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Friday, June 9th 2017, 11:05pm

A Returning Old Psionicist

Hello guys :D ... im Niazay an old veteran psi who had left the game for quite some time now xD ... prolly two years or might even be more. I wish to return to the game at moment since i miss the good old days, can someone please update me of the game status at moment? and if its worth to play in the new x3 experience server or not ? and how is the state of the psi at moment ? i was a good CC psi but idk if CC builds are still viable or not xD .... thank you guys in advance <3 :D
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Saturday, June 10th 2017, 3:07am

in normal BG cc spec is barely viable / fun due to beeing paper and while you cc 1 or 2 players 3 others will make you dead in 2 or 3 seconds
so normally you will play as support in PVP which is durable and a good dps while defbuffing enemies to your own (and fellow players) advantage
cc is reduced in this state to 4 sec fear (or is it only 2 now?) and a mental pulse which is so short it does not matter except from gettng rid of warrior / paladin

x3 server seems to have no / notmuch PVP pop
you get 30 day items and a good mount for free however
on the other side it has no exchange NPC so its pay to win, means as a non-donator you cant have certain items, no matter how much you farm
thats a no-go from my POV

if i had to decide i would still play on new frontier, normal server
for fastest levelup choose priden, join 20% exp gulild and do "23-59 / 60-69 astral" or buy miraculous ark instantlevel 70 item


Saturday, June 10th 2017, 8:20am

I thank you for your reply and guide mate :) well the new frontier server was still pay to win as i had recalled so its not much of a difference imo. wish you best of luck out there :)
Pain is inevitable. Love is a fantasy.


Saturday, June 10th 2017, 10:33am



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Welcome back :)

I will most likely never go back to New Frontier, apart from just checking in every once in a while when a new patch is released. It's for sure possible to get the necessities from the cash shop without paying any real money, but it will take you years and A LOT of time, at least if you don't have any of the necessities already. The conversion rate for gold to BC is too high, which makes it quite unrealistically unachievable at this point.

The subscription server has way too low population to be playable in my opnion, at least if you want the real MMO experience. They have a small community that apparently are very determined to keep the server alive, so if you're just looking to get some friends to do some content with every once in a while then I suggest this server.

The new server, like AOP said, doesn't have an exchange NPC (yet) it seems. So yeh, this one is truly pay 2 win at the moment as you have no chance at all to get the cash shop items as a non-paying player. I thought they would make this server less pay 2 win since that's the only thing probably that could bring this game back to life, even if it would just increase the population by a little, because I know for sure that some old players and veterans would start playing there if that was the case.

Conclusion (TLDR):
If you have a char on the New Frontier server that you already own some of the necessary cash shop items on, I suggest you continue playing on that character.
If you don't however have several of the necessities, and you don't care about a very low population, I suggest subscription server.
If you don't care about pay 2 win, or you just want to get some free items to start with and maybe hope that things will turn out good in the end, I suggest the new server.
If none of the above seems good enough for you, I suggest you stay away from this game. Find something that has more of what you want in an MMO.
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Saturday, June 10th 2017, 11:30am

I highly suggest you to check exchange rate on old server. After checking I invite you to join us on new server with people who has same starting. No 13 lvl 10 even 9 lvl runes. Fresh start for new player or old players who cant do anything on old server. Its funny that its less p2w than old server with exchange rate.
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Saturday, June 10th 2017, 2:01pm

Hello guys :D ... im Niazay an old veteran psi who had left the game for quite some time now xD ... prolly two years or might even be more. I wish to return to the game at moment since i miss the good old days, can someone please update me of the game status
Hello i myself have quited at 51patch and came back now at 75patch (January this year) been thinking 5years about returning and i finally did
i can tell you this game still has it's "special touch" whic no other game gave me there are still some old faces here whic should make it even more fun to come back
catching up is not as hard/bad as it was before and rune lvl 9/10 will settle u to be competetive in end game higher is always better but not necesary there are alot of good players in Ascendancy with 9/10's and kicking ass *looking at you Brino!*

Astral is still the same as 10years ago they just removed the manual flying u just use a LFG tool and insta port there
Raiding is fun it is however not the same cluster fuck as it was in 47/51 where u had 24ppl and lag finished of the boss
i'd say give it a try,no harm done in trying out the game again besides losing like a few gigabytes on your SSD/HDD ^^

i'm glad i decided to give it a try a while back


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