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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 3:02am

[PMB] Xappy's <3 of the World 5.0 Psionicist

I AM XAPPY! (|:3, from Dark Council gyaaaaahahahahohohohehehehe!

Main role: single target & aoe(area of effect) damage.
Secondary roles: crowd control, buffs, escape & give mana.

A tiny magic Gibberling with mysterious mighty powers. I like this because I can do good damage and regenerate my mana quickly in combat, poof everyone to safety, pull things into a bunch & throw them && i can go back in time!

In 5.0 patch, astral(dungeon/instances) debuffs and boss fights require you to be quick on your feet so [choke] is less effective in astral. Instead I focus on burst damage. Immunity to control effects from new stats makes short term disables less effective. We have support skills & have to choose how to balance 'Damage' & 'Mass Crowd Control'. I find damage is more reliable in astral/raids than Mass Crowd Control. This build would be a max damage build with limited mass crowd control but good single target crowd control.

Talent Distribution
I have 68 talents
More talents are attainable i think up to 71

[Psychic Shock] @R1 -
Although it can be cast while moving. [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] does more damage generally. Rubies for [Wall of Blades] damage boost also increase fire damage which seems such a waste if I do not use [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis]. And I also prefer not to have to keep spamming my buttons. I tap this skill if i do not have any [Thoughful Spirit] charges while i am moving to a safe spot during fights.

[Psionicist's Mental Link] @ R1 -
I use it to link bosses before the fight starts or to link a mob for [Hypnosis] , so the cast time improvement is not needed. It provides 20% more damage.

[Shock] @ R3 -
One of the main damage skill. Highest damage skill. Required to be R3 for the upgraded [Destabilization] skill to be R3.

[Pyrokinesis] @ R3 -
Main damage skill. Required to be R3 for the upgraded [Pyrolysis] skill to be R3.

[Twin] @ R1 -
Usable only on targets with [Psionicist's Mental Link] . I use it for bosses only when they start targeting me. Hard hits kill it almost instantly and target gets immunity to it for a long time so rank1.

[Concentration] @R2 -
To get concentration stacks for use of [Shock]/[Destabilization] . Rank 2 because you can get stacks of it from casting
[Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] anyways. But it is good to have ammo to cast your highest damage skill.

[Ectoplasmic Form] @R3 -
To absorb an amount damage for maximum duration of 13 secs at rank 3. You do not want to die if u get aggro from monsters.

[Hypnosis] @R2 -
For long duration single/double target crowd control. Rank 2 as cast time is reduced and you can recast it before the debuff on mobs run out.

[Mental Pulse] @R1-
For emergency pushing mobs away from you or from anyone(go to that person first) when he is going to die. Rank 1 because tanks & warriors do not like it much when u pulse mobs away from them during their dps & mobs who are cc immune do not get damaged from this skill.

[Choke] NOT TAKEN -
Uses a concentration stack. Choke deals good damage when not interrupted, but most of the time you would need to move away from where you are standing in astral fights, which results in a waste of a concentration stack which could be used to cast [Shock]/[Destabilization].

[Mental Cleansing] NOT TAKEN -
Healing is too minimal to be useful, in my experience it only removes a few but not all debuffs that you would consider a bleed/burn/poison.

[Telekinetic Pull] @R1 -
For pulling mobs together for the tank to aggro and for aoe attacks by the party, enemies get [Telekinetic Pull] immunity for 20sec. Rank 1 because some members might have [Telekinetic Pull] too and mobs will be immune for 20sec again.

[Wall of Blades] @R3 -
Main aoe damage skill useful against 3 mobs or more. Spell disappears however if the mob you cast on dies so cast on the highest hp mob.

[Seal of Health] @R3 -
Hp and mana buff. Rank 3 for 30% bonus

[Temporal Acceleration] @R3 -
increase move speed by 50% & Reduces cast time for [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] and [Wall of Blades] by half. Rank 3 as this will give you burst damage every 1.4 mins for 15 sec with rubies. [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] cast time can become 1 sec with rubies giving a burst of 15*[Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] worth of damage in 15 secs. Also can be used for [Wall of Blades] as mobs might interrupt you when you get aggro during aoe and your [Ectoplasmic Form] has run out.

[Phantasmal Killer] NOT TAKEN -
Damage is too little for the cost of 2 concentration stacks which can be better used for [Shock]/[Destabilization] . Dies too easily also.

[Will Suppression] @R3 -
Rank 3 for its 10sec cooldown. So if a mob you linked dies, you can instant link the next mob. Used for instant linking
adds during fights for 20% more magical damage with rubies. Lets you cast [Mental Explosion] when target is stun/knockdown

[Pyrolysis] @R3 -
Main damage skill. Upgrade of [Pyrokinesis].

[Destabalization] @R3 -
One of main damage skill. Highest damage skill. Upgrade of [Shock].

[Astral Venom] NOT TAKEN -
Upgrade of [Psychic Shock].

[Astral Breath] NOT TAKEN -
A potential high damage skill like choke but if interrupted it would be wasted. Useful if your party has slowing skills but the range and cooldown of the skill makes it hard to use. You might also unintentionally pull unwanted mobs on some slope. And usually you will get aggro if you use it too soon and your [Ectoplasmic Form] will not save you.

[Thoughful Spirit] @R3 -
Mobile 5x cast burst skill with no cooldown. Charges 5 charges over time. Requires Tear of Dragon instead of mana.

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 3:03am

[PMB] Xappy's <3 of the World 5.0 Psionicist PART2

Ruby Distribution

I have 60 rubies
Morerubies are attainable i think up to 65

Psychic Shock Grid
(Step over Madness) - increases astral damage by 9%
This ruby increases damage of [Shock]/[Destabalization], [Thoughful Spirit] & [Mental Pulse]

(Rejection) - increases physical resistance by 15%
We are squishy so every bit helps, dead=no damage.

(Unending Knowledge) - increases "Vigor" stat by 9%
Increases our hit points

Psionicist's Mental Link Grid
(Pyromania) - increases damage of [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] by 21%
This ruby boosts our main burst damage skill.

(Detachment) - [Concentration] spell provides 3 stacks of concentration instead of 2
This ruby provides additional ammo for casting our highest damage skill [Shock]/[Destabilization].

(Pyrophrenia) - Reduces cast time of [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] by 0.1 secs, stacks 6 times
This ruby allows [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] to be cast every 1.9 secs after 6 casts. Together with [Temporal Acceleration] the cast time will be 0.95secs for 20secs.

(Chronokinesis) -Reduces cooldown of [Temporal Acceleration] by 45% (1min 22.5sec with R3)
This ruby is for the ability to keep being able to do burst damage.

(Mental Fortress) -Increases " Willpower" by 4/8/12 & stamina by 1/2/3%
More stamina= more health. I would take full if i had enough rubies.

(Cruel Master) -Increases magic damage done on targets under [Will Suppression] by 20%, also increases control effects on targets under[Psionicist's Mental Link] by 20%
Useful for dealing damage and for [Hypnosis] duration.

(Master Augur) -increases luck by 9
More luck= more crits.

(Tranquility) -decreases cooldown of [Concentration] by 33% (1min 20.4s with R2)
This ruby = more [Shock]/[Destabalization] casts.

(Triumph of Reason) - increases physical and fire damage by 21%
This ruby boosts damage of aoe[Wall of Blades] & single target[Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis]

(Superficial Trance) -Restores full mana over 5 secs, however doubles damage taken during cast
This ruby provides you with a skill, useful for when you run out of mana in fights. Use [Ectoplasmic Form] before this skill to
prevent interruption and huge damage taken.

Shock Grid
(Stinging Blades) - decreases cast time and mana cost of [Wall of Blades] by 30%
This will save you alot of mana and reduce chance of interruption while casting because you take less time to cast it.

(Astral Curse) - targets affected by [Telekinetic Pull] or [Mental Pulse] get a debuff which deals additional damage when hit by an astral spell such
as [Shock]/[Destabilization] or [Mental Pulse].

(Analyst) - increases "Proficiency" by 9
Increases damage%

(Exodus) - Gives a skill which teleports party to a safe place, 10sec cast time, not interrupted by damage
You can use this as a teleport to a respawn area or save remaining party members when healer or tank dies or
when too much mobs are accidentally pulled. It is interrupted by stuns and knockdowns though. Useful in astral.

(Mind Bender) - Increases "Vitality" by 12 and Faith by 3%
More health and mana regeneration

(Enthusiasm) -increases "Brutality" by 9
More damage bonus on mobs with hp lost

(Clarity of Thought) -increases critical chance of [Wall of Blades] & [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] by 12%
More damage

(Mental Reign) -increases damage of [Shock]/[Destabalization] by 15%
More damage

(Loop of Time) - restores mana, health, location and remove debuffs put on you up to 10secs ago
Useful for when you get hit by a sudden huge aoe and you are about to die.

(Calculating Mind) - increases critical chance of [Shock]/[Destabalization] by 15%
More damage

(Telepathic Gift) - Gives skill which restores 50% mana to party member
Useful for giving mana to healers in long fights or mana damage classes for their dps.
This indirectly makes their damage/heals yours if they run out of mana.

other rubies of interest:
(Aura of Astral Power) - grants skill which provides 15% magic damage bonus to party, cannot be cast with [Seal of Health]
(Optimization) -reduces mana cost of [Pyrokinesis]/[Pyrolysis] &[ Wall of Blades] by 50% when using [Temporal Acceleration]

If I had full talents and rubies I would
for talents:
put [Astral Breath] @R3 & reduce [Will Suppression]to R2 if possible.
put [Astral Breath] @R2 & [Telekinetic Pull] to R2.
[Astral Breath] to be used after [Telekinetic Pull] to sync with (Astral Curse).

for rubies:
Full (Astral Curse), (Aura of Astral Power) & 1 to (Optimization).

(Aura of Astral Power) to provide damage aura alternative if other members have [Seal of Health].
(Optimization) to reduce mana usage when (Superficial Trance) is on cooldown.

Race specific skills:
Xadaganians = Sonic Wave - stuns targets in a cone shape for 4 secs. 2min cooldown
Gibberlings = Elevated Insight - immune to physical for 5 secs. 2min cooldown
Arisen = Magic Armor -immune to magic for 5 secs. 2min cooldown
Elves = Concentration Anticipation - Grants 3 stacks of concentration. 3min cooldown

All these skills can be made available by getting 'Page from the Book of Secrets' from the item shop.
Note that they share cooldowns. I only use Elevated Insight or Magic Armor for protection when needed.

World Mystery Skills:
Premonition - Buff. Message appears when an invisible enemy is nearby or when an enemy has targeted you.
Brilliant Aura -Passive. Restores 1% mana every 8 secs.
Gift of Tensess - Spell. 20hr cooldown skill to resurrect allies out of combat.

Recommended Reincarnations for their skills:
Healer for their [holy shield] which is like a more powerful ecto which removes most debuffs. Or [divine foresight] which heals you when you are below 35% health.

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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 3:04am

[PMB] Xappy's <3 of the World 5.0 Psionicist PART3

Useful stats:
"Proficiency" increases damage%
"Vitality" increases hit points%
"Brutality" increases damage% as the targets health goes down. Example 48% increased damage at target 25% health with 30 brutality.
"Bloodlust" heals you when you deal damage.

We want gears that provide "Proficiency & Vitality" or "Brutality & Bloodlust" stats, these stats come together.

For leveling we pump stats to "Brutality" as this damage boost is good as you will not get hit when your target has been [Twin] and if your twin dies you will have good damage to kill the target.

For late game aim for gears with Proficiency/Brutality in their name. Some gears do not have proficiency/brutality in their name then go for Vitality.


Leveling situation:
For leveling a Psi aoe is a bad idea as you will not be able to kill multiple mobs your level while leveling unless you have high runes like level 10 and have reputation gear. If you belong here,
precast > tag mobs with while running > them to you when you think you have enough > >> > > > spam till ecto runs out. (always
wall of blade highest hp mob)

>precast >>make sure you are nowhere near other mobs as twin will random tp you>> > spam > if need burst> whenever> when twin dies and continue> or to keep mob away when ecto ends

If you aggro 2 and you know you can't tank two, other mob> >> kill mental linked mob> refresh whenever.

Party Situation:

Cast your Premonition buff , it is useful to know when you get aggro or a boss targets you. Time to (if you have set up mental link) or when you are targeted.

Make sure members have your , cast it when they are in range.

Look out for healer's mana or highest dpser's mana, if it is very low in combat use (Telepathic Gift) to give them mana. You can or go to tank and if you feel like the tank is going to die to give a few seconds healing window for healers.

In general, stop casting and move away from the ground if something is under you.

If the healer or tank dies and no1 has battle resurrection, use (Exodus) to save party lives.

Group Pull situation:
precast > > wait for tank to engage>>spam
(always wall of blade highest hp mob). if u aggro stop aoe, > target lowest health mob>> spam > if need burst> whenever> to keep mob away when ecto ends.

Single Target Situation:
> > >spam > if need burst> whenever>/ / if need protection

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Friday, April 25th 2014, 6:24pm

[PMB] Xappy's <3 of the World 5.0 Psionicist PART4

Boss situation:
>precast > boss without aggroing> wait for tank to aggro> > >spam > whenever> when you get 6 (pyrophrenia) stacks> spam > if need protection> if boss targets you.

if you need to kill an add, target add > go to Single Target Situation
if you need to kill adds, them to boss>

(note: a few bosses have aggro range beyond normal link range)

Perma CC situation:
Get close enough to target CC mob without aggroing anything and > when
party is ready> incase of range attacks from other mobs> non-CCed aggroed mobs for tank to take>target non CCed mob>go to Single Target Situation


I like that psis can adapt to alot of
situations and that we can do good damage and support the party.
Twinning, temporal acceleration and loop of time is fun too when running
from aggroed bosses. PVP psi is also fun during one on one. Mass PVP
tele pull and pulse and choke is fun.

I dislike almost useless
skills like phantasmal killer(its fun to watch a person hit him/herself
but its more fun to kill) & mental cleansing is like a wet bandaid.
Also that our mental pulse does not do damage to mobs that are cc
immune, also the 20 sec immunity to telekinetic pull on mobs( on players
its fine), also our will suppression aggros(how can we effectively cc 2
mobs?). and also that we need to form a link in order to hypno, also
our wall of blades effect runs out if the mob we cast it on dies, also
[exodus] is interrupted by knockdown & stuns, also the short range
of astral breath, also [twin] puts us randomly away which might cause
you to get stuck or aggro something else, mental explosion damage
applies with delay and target might be immune to it by then

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