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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 10:48am



  • "zappoxs" started this thread

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[PMB]War 2Handed Weapon Full Dps


Hi all,My warrior's name is Xzappox. I am from New Frontier server and i am a member of the imperial guild Pirati Astrali.

Now i'll post 2 easy builds: 2h dps pve and pvp

-Dps pve!1!313.3..2.1...1.3.33..3..3....33.1..1!avrbgj/OLZARBN!qagh/USGQE!uphfjah/IGS

(Remember,you need have reached the maximum number of talent points and rubies for the level.)

-Dps pvp!1!333.3..2.1..32...33..12.3....13.1..1!cyzxs/MSEEB!iugh/KPCBUW!mryrhwn/IGS

-sign of weakness,blind combat,indomitable,caffeine and stone brainpan reduces fear effect, stuns, blind and all controll effects by 25%
-controlled rage, armor penalty for aof reduces to 0% (same for pve)
-thick plate, when 2 handed weapon is equiped armor increases by 9%
-swiftness,each attack increase warrior's movement by 10% for 7 sec (you can move faster in combat)
-crushing blow, an hight istant aoe and can be good to start battle

-Skill rotation
(Single target) At start i use adrenaline buzz to restore energy if im in the midlle of fight,after use charge,flawless strike and lunge, than use fatal blow.

(AoE) you can start with 2 different skills:with crushing blow to deal hight istant aoe dmg or using whirlwind after single target rotation.

-Reincarnation Skills

Pally charge and Telekinetic Pull from psico

The most important thing is play with your favourite class, i think War is the best aoe class in game and nothing can change it :thumbup:
Thanks for read my build guide.

Sit on it! :thumbup:

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 5:08pm

I hope you have inserted a wrong link or I copied it wrong, maybe you should use the "insert link" function at the editor.
The build that i see if i copy your link:

There some things definitely should be changed at your PvE build:

- Skilling Bloody Massacre makes no sense, you're wearing 2H (as you said) and haven't skilled Bloddbath!
- Musclehead, Combat Training or Natural Born Killer are more usefull than Thumbs Down if you skille Kick only on 1.
- How you get the energy for using Jagged Slice? (you alwas should use Fatal Blow).

As two Advices, I would skill Intimidate instead of Hack (if Tank looses Aggro, better you tank then than a mage for example) and the Bushido rubies.

Kind Regards

P.S.: I'm sorry for my bad english.


Thursday, April 24th 2014, 9:55am



  • "zappoxs" started this thread

Posts: 4

Location: Italy

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1-in this build there isnt bloody massacre because i use 2h wp, severe wounds are usless but i need to take verdict rank 2
2-musclehead can be a bit help but i select it only for bash
3-if u use correctly adrenaline buzz and reasoned aggresion bushido's rubies arent necessary
4-hack can be good to slow mobs in doungeons and i dont like use intimidate because if u have good tank and party u dont need it or u can use cruelty if tank is losing too hp to help him.
Sit on it! :thumbup:


Thursday, April 24th 2014, 11:47am

Thanks for the answer,

1. Okay you corrected your link, I already thought this is a fault. And I understand why you skilled Severe Wounds, I didn't said anything to that..
2. I meant something different here:
  • You skilled the Thumbs Down rubies.
  • They're increasing damage ONLY when target is knocked down.
  • With Kick and Charge on Rank 1, Paladin's Charge or Telekinetic Pull and the Racial Ability of the Brute, your target isn't knocked down so often (maybe in grp if other classes uses their knowckdown skills too)
  • But it would be more sensefull to skill rubies increasing the damage constantly (like Musclehead, Combat Training or Natural Born Killer)

3. Well, maybe you're right, i didn't test it. But I don't think it's enough, because of the Cooldowns of both skills.
4. If Paladin's tanking a grp and the Damage Dealer don't wait until he's able to hold Aggro, he definitely will loose the Aggro of at least one mob. But yes, most times Cruelty is enough to get Aggro rapidly (if you're wearing 2H)

Kind regards


Monday, May 5th 2014, 11:24pm

Its better if you give a look to the others PMB before to post "your guide"...

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