the event, you need a guide that written on the forum. You can still keep that link if you want, but by itself it can't take part in the contest.

Also, your tread must contain [PMB] in the name :)


Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 10:13pm



  • "Jinxed" started this thread

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I am not going to change it cuz on the gpotato site you could do this it would be mean if this site did not allow the same. I put alot of work into it to help others :P so yeah. :thumbsup:

  1. "Go to the Official Forum and find the section for your class (or see table at the bottom of the post). (since your already here ;) )
  2. Open a new thread with the prefix [PMB] at the start of the thread title.
  3. Introduce yourself: your character's name, guild and the role you have in the party, and why you like this class and its abilities.
  4. Discuss the changes brought about in the latest updates, how it has altered or modified your build and how you adapt them to your play style.
  5. Your build: What type of build is it (PVE, PVP, Raid, Hybrid, which specialisation), what spells and rubies did you pick and why you made these choices.
  6. How do you play your class now? What do you like and what don't you like?
  7. Players can post only one guide for each class and you cannot submit the same guide you posted last time!
  8. Be on time: late entries will receive a penalty on their evaluation."

No rule that states my builds has to be on this forum just needs be part of a (PMB) thread which I made a thread
Jinxed-level 60


Tuesday, April 22nd 2014, 10:31pm

Hello isawasayuri,

As changed some of the old PMB rules, we have asked our CMs to clarified thoses new rules :
You can post an external link, but on order to participate to the contest, you will need to copy/paste the text of your explanation in your message on this forum :).
That's because PMB winners will be translated to all official languages of the game (EN, FR, DE and TR).
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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 1:17am



  • "Jinxed" started this thread

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So My website can not be part of this contast just cuz it has to be in a forum base style just so ppl can translate it? Most all websites can be translated on Google chrome.
Jinxed-level 60


Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 1:03pm

Hi Jinxed,

I see you updated your guide :) The reason why we ask that entries are forum posts is for correct evaluation. As an analog, think of comparing a plane with a boat. They both do the same thing: get you from point A to point B. But can you compare a Boeing 747 with a *insert boat name here* on common grounds? You can't, because they're two different things. In the same way, we can't compare a forum post with a website, or at least we can't do that correctly. By copy-pasting the content of your website here, you gave your guide the same form as the other guides, while keeping the same content, and thus allowing us to judge them correctly.

I hope I was clear enough :)


Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 1:09pm

You might be win.I also play the LoL,Exactly this talent for my engineer...You give inspire to me.Again thanks.


Thursday, May 8th 2014, 12:42am



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I dont know anything about engineer but i love the theme of ur build If i knew how to make gifs i would have added my self some to my build xD


Thursday, June 19th 2014, 8:43am



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Hah wow, cool Jinx themed guide :P fits good!


Wednesday, October 1st 2014, 6:24pm



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Your build the best :)


Friday, October 3rd 2014, 5:28am



  • "Jinxed" started this thread

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thank you so much, Dreadda you P2P or F2P I am on P2P league
Jinxed-level 60

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