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Thursday, April 24th 2014, 8:50pm

[PMB] Great Gunner Vuarukiri, Engineer Class Guide

Hello Everybody, I'm Vuarukiri: Xadaganian Great Gunner Extraordinaire.
When we discovered the Heart of the World, I entered the race to become an Engineer. Since committing to the class change, I have been incredibly impressed by the power and speed of this class. Performance in PvP is a little lower than expected, but the right player can bring this class to life!

Welcome to my Engineer Class Guide, and my entry for Pimp My Build: Heart of the World. :love: Enjoy and please leave your comments.

:love: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun. :love:

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Sunday, April 27th 2014, 4:34am

[PMB] Great Gunner Vuarukiri, Engineer Class Guide Body of Text

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun.

Allods Online Class Guide:


In the Heart of the World a player can find many new curiosities. Forging their way through new layers of
astral, to frightening new allods, fighting a new breed of wildlife touched by
the astral.
Recently graduated from the Keepers Academy in the Isle of Revelation,
our Engineer is the perfect mix of brains and brawn.
Equipped with a ceremonial dagger (a recent
graduation present) and some serious "know-how" our Engineer is ready
to strike out into the floating worlds of Sarnaut.

Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun. The Engineer uses a modified Astral Ship
Cannon to blast enemies with magical energy.
Her compliment of toys and devices are a deadly arsenal of
surprises. Using turrets, bombs, gasses,
drones, and a mastery of all the elements: The Engineer is to be feared.

A master marksman, she uses her extensive range to her
advantage, and can escape in a moment’s notice on a flying platform. Aboard an astral ship, our Engineer is a
valuable asset. She can use her
intricate knowledge of mechanical devices to add some extra firepower to your

Enter, the Engineer.

The gauge above
measures the Hot and Cold pressure of your Reactor Weapon. Some abilities have required levels of temperature
before being activated. Keep your eye on
this meter when starting out, and it will soon become instinctive.

A good engineer
keeps her eyes to the astral.

The Engineer's offensive talents are derived from a small
mana-reactor, producing magically infused projectiles and beams. Fire, Acid, Lightning, and Astral projectiles
will heat and cool the reactor and deal damage to a single target. The Flame Thrower and Beam Cannon will heat
and cool the reactor quickly and deal damage to targets in an area.

If the reactor becomes too hot, the Engineer can vent the
excess energy creating a Mana Burst, dealing damage or knocking down your

A pocket full of bombs.
Frag grenades deal big damage in a small area, and can knock your foes
off their feet. The Dither Bomb deals
damage to a single target over time. The
Gas Grenade pollutes an area for a short time, causing enemies who take a deep
breath to take more damage. Throwing
grenades accurately will take some practice, so go show those slugs who's boss.

Our Engineer brings some serious damage to the party, but
she also has talents that will support the party. A rigorous yoga routine will increase the
party's energy and mana regeneration.
With her advanced knowledge of the elements, she can fine tune the
party's magical damage. Also an acomplished
Biologist, she can double the healing effects recieved by the entire party!

Never let down your guard, our Engineer can cause her
enemies weapons to malfunction, lowering their range drastically. High amperage devices can start or stop a
targets heart. This is an effective
stun, and can bring a downed ally back in combat. A quick injection will cause her target great
pain, doubling the party's damage for a time.
Beware the Engineer on the field of battle.

Scientist, Pioneer, Inventor. Our Engineer has created some diabolical
machines, which she can call down from the sky to destroy her enemies.

The turret is big damage in a small package providing cover
fire, Gunner's best friend. The Hive
moves from target to target attacking everyone in range. The Drones circle her stationary targets
head, causing major damage.

A steel trap can be called upon to stall her victim,
drilling through the ground undetected and catching the target with enough
force to stop a charging Kodiak. Her
patented magnet boots wont climb the walls, but they WILL keep you moving in
the right direction.

Perhaps her greatest accomplishment, The Flying Platform
protects our hero and provides the elevation and speed she needs to deliver her
barrage of cannon fire. Fueled by juicy
Dragon Tears, the platform also provides a fast means of transport indoors.

Last but not Least, the Engineer can activate her portable
cannon mount. It drops from the heavens
and our hero can mount the Reactor Cannon on it. This increases range and damage of her cannon
and grenades, while providing additional protection. Used strategically, this can rip apart a
party of unsuspecting assailants.

Construction of a great Engineer begins with a structured
Statistics panel. Our Hero's damage and
protection values are determined by her Vigor and Stamina, which can be
increased by equipping glyphs on each piece of equipment.

Weapons, Accessories, and Armor increase the combat
Proficiency is the base damage
modifier, Determination increases her output per damage incoming, and Bloodlust
provides healing per damage output.

These stats are the most important and provide our Hero huge damage
output and self healing.
The idea is to
kill Her victim as fast as possible, before they can react.

Anger and Willpower provide small bonuses to damage and
control effects on the PvP battlefield. Brutality and Tenacity provide small
bonuses during raids of dungeons and allods.
Luck dictates the chance of delivering a critical hit, and
can be increased with elixirs and with the new draconic relics.

Heart of the World brought us new astral sectors, new
allods, new enemies, and millions of possibilities. The Successful Engineer must strive to have
the perfect armor set and combination of talents, mathematically calculating
the effects. Keeping her eyes to the
astral, and her mind on the end game, our hero plots her course.

This build is designed to provide good continuous firepower
and protection for levelling and farming, and for raiding new astral
allods. Fire and Acid shots provide the
base damage and deal additional damage with Polarity. The beam cannon can cool the reactor very
quickly, permitting a DOT Bomb to be used.
The cannon mount is used to increase bomb and projectile
damage and range as well as personal protection.
Double damage and double healing make her an
asset in every party.
:love: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun. :love:

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Sunday, April 27th 2014, 4:44am

[PMB] Great Gunner Vuarukiri, Engineer Class Reserved

:love: Walk Softly and Carry a Big Gun. :love:

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