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Scout Tank Follow Up

I saw the threads already that say that a scout tank is a viable option, but my question is: is a scout tank as good as a paladin or warrior? Or is it just "ehhh the scout will do, I guess."?


Overall scout tank is better than pali or warrior because it can tank and do a very decent dps at the same time (~at the level of good supporting engi/bard)

However there might be some cases (specially when players tend to ignore the mechanics of the fight) where pali or especially warrior can survive the incoming damage better.


depends on player
if done with high skill etc can end good

usually however most ppl will prefer a warrior or paladin, simply because chances are higher it will end good even if the player is not skilled or playing with half attention only ^^
(as warrior tank you can use exact 2 buttons for the WHOLE tanking process and still do well - if you use 3 buttons you will easy out-dps some other players in AOE...)

i dont enjoy scout class much because of the tedious enchanting all the time which works really bad together with the awful global cooldown (GCD)


Enchanting isn't affected by gcd. Neither most of scout's tanking skills are.

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