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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 11:15am

[PMB] Luciferilla

Hello to everyone! I am Luciferilla kanian warden from Warsong. My job is to Dps, support with healing and sometimes to cc if they really dont have any other cc class. Players more calling us AE (aqua eternus) machines :P Its fun to play this class because we are created from nature we represent nature :)

Patch changes
This patch was bring to us little nerf but not so much, we are still in top 3 dps class..Talent and rubies tree is not changed, just delay of them little yes but dont worry from 5.01 patch wardens coming back in better mode :)

bar for the pet energy, its showing to u on how much energy your pet was stay


This is standard dps speck used for Astrals and Raids. Boosted Dps, maximum supporting with healing and of course cc.


Lighting strike and his upgraded version called Flash lighting, that is our main spell with what we starting the fight.
Hiting lighting dmg and disbalancing target and knocking down him (speed reduced 50%). (for pve and pvp spec prefer Rank3 of Flash lighting)

Maul or his upgraded version Mangle, that is pet skill. Consuming 5 energy, sending the pet to attack target and make open wound.
(for pve prefer rank3 of maul and for pvp mangle rank3)

Vortex is 3 spell very important to make combo for shred....its summoning vortex dmg enemy and making ability to target receive pain shock. (prefer for pve and pvp rank3)

Great hunt is nice boost for pet dmg...increasing pet dmg by 40% (good for pve and pvp rank3)

Legathery potion is warden cc potion always is good to have him on r2 in pve build. If there is no any other player with cc ability then u can jump in help with ccing some mob. its insta cast but there is one little problem if somebody dmg that mob its broking cc :( (can be gathered in Kingdom of Nature)

Aqua Vitae or upgraded version Healing Balm (everyone know that like Aqua eternus or AE).. that is warden healing potions what he can brew to every players... Players with that healing self 33% and restoring they mana for 25% (there is rubies for that too what boosting % of healing and restoring mana) can be gathered in Kingdom of u see guys why they calling us AE machines or AE factory :P

Renew is healing support spell... grants all party members renew effect that heals them for 10sec (there in ruby trees is boost for renew and really nice is to have that all) Rank3 for pve and pvp

Lighting chain...AoE spell inflicts dmg to all target 10 yards around u. Consume 3 dragon dmg is different because of tears...
(the best is to have rare or epic tears for pve and prefer rank3 in pve spec/ for pvp is not good because time of casting that spell)

Natural Force (regen aura) restoring 10 energy and 1,2 mana to all party member (for pve prefer rank 3 and for pvp rank 1)


Most of the rubies saying self will explain some of them just

Shred is the most dmging pet skill (single target) its using 10 pet energy and dmg enemy, if enemy have pain shock on self its going double dmg...its in ruby grid and important to have on rank2 for pve and pvp

Nature grip (players calling bush) summon roots on floor for 20sec that slow down all enemies in the area by 70%/80%
Very nice skill for pve (its nice in combination: Nature grip, Telekinetic pull (psy spell) and Lighting chain)

Aura of ferocity - Increases your dps and your party members dps by 5%/10%/15% but decreasing your armor for 30% (its not important ruby for pve but if u have enough rubies then prefer rank2 or rank3)

Call for the power - its really one nice ruby for boosting your dmg. Increasing your dmg by 10%/20% for 36sec, and all healing reduced by 70%/40% (its nice to have this ruby on rank2 for pve spec)

Stat rubies -
Always nice to have those. All of them are recommended for pve except for rage

Single target
: Lighting flash>Maul>Vortex>shred
when pet is dismissed and restoring his energy...then turn on Call for the power and spam 5 times vortex to get 5 static charge and hit lighting flash (with that 5 static charge your lighting flash have boosted dmg)


Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 11:16am

The fun part to make somebody to hate u because of some spells :P!5!233.1.3…I!yhbtb/OKLPWHB

Please note I will only go over the talents and rubies that I did not explain in the pve build


wolf blow or upgraded one called Clout its melee spells (in old days with was really nice with combo after shred was giving triple dmg but now not something for pve R1 and for pvp R2)

Boar blow - inflicts to target some dmg and knocking down him...its nice pvp spell because sometimes in close fight can to change your flash lighting spell. (prefer R1 to save talents for other good spells )

Hawk's strike - its melee spell, inflict dmg to enemy and if enemy have open wound on self then target losing some amount of mana...Can change pain casting of vortex in close fight and give pain shock to enemy (R1 for pvp)

Rip - its pet skill. Pet spend 10 energy, dmg enemy and putting him in silence mode for 5sec (R3 for pvp)

Bee swarm - summon swarms of bees on enemy inflict some little dmg but putting him in terror mode for 6sec or if enemy have on self open wound then that spell duration incresing for 50% more (
Recommended in pvp rank3) and i can say players hate that when they have on self :P

Rip up - pet skill, commands to your pet to attack target, giving little dmg to him and stuning him 4 times for 0,5sec...effect is again depends on what kind of tears u using (
Recommended in pvp rank2 or rank3)

Aqua morte - brews deathly potion what reduces target healing by 50% for 9/14/18sec (its good to have this potion in pvp spec,
can be gathered in Kingdom of Nature)


Bark shield - Increasing your armor by 35% and reduce your healing by 50% on rank1 (Recommended in pvp Rank2)

if u can pick up all Armor rubies and stats rubies :)

for distance: flash lighting, mangle, vortex, shred (if warrior or pally rush in u try to use bee swarm or rip up) and if its target around 50% drop on him that aqua morte and dont give to him to heal up :)
for close fight: Flash lighting or boar blow, vortex casting taking so long because use hawk strike and poof him with shred :)

I am sure most of players love to pvp, how much hard is dont give up and make some enemies to be mad on u because of that bee swarm and rip up :P
In pvp always stay somewhere behind warriors and healers somewhere where enemy cant to grab u :)

Reinc skill:
i am using summoner fear . But there is more nice reincs skill like Tkpull and pally rush

I hope this guide helped you understand the class more or to be better warden :) May the nature force be with u :D

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