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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:51pm

[PMB] Llag's in-depth paladin guide

Pimp My Build - Llag's in-depth paladin guide (Complete)
[LAST UPDATE: May 15th, 2014]
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
-----1.1 About me!
-----1.2 Races and Racial skills
-----1.3 Recent changes to paladins
-----1.4 Upcoming changes
2.0 Stats

-----2.1 Overview
----------2.1.1 Offensive stats
----------2.1.2 Defensive stats
-----2.2 Optimisation of stats
3.0 Builds
-----3.1 PvE Builds
----------3.1.1 PvE Tank (Holy)
----------3.1.2 PvE DPS (Physical)
-----3.2 PvP Builds
----------3.2.1 PvP Holy Tank
----------3.2.2 PvP Physical DPS
4.0 Additional Information

-----4.1 Reincarnations
-----4.2 Useful links
*Use Cltr+F and enter the corresponding number from the Table of Contents to quickly find the section desired*

1.0 Introduction
1.1 About me!

Hello friends!

I, Llag, am a level 60 Elven Paladin of the guild Warsong(Tensess). I am from Australia and have recently graduated from University with a degree in Pharmacy. I have been playing Allods Online NA since late closed beta (formerly mained a Gibberling Seer known as Valkaryie) and have only recently came back after a 6 month break from the game.

Throughout these 6 months there were many changes to paladins which included: racial skill changes and talent skill nerfs. Further changes to the class were also introduced with the latest expansion, 'Heart of the World' and more changes are coming with the new "Colors of War" expansion (5.0.1).These changes will be discussed in a later section.
As of all classes, paladins have had periods of ups (utterly OP) and downs (nerfed to the ground), however, I believe that at this very moment, paladins are at a good state and are quite even on the playing field when compared to other classes for similar roles i.e. DPS or Tank (PvE or PvP).

Paladins are a very unique class in which you, the player, are able to mitigate heavy hits at will. This, along with the ability to do immense amounts of damage at the same time(bursts and sustained damage) makes the class extremely enjoyable to play. I prefer to play in a DPS/Physical build due to its high instant burst capabilities, however, playing as a Tank is also very fun.Nothing is more satisfying to me than being a tank and still being able to compete in DPS against other classes. Same thing applies for DPS builds where you are able shred through mobs like a hot knife through butter while still being able to take a decent amount of hits.
The only thing I would dislike about paladins are the fact that they are very vulnerable to crowd control (CC) effects. Upon receiving CCs paladins are unable use their shield management skills thus makes them an extremely easy target to kill with CC-locks (perma/back-to-back CC).

This guide will be aimed at both advanced players (endgame content) and beginners as all the information provided within this guide still applies to everyone. Here we go.....!

1.2 Races and Racial Skills
Within Allods, there are four races in which the paladin class is available.
These races include: Kanians, Elves, Xadaganians and Orcs.
Each race has its own specific class/racial skill. All racial skills can be unlocked by purchasing from the Boutique Shop.
This section will discuss the four different racial skills and when to optimally use them.

Zealous Blow

Kanian racial skill.
Skill Description:
Inflicts XX to XX damage plus additional XX damage every 2 seconds over 20 seconds.
Energy: 36
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 2 minutes
Good single target damage. Mainly used in boss fights as DPS or PvP situations where you want to burst down your enemies.

Rousing Shout

Racial obtained from Xadaganian race.
Skill Description:
Decreases the amount of damaged stored in all holy barriers by XX.
Energy: 36
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 2 minutes
The best racial skill IMO. It decreases all damage in the barriers to 0. Very useful in both Tank/DPS spec (PvE and PvP).

Pious Words

This is a Elf racial skill.
Skill Description:
Inflicts no damage to the target, but puts a curse that decreases incoming healing by XX for 20 seconds.
Energy: 47
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 2 minutes
IMO, the use of this skill is quite limited. I like to use it for PvP when trying to finish off healers. The heal cap blocked by this skill is low (basically blocks 1 heal or half of a heal)

Exhaust Evil

This is an Orc Racial.
Skill Description:
Inflicts XX to XX damage to all enemies over a cone-shaped area
Radius: 5
Energy: 47
Cast time: Instant
Cooldown: 2 minutes
This skill does great damage in AoE pulls when spec'd for physical DPS.

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:54pm

1.3 Recent changes to paladins

"Heart of the World" Paladin Changelog

With the new expansion, paladins had a few rubies rearranged to suit the new stat system. Also, paladins were hit by a nerf to their core AoE spell, "Anathema" and "Interdiction".

The following lists the changes which occurred to paladins:
  • Paladin“Divine Purpose” now increases Brutality by 3/6/9%.
  • “Combat Inspiration”, instead of the old effect, allows the Paladin to parry attacks by one handed weapons with a chance of 5/10/15%.
  • “Monk’s Reflexes” increase Tenacity by 5/10/15%.
  • “Purifier” increases critical strike chance by 5/10%.
  • “Righteous Rage” increases Anger by 7/14/21%.
  • “Angelic Harbinger” increases critical strike change by 3/6/9%.
  • “Zealot’s Fury” increases Determination by 3/6/9%.
  • “Will of the Hermit” increases Willpower by 4/8/12%.
  • “Disciple’s Power” increases Proficiency by 3/6/9%.
  • Damage from the skills “Anathema” and “Interdiction” has been reduced by 2 times.
  • Cooldown of the ability “Vengeance” is now 5 minutes.
  • The parry rubies, “Combat Inspiration”, were moved and spaced out in the "Defender of Light" grid (3rd ruby grid) and only works with 1-handed weapons. Rubies are currently translated incorrectly - Fixed
  • Main offensive stat rubies are now a lot easier to reach.
  • The nerf in Anathema and Interdiction hurts but should still remain in core builds.
For further information about the "Heart of the World" changelog, please refer to:
Complete Heart of the World Changelog by

1.4 Upcoming changes

"Colors of War" Paladin Changelog
  • Now when using the skill “Tenacity”, the effect “Fatigue” is applied to the Paladin. When it reaches 3 stacks, it will increase the cooldown of “Tenacity” up to 10 seconds.
  • The effect “Binding Curse” will no longer be removed by the stat “Willpower” or the spell “Martyr’s Protection”.
With the new 5.0.1 patch, Paladins are once again hit with a minor nerf bat. According to, paladin's barrier rotational skill, "Tenacity", will apply a debuff once used. Once this debuff reaches three stacks, the cooldown of tenacity will increase to 10 seconds (normally a 2 second base cooldown - 1.4 second cooldown with Rank 3 "Protection of Faith" rubies). The notes provided, however, did not state how long this debuff lasts. IMO, as long as the debuff does not last a significant amount of time e.g. >10 seconds, this shouldn't affect most rotations much. On a positive note, we will be able to stick onto things and kite much more easily with the new changes to "Binding Curse."

For further information about the "Colors of War" changelog, please refer to:
Complete Translated Colors of War Changelog by

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:55pm

2.0 Stats
With the "Heart of the World" expansion came the implementation of a new stat system. What was known as strength, finese, expertise, agility and endurance is now something of the past. This section will briefly explain what each stat does and when and how to prioritise each stat.

2.1 Overview

2.1.1 Offensive stats
Tooltip: Increases your damage and healing by a factor of XX.
Comment: To be honest, I don't really know how effective this stat is when compared to other main offensive stats.
Tooltip: Increases your damage and healing by XX%.
Comment: Self-explanatory. Generally more effective than Brutality if target's HP is more than 50%. Stack this for high burst.
Tooltip: Determination accumulates upon receiving damage. It increases damage dealt and outgoing healing by XX% per every percent of Determination.
Comment: So basically the more you get hit the more damage you deal. Upon using a skill, however, your determination bar will decrease. The bar can be found underneath your energy bar beside your portrait.

Tooltip: Increases damage dealt and outgoing healing by XX% per every percent of hit points lost by your target
Comment: Basically the lower the target's HP, the more damage you do.
Tooltip: Increases the speed of receiving wounds by your target by XX% of the damage you deal. The enemies, that attack the target of your healing spell within the last 10 seconds, will receive wounds that deal damage equal to XX% of healing received.
Comment: The tooltip doesn't really make sense but what I think its trying to say is that depending on the amount of anger you have, it increases the rate of wound complexity (WC) you put on your target. Once a dot of WC has been applied it decreases incoming healing by 50%. This stat is quite bad ATM as WC takes a very long time to be applied.
Tooltip: XX% chance to deal critical hit or increased healing. Damage absorbing abilities efficiency increased by xx%
Comment: The chance of crit has been reduced a fair bit with the new system. Everyone has a base critical chance rate of 5 or 5%. This stat can be increased by relics (obtained in end-game raids), rubies and elixirs.

2.1.2 Defensive stats
Tooltip: Increases your hitpoints by XX
Comment: Self-explanatory.
Tooltip: Increases your hitpoints by XX%
Comment: Self-explanatory.
Tooltip: Every XX seconds or XX% of health you lose, while being under a control effect, will grant you immunity to control and slowing effects for XX seconds.
Comment: Very essential for PvP. If you are a avid PvPer, I would suggest investing a lot into this stat.
Tooltip: Heals you for XX% of damage dealt and XX% of healing.
Comment: Works like lifesteal. The more damage you deal the more healing you receive.
Tooltip: Decreases wounding rate: before the Wound Complexity emerges, you will receive XX% more damage.
Comment: The first bit of the translation makes sense. Basically slows down the rate in which you receive wound complexity. I think the second bit of the translation describes the amount of damage you can take before wound complexity is applied i.e. if tooltip says "you will receive 150% more damage" it would imply that after taking 150% of your current HP you will receive 1 stack of wound complexity.

2.2 Optimisation for stats
This new stat system is fairly new to us and thus no one yet has posted up any of their own findings/theories on what stats to priorities to allow for maximum damage output. Thanks to one Russian mathematician/theory-crafter, this has already been done for us :). Link to original thread can be found here (in Russian).

This section will briefly explain how many stat points should be placed into determination. All data area all obtained from an excel sheet which can be found here .
*This wouldn't have been possible without a certain someone who translated and simplified the whole Russian wall of text(you know who you are <3)

Tank: Luck>Determination>Proficiency=Brutality>Anger
DPS: Luck>Proficiency=Brutality>Determination>Anger
Being a tank you will be receiving a lot hits, thus, your determination levels will/should always be high, thus, investing in detemrination will be of great benefit. As a melee DPS, however, depending on how often you get hit you may want to adjust the amount of determination.
So the question is, how much stats should I pump into determination? Well this all depends on the average determination levels you have. Luckily, the new DPS addon, "AoUmeter" is able to identify this for us :)

The first step is to find out your average determination levels (usually 70-90%). For this instance shown, I have an average determination level of 91%. With this figure you will be required to open the excel sheet to find the optimal split for DPS.

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:55pm

Excel Sheet:
  • First column: Ignore
  • Second column (orange): total amount of offensive stats (includes stats from pots, elixirs, cash shop items, etc)
  • Third column (red): Recommended proficiency
  • Fourth column (green): Recommended brutality
  • Fifth column (purple): Recommended determination
  • Sixth and Seventh: Power function and Conditional DPS
At the bottom of your excel you will have tabs (yellow), this is where you will select your respective determination level. For example, if your average determination level is 50% you will select the 'stat_50_50" tab.

After finding out your average determination and selecting the corresponding tab, you will need to find out your total amount of stats, from that you will just need to read across the row to find out what stats you require to have 'optimal' DPS at that determination level. For example, if you had 100 stats altogether, with 90% average determination levels, your optimised stats will be 18.5 prof/brut and 63 determination.

Go on a few astral runs/tank some random mobs and see what your average levels are and adjust the stats to your liking. Generally in astral I get about 70+ determination levels thus, I have adjusted my stats to the stats_50_70 page.

*Note: There is a gap from 0 to 40 in the tabs as the theory-crafter found thatwith average determination levels below 40% there is little to no benefits inputting any stats into determination.

For PvE defensive stats: Tenacity>Bloodlust=Vitality>Willpower
For easy astral sectors such as s1-5/8-12, 30+ tenacity may be acceptable (recommend ~40), however, harder sectors will require 40+ tenacity to avoid wound complexity (WC). When farming epic or legendary monsters in Wellebell/Forlon, 45+ tenacity will be desirable to avoid the quick addition of the nasty WC. Bloodlust at 10% is a good figure to play around. For solo grinding/mass AoE pulls I tend to use 36+ bloodlust (~15% lifesteal) for dem free heals nomsaiyan.

If you have any further questions or comments about stats, feel free to PM or comment below. I will try to reply as soon as I can :)

Download the excel sheet (link above), read the dot points, and SHAM WOW! there are your 'optimised' stats.

3.0 Builds
3.1 PvE Builds
3.1.1 PvE Tank (Holy)

Above is my current tank and spank build for raids and astral. Paladins are great tanks due to their ability to mitigate damage and are able to self heal whilst still being able to do 'tons of damage'. In this section, talents, rubies and skill rotations will be further discussed. NOTE: I am currently missing Rubies and Talents from Greatness, 4th mage's page, legend talent scroll.

These are quite explanatory. Depending on how many talent points you have you may wish to rotate some skill rankings around. I tried to max out my main offensive and defensive skills. I believe R2 Tenacity should is fine as R3 does not provide much benefits. The "Touch of Light" skill is a wonderful skill which places a shield over the target in your party with the lowest percentage (%) HP. I generally use this skill when I'm half HP to allow healers to get me back up to full. R3 Strike of Justice to increase range of charge and decrease cooldown. This skill is maxed as a backup measure in case a mob wonders too far from me (R1/R2 is also fine - Once I get Greatness, I will keep this at R1 and max out Touch of Light). The two dragon tear rubies are nice but aren't really essential. R1 "Autodafe" is generally used to stop mobs from casting/channelling and R1 "Pious Anger" is used for more DPS. R2 Pious Anger would also be good if you have the Talent points ( ~2min CD - good CD for boss pulls).

With the new patch, a few things changed within the ruby grid. Base offensive stats are extremely easy to reach now and there should be no reason in not getting them. "Combat Inspiration" rubies were moved to the 3rd tree as discussed earlier, however, they are incorrectly translated in-game (FIXED). These rubies increases parry rate of 1-handers by 5/10/15%. After testing these rubies, I have found that they are not worth the investment. I was only getting a 3-4% parry rate with R3 Combat Inspiration despite tooltip mentioning that there is a 15% parry rate.
What I tried to do with this build is to optimise my key abilities. This allows for the optimal offence (to help maintain agro) and defence (to be a bit less squishy). All the main defence rubies were taken and leftover rubies were placed into more offensive rubies.


Single Target

Pretty self explanatory rotation. "Condemnation" to start the pull, followed by the agro skill, "Righteous Word." You are required to deal a decent amount of damage if you want to maintain agro of the mob after using your Righteous Word. This is what your Sacred Sunrise is for. Apply the Sacred Sunrise to the mob followed by another Righteous Word to make it pop. Rinse and repeat when required. By adding Interdiction to the fray it provides a bit more DPS which in turn will allow you to hold agro more easily. Use the skill "Challenge" if someone manages to take agro off of you.


This is where things get a bit more tricky. Paladins do have it somewhat harder than warriors to gain agro of larger groups due to having no innate AoE agro skill. We, as paladins, are required to tab to each individual target to use our single target agro skill (cooldown of 2.8 seconds). Luckily we have high AoE dps...who needs to tank when everything dies in 2 seconds :). When things get messy, Scout's "Catatrops", Warden's "Nature's Grip," Warrior's AoE fear or Psi's Tele-pull are your best friends.

*Be aware that these rotations are not set in stone due to the various situations which may arise e.g. mobs are not grouped, stray mobs, mobs requiring to be interrupted (channelling), etc.

Stats (ratios):
Proficiency: Determination: Brutality
e.g. My stats at the moment ~ 23,58,23
*Refer to Stats section (3.0) for further information

Most used skill are maxed for optimal DPS and survivability. Nothing is set-in-stone, change build according to your likings.

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:56pm

3.1.2 PvE DPS (Physical)

This is my current Physical DPS build I use for raids, astral and Forlorn farming. This build sacrifices a bit of defence for more offence.
I use a 2-hand mace to DPS as it is the hardest hitting weapon. With an energy steriod from "Righteous Cause" and energy regen from the "Vitality" ruby, you should have no energy problems. Make sure you don't forget to use your alchemy pots when DPSing as well. [Common Potion of Concentration] is a level 43 alchemy pot which recovers 10 energy every 2 seconds for 18 seconds - this pot makes spaming skill almost as effecient as if Righteous Cause is active (below)

Pretty Cookie-cutter stuff. R2 Pious Anger is taken to match Righteous Cause cooldown. Condemnation is maxed as it is something that should always be on the target. R2 Overcome is required for some survivability and other skills were maxed for obvious reason. If someone in my party already has "Aura of Ferocity," I would respec and get either R3 Interdiction or R3 Shining Sword. Shining Sword's damage is quite mediocore, however, it has low energy requirements and uses up the spare cannon of lights.

I believe 2 barriers are sufficient as long as you don't constantly get hit by dots/ground AoE. The "Reparation" ruby is a must and its nice to pick up the condemnation rubies as well. To help with energy management when Righteous Cause and Alchemy pots are on cooldown, the Vitality rubies help a lot. Depending on my group I do tend to change my build quite often, however, this is the base build I usually run with.

Single Target

Start off with a Condemnation (remember to always keep this up), followed by 2 "Crusader Seals". This give you 2 stacks of the "Purifier" buff which decreases the energy cost of "Purifying Strike" by half! Use the Purifying Strike and pop the Heaven's Sentence stacks with a "Entangling Chains." Use "Chastising Strike" after the first combo as it is energy efficient and has high damage output. Rinse and repeat. Chastising Strike will not be off cooldown for the 2nd rotation so either use Shining Sword as a filler or just wait for Crusader Seal cooldown. With bosses you will want to use your Pious Anger in conjunction with your Righteous Cause for maximum DPS output. The rotations when using these skills become: roll your face on keyboard and use anything off cooldown (real talk). Once these 2 skill ware off, pop a Concentration Potion and continue facing rolling the boss :). Oh and use Zealous blow whenever its off cooldown.


As always, start off with a Condemnation, then spread the aids with the use of Interdiction. Follow this up with a Chastising Strike then "Exhaust Evil" or if this is on cooldown, use a filler move, I like Purifying Strike because of its high burst. Finish off with an Entangling Strike and continue with single target rotation until AoEs are back up again.


Proficiency: Determination: Brutality
  • This first ratio should be chosen if you have a really strong group which clears extremely fast. In this case you will want to pump proficiency for the instant burst.
  • If you have an average group where things take awhile to clear, its worth investing in more brutality
  • This one is quite specific. Only use this ratio if you are able to maintain an average determination level of 50%+. This will require you deliberately taking hits and only popping barriers when determination levels are low.
*Refer to Stats section for further information about determination

Look at pictures provided. Should be fairly explanatory. If someone in your party already has Aura of Ferocity, you can respec to get R3 Interdiction or R3 Shining Sword (Shining Sword is generally only used as a filler move - low energy cost - damage is mediocore).

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:58pm

3.2 PvP Builds
3.2.1 PvP Holy Tank

I think I tend to change this up a bit every time I decide to PvP. I believe the core of the build is here and adjustments are made depending on what the person likes. For example, as shown above, I have taken both the Righteous Cause talents and rubies. This is mainly used to build wound complexity, however, as anger is kind of a gimp stat at the moment, a lot of people might not want to go down this route. If this is the case you can use these rubies to invest in the "Certain Victory" and "Power of Purity" for more burst and damage or use these rubies to reach for the silence rubies, "Seal of Silence".

As you can see, the talents are quite similar to those of the PvE tank build. The only difference here is that some ranks were reduced to take in Shinning Sword and Righteous Cause. R3 Righteous Cause does not affect shield management very much and offers unlimited energy usage with increased anger. The main con of the skill would be that it uses up 1 "Cannon of Light" and 1 "Cannon of Purity." If you prefer to not use the skill, all ranks of Righteous Cause can be removed for R3 Anathema/Interdiction OR R3 Shinning Sword and R3 Autodafe OR R3 "Particle of Light"/"Touch of Light." This choice will be based on what you believe provides a higher impact.

Again pretty similar to PvE tank build. The main differences would be that it takes in the Willpower rubies - "Will of Hermit" , "Vengeance" and Rage rubies.

I have regularly analysed my average determination levels through PvP and they generally average out to be 50-60%. I prefer the 2:1:1 ratio over the 2:1:2 as it gives me a bit more burst. Generally, the faster you get someone below 50% the faster they will panic, pumping proficiency will help.

3.2.2 PvP Physical DPS


Woooowww much damage, such OP.....very squishy doe. I love PvPing with this build especially when vengance procs, holy dooly, it does crazy amounts of damage. The main downside is that even with all the defensive rubies are you still extremely squishy and still don't have anything to counter crowd control effects except stacking willpower. To have fun with this build, you will have to choose your battles wisely (if you have a pocket healer...go ahead and roll over whatever you can). Make sure you let others go in first to draw attention away from yourself before jumping into the fun. P.S. Healing pots will become your best friend in tight situations ;)

Similar to DPS build. Reduced some points in offensive skills to take in more CC's and durability.

Main difference would be taking the silence rubies, R1 Chastising strike, vengance, and more defensive rubies. These are quite explanatory so I won't talk about it much. R1 chasitising strike has many uses. Even at R1 it still packs quite a punch and as mentioned before, uses very little amounts of energy. You can use it for a bit more burst or to reveal/deal damage to invisible targets when required.
**Vindication is also a very viable option to get. With Pious Anger, it gives you a steroid' ranged Vindication - ohko them squishies :O

This allows for a good amount of burst damage (currently using det: 20 brut:30-35 prof: PUMPED)

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 2:59pm

4.0 Additional Information
4.1 Reincarnations
Upon finishing certain quests in the "Isle of Revelation" you will be able to create a reincarnation character. This character is basically an alt whic has the benefits of sharing most of the cash shop items on your main (bag space, extra rubies/talent points, mounts, runes, etc.). Reincarnations also provide your main with 1 specific class skill which can be used to your advantage. This section will briefly explain the most common reincarnations used.

Healers provided paladins with either a "Holy shield" or "Divine Foresight." Both of these skills work really well with paladins whether you're tanking,DPSing or PvPing. Holy shield provides immunity to CCs and blocked a certain amount of damage, whereas DF is a heal that procs upon reaching a certain amount of HP.

Psionicist's reincarnations provide a very unique CCing skill known as, "Telekinetic Pull." This skill will puill targets within the AoE into a single point and cause them to be knocked down. This skill is great for tanking as it allows for easy grouping of mobs. It also has a lot of benefits in PvP as it is a CC.

Scout reincarnations provided you with a blink - teleport behind your target, or a recoil - knockdown your target and jump backwards. These skills are generally more beneficial for PvP (e.g. getting out of caltrops, catching up to targets, etc.). In PvE it can have some benefits such as being able quickly jump to targets in which you lose agro of or recoiling away from a boss/mob when channeling.

Warriors provide you with another gap closing skill or a energy steriod. Having 2 charges in PvP is very usefull to catch up to those targets who constantly kites as well as providing a good source of CC. The energy steriod skill allows for more DPS in PvE and PvP - with this skill, Righteous Cause and Potion of Concentration, you should never have any energy problems when fighting a boss.

Warden reincarnations skills are either, "Natural Balance" or "Bee Swarm." NB is a skill distributes health amongst group members evenly. This is great for tight situations in PvE and PvP where you get really low - free heal. Once a NB has been used by one member of the party you cannot use it again for a certain timeframe. Bee Swarm is a skill which can be precasted. Upon using the skill on the target it causes them to run around for a certain time frame. During this time they will be unable to cast spells or attack you from ranged (melees can still attack though). This skill is quite decent for PvP as its has a long CC duration.

4.2 Useful links
  1. Addons that work with 5.0
  2. Talent Calculator
  4. Time zone converter
  5. More Addons
  6. Warsong guild site :)

Final note
I would like to thank all who has had the time to read through this massive wall of text. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. There are a few sections in which I would like to improve on such as PvP sections and Reincarnations. Please feel free to PM me or comment below if you have an queries. Thanks again! Hail hydra~

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014, 3:00pm

Reserved just in case :)

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 4:17pm



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I think max reserves are 3 posts per pmb entry.
And so on..


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Gratz on 3rd place Llag!
Good guide.
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I most certainly approve of the job you've done here, Llag. Couldn't have put it better myself, apart from a few quibbling rubies here and there that I sometimes prefer.
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Wednesday, June 18th 2014, 9:52am

Gratz on 3rd place Llag!
Good guide.
Thanks so much! Means a lot :)
I most certainly approve of the job you've done here, Llag. Couldn't have put it better myself, apart from a few quibbling rubies here and there that I sometimes prefer.
Thanks Rozetri! I certainly wouldn't have come this far without your guidance and without the help of Valiance. From the moment I re-rolled into a pally, all I wanted to do was to beat you in DPS...

[img] [/img]

and I did (lul jk you were tanking)

P.S i am a forum noob and dunno how this quote thing works *shrugs*.
P.P.S the picture shows in preview but not the actual post...


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I'm lvling pala dps but i will respec when into pve tank when lvl 60 and was wondering why in the rotation for tanking the holy barrier skills are not included, is this because of energy issues? If so why not get the energy regen rubies? Is it because you will get healed so it doesn't matter? If so why not skip them and get some more dps?

EDIT: Or is it just because it's such an obvious thing you decided to leave it out?...

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Wednesday, June 25th 2014, 3:14pm

I'm lvling pala dps but i will respec when into pve tank when lvl 60 and was wondering why in the rotation for tanking the holy barrier skills are not included, is this because of energy issues? If so why not get the energy regen rubies? Is it because you will get healed so it doesn't matter? If so why not skip them and get some more dps?

EDIT: Or is it just because it's such an obvious thing you decided to leave it out?...
There is no rotation for barrier skill, they are only used when needed, or if the situation demands it.


Wednesday, June 25th 2014, 10:37pm

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Occupation: Tank

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I'm lvling pala dps but i will respec when into pve tank when lvl 60 and was wondering why in the rotation for tanking the holy barrier skills are not included, is this because of energy issues? If so why not get the energy regen rubies? Is it because you will get healed so it doesn't matter? If so why not skip them and get some more dps?

EDIT: Or is it just because it's such an obvious thing you decided to leave it out?...
There is no rotation for barrier skill, they are only used when needed, or if the situation demands it.
well... when's that then?


Thursday, June 26th 2014, 12:05pm



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I'm lvling pala dps but i will respec when into pve tank when lvl 60 and was wondering why in the rotation for tanking the holy barrier skills are not included, is this because of energy issues? If so why not get the energy regen rubies? Is it because you will get healed so it doesn't matter? If so why not skip them and get some more dps?

EDIT: Or is it just because it's such an obvious thing you decided to leave it out?...
There is no rotation for barrier skill, they are only used when needed, or if the situation demands it.
well... when's that then?
You look at your barriers. When a REALLY big hit is in the first barrier you use deliverance to clear the barrier for no damage. When a not so really big hit but still big is in the first barrier you use overcome to break the barrier but only take around a third of the stored damage.

If the big hit is in a later barrier, you use tenacity once or twice to position the big hit in the first barrier, and then use deliverance/overcome.

If there are semi big hits stored, spam tenacity to minimize damage taken and use overcome once in a while (has low cooldown)

If there are only small hits stored, then either ignore the barriers or spam tenacity to minimize damage taken.

(The above you do while youre getting/keeping agro, helping with damagedealing and using shorttimed cc's to keep enemy under control)
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