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Thursday, June 22nd 2017, 2:16pm

Monthly Challenge July 2017: Guide of Creation

Dear Sarnaut,

We’ve got another special mission heading your way as part of the Allods Monthly Challenge.

“In return for a special prize each month, we’ll be challenging you with special custom tasks that could be related to any and all facets of Allods Online, such as leveling, dungeons and raids, boss hunting, crafting, exploration, content creation… The possibilities are endless”.

The first monthly challengewas a celebration of ‘new beginnings’. Now that the journey has begun, our second challenge will be to help guide people along that new path, so we’ve got buckets of prizes on the line for those of you who can makethe best guide (or review) regarding the Creation Update itself – the more informative, the better!

What would you say to those who’ve just started leveling on Equilibrium, to make their journey better? What was your reaction when you booted up New Frontier as soon as the update arrived? That’s the essence we’d like to bottle.

Once time runs out, we’ll gather all entries (which should be posted into the dedicated Monthly Challenge Thread along with your character name & server) – we’ll do the rest.

  • 1st: 5,000 Premium Crystals, 4 Anniversary Platinum Coins
  • 2nd: 3,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins, 5 Anniversary Gold Coins
  • 3rd: 2,000 Premium Crystals, 3 Anniversary Platinum Coins
As always, if a winner resides on Smuggler’s Paradise (P2P), the reward will be converted into subscription time.

Contest Rules
  • The contest starts on July 1st and ends on July 31st, 21:00 CEST (12 PM PDT).
  • Entries must be submitted or linked to in the official entry thread on the Allods Online forums.
  • Only one entry per user is allowed.
  • The reviews and guides must not contain third party copyrighted items.
  • The reviews and guides must not contain inappropriate content such
    as profanities, references to illegal acts or any other item that is in
    violation of Allods Online Terms of Service.
  • By submitting an entry, you agree to allow us to use it for marketing or promotional purposes.

This is the second of many upcoming challenges. There will be different tasks and rewards each month, so stay tuned for more. Until next time, we wish you lots of luck and fun during your adventures through 8.0.1 “Creation”!

-The Allods Team

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Monday, July 3rd 2017, 4:49pm


Nuie's Gold Guide 2017
Character: Nuie Server: New Frontier
Note the video goes live at 1 pm est July 3 2017


Wednesday, July 5th 2017, 2:35am

character :wilds
server: equilibrium

heres my mini guide to starting out and some server comparisons.

p2p server smugglers paradise
no cash shop - limited rubies/talents since they dont have access to cash shop items such as pack of rarities, which grant more rubies and talents points to make a fuller build. server is mostly really quietly empty, but there are still players playing on it.

f2p frontier- has gold conversion, no bonus gains to xp, emblems, amalgem like equilibrium. leveling is bit slower then p2p. has same chest at every 5 levels and same starting gear as equilibrium.

f2p equilibrium - for the next 30 days at least the server has 200% more xp. more amalgem bonus and emblems bonuses. currently no gold conversion available to purchase from cash shop. after first 30 days, you need to use coupon for pack of rarities (brings price to $10 euro or 1000 crystal) to extend rubies, talents and runes, trinket. also after doing incarnation quest they give you aoidoi spark and inc jar for a second inc, remember must have spark in bag when making one of the two incarnations to make aoidoi class and have instantly made to level 70 and then open chest in inventory for starting gear. 3 inc you have to level without scrolls unless you saved them on your first(progenator) character and they also do not recieve chest at every 5 levels, so no gear or scrolls granted, and quests will not give enough gear, so you say where do i get gear, after your starting area, you unlock time void, this will provide needed gear( you will need to run 5 times every 5 levels to gear up) also while in void you will get alot of marks which is same as granted by scrolls which you can then by pass the quests, this is also valid for other servers as well.

if your server is active and lucky at time of day, then you might find astral 21-50 or 51-69 runs, which provide alot more xp then time void and faster then questing.

when starting out go dps first, follow the yellow stars found in the corner of the talents as a guide, as for rubies only get the ones that boost your current selected talents first, you wont really need the vitality or stamina rubies, concentrate on the damage ones, as all the stamina wont saved you if you cant kill fast enough.

if you can find a guild you like or one that just for leveling the added xp can be beneficial.

cash shop items
convience items
shared between main and incarnations

helpers if you can afford (equilibrium) or new frontier and have gold to convert,
get the helper you like, and get the book to harvest nodes for you, both make things easier, as you dont need to find or be beside loot to get and you can forget it, and harvest ore and herb, goes in blink of eye, versus ALOT OF TIME lost.

mounts- that dont cause fall damage and have 154% or higher speed, great for some areas instead of running all way in raids. time and convience only item.

pack of rarities- use coupon if have or gold conversion on new frontier. not available to p2p.

tools - used to make more dust or material for crafting, middle of all tools. saved time, domi tool better but they limited each week. so these are the go to ones.

symbols of abundance- must get to make more dust for transmutation to increade efficiency on craft items, which will raise gs. when crafting gear ONLY forus is highest number beside the stat, in order to maximize effiency, you can use symbol of attack or defense you get from quests, or battleground vendor to change stats after,

symbols of attack/defense good for 30 days- convience item, especially if change stats alot for pvp /pve content.

do ammer at 75 to get level 84 gear is a must to survive and be able to do s13. guild mates can taxi you to s13 once you have this gear.

join a guild and do domination to get the best tools in game.

waters from goblin banker, you get a quest to him, but DO NOT TOUCH, this is your free one time ONLY and expires if taken from him, SAVE till your lvl 75 to reset from dps to your favorite build or better yet after you unlock greatness, then you can choose the 2 builds, once again pvp and pve build, or one that suits both for you.

greatness- after doing all ammer quests, you have choices to how you want to get this done, if your like me then fast is way to go, get the quest and then get the staff from the greatness daily guy which converts amalgam to greatness, now if your lucky your order will have a day with 400%-800% bonus to amalgam, then you can complete in that day alone, convert amalgam into greatness, ONLY convert till have 320 or else you waste amalgam and cant do anything with leftovers. if your not on order bonus but still wish, after doing this I wish I never used these, but you can, take the shining matter convert use the best tools at your disposal, and convert to dust, then sell to trader and buy amalgam, then convert those to fill in for missing, the reason I never would have is amalgam is easier to get then the dust, and dust is needed to max efficiency on your gear to maximize your gs, and only gotten with helping hand on or out of keys.

june catacombs- do daily for amalgem, and best on order bonus days. unfortuneatly most amalgem you will get is from stage2 when starting out or when golem drop amalgem bubble on stage 1, as gear will make it hard for you to get anything else in stage 1 or 3.

well thats it for now hope you enjoy the game as much as the rest of us.

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Thursday, July 20th 2017, 9:34pm

Server:New frontier

equilibrium the first Allods Online server with triple bonus on killing monsters. Until August 1, we invite you to participate in the server’s grand marathon, where you will also receive awesome prizes for leveling up your character: level 8 Runes, a riding Furnace, and many other valuables. a new storyline location - Dionic Archipelago. Here the heroes of the Empire and the League are welcomed to participate in a grand athletic competition - the Dionic Games. Note that in order to complete the Dionic Games - Honor Chase quest you need to have all the required medals in your bag. Used medals can exchanged for Dionic emblems, but those don’t count towards the quest counter.Insignias now can be used freely to change stats on any equipment (including looted) even if the stats are not maximum. New items called Weaponsmith’s Insignias can be used to change your character’s weapon type.A new type of equipment - artifact - will grant your character unique abilities and passive bonuses. For now, 3 artifacts will be available for all players, and the first of them will be automatically given to everyone who has collected at least two items of fabled quality, required to unlock the legendary bonuses, in the previous mini-season.


Friday, July 21st 2017, 1:34am

Character : Noah
Server: New Frontier

My guide is here :…&threadID=22585

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Friday, July 21st 2017, 2:01pm

Character : Aufseher
Server: Equilibrium

Differences between servers:
"New Frontier" -> free server, all can be farmed due to exchange NPC, can get things from itemshop faster with donations, highest population of all servers
"Smugglers Paradise" -> paid server, nothing can be farmed, no optionsto improve char beside gearup, cant get aything with donatin except playtime itself, very low populaton
"Equilibrium" -> free server, nothing can be farmed due to NO exchange NPC, can get things from itemshop ONLY with donations, low population

New chars have their statpoints distributed to "Proficiency" (50) and "Vitality" (50) by default, you will lose some potential damage
("Vitality" makes you a bit more endurant, but dmg is definitely more worth)

I STRONGLY recommend to visit your class-trainer NPC in your factions hometown to get a FREE reset of your statpoints and distribute them to "Proficiency" (or brutality, or a mix of both)!

In order to do this free you must visit the class-trainer NPC before reaching level 16, if you have level 16 or higher already you would have to use water of death or restart the char
(Restarting is maybe an option too if you just hit level 16 for example)

- also keep leveling your martyr because it will provide you a damagebuff (you do this by epeatedly using martrys skills, when you mouseover your runesymbol you will see the actual level)

- take time to read the quests, its pleasento read through the good stroy of this game

- prioritize permanent over temporary things

- choose a class which YOU like, not what someone else may expect from you

- take a look at the auctions in the capital city, often good offers are made there ;)

- if you have questions or search for a place to have conversation regarding allods online visit the forum

Example of a day in allods online (simplified):

- get online
- check auctions / mail
- do regular customers quest
- do daily mission and might win a great item from there
- do some battleground (-> amalgam)
- do daily astralrun (-> gearup)

- delay astralruns until the day you get damagebuff-bonus from order, this will save you a LOT of time and make things more comfortable - you can save up to 196 astralkeys!
- set priorities on what items will benefit you most and get them in this order
- always save up some BC for beeing able to make spontanous trades or investitions, who knows what cheap offer will suddenly pop in worldchat
- if someone is a flamer, rightclick his name and select "ignore"

Guide for social interaction:

-= Guide to social Interaction in Allods =-

some ppl like social interaction, others not
anyway, whatever type you are, i made a list that covers the most common things

so without further ado,

some recommendations i would like to share:

--- Looking for a Group ---

If you need ppl for a grp, write useful infos in your shout

like "LFG tank & heal, GS xxxxx+ for maze gold, 4/6"
this way everyone knows there are already 4 dps and after the tank & heal joining it will instant start
also ppl with GS lower than xxxxx know that they wont be taken that way

--- Fighting in Groups / Raids ---

- Tank gets fervor obsolete with 7.0
- Tank has 1st hit
- Dps follow after tank has done his 1st hits

Tank = 1st priority for heal
better let a DPS die than the tank
(if 1 DPS dies, there will be less dmg, fight goes on; if tank dies one dps after another will die, then the healer, fight ends)

in raids; dont spam the raidchat with non-gamerelatated things, try to understand the instructions that are given
if in doubt, ask!

--- Fighting in Battlegrounds ---

if you have raidlead and either dont know how to arrange groups or dont want to do it pass it to someone else
more or less obsolete now as highest GS player gets raidlead; these usually know about arranging groups
same if you go afk, if you have raidlad pls pass it to someone else before

if you WANT raidlead from someone ask POLITE ("lead pls"), if you write something harsh ("give lead you ***") you most likely get ignored and end up with no raidlead

kicking players does not raise the loot, but it raises the moral of the enemy team

if you are 100% sure your party will lose rather let the enemy win instead of fighting hard and wasting time
better lose fast and queue again fast to get a new chance for a better round instead of fighting a lost battle for a long time

using chat for constructive critics = good
using chat for flame = useless, only leads to beeing put on ignorelist, so save the energy you waste by writing flame, noone cares for your rant at all
+ it makes it harder to pick out the actually useful information in chat

in "Witches Hollow" if point X gets attacked often the message "X needs help" is sent
consider to send something like "X is safe" after killing the attackers
those with low gear might not take the buff in middle and better let it there for the geared (exception is when you take it away so the enemy cant take it)

in "Desterted Farm" its a good idea to write something like "upper / lower cannon lost" if you were the one on the cannon and you just died
those with low gear are most helpful if they collect points in middle of map
if you are on mount or invisible you do NOT gather any points!
the geared ones usually try to keep the cannons
dont waste time to get the x2buff if the battle is about equal, the time you need to get the buff and get it back just for losing it after 5 seconds by the next attack is wasted

in "Training-Camp" let the geared players, or even better those who are geared and have plate-armor take the Robot (or any bards since they have allegro etc.) no more allegro in 7.0 :(
those with low gear can be helpful if they use the acid-barrel in tight corridors to slow down attackers or if they take away the x2 DMG buff from the enemy
also, while pvp in the map might be fun, its theoretically only useful to fight where the robot is
playerkills do raise the points but capturing the robot does even more

in "Scarlet Bastion" you get a total of 30% stat-increase in the last rounds
its worth to wait for this
capping is only possible if NOT on mount!
capping does NOT last for the next round
if you get interrupted while capping (recieving DMG), in order to capture again, you have to press the capture button again!
normally its the best things to focus the weakest enemies 1st
this means 1st target are those with no "second life" no more 2nd life in 7.0
if the whole raid attacks them the dmg cant be outhealed so there is a guaranteed kill

in "Arena of Death" the chests give a negative effect that lowers the health of the whole raid that is looting them
so if the battle is about equal its a good idea to be endurant instead of leaving fast; let the enemy take some chests 1st and then push them back due to their low HP

dont command ppl you dont even know
noone has ANY intention following orders of random ppl on the internet
if you command ppl you dont know, get prepared for landing on their ignorelist. keep in mind you are a noone for them
be polite, thats the only chance you have to make others do what you want (unless you bribe them, lol)

if you get killed in pvp avoid ranting in public,
it only makes everybody laugh at you and does nothing of worth
it maybe even makes others try to kill you only because of the fact your rant is so funny to read

if you die in PVP its ALWAYS your fault (or the fault of your internetconnection)
the strong kill the weak, the many kill the few
get strong, get many or prepare for visiting the purgatory

Blessing only reduces the time of special longterm-CC like Icy Grave, Hypnosis, etc + makes martrys skills available
it does no longer enhance DMG / healing or anthing else

--- Selling in Worldchat ---

dont write "SELL XYZ"
what you sell is most likely not this important ppl will take the extra time to ask "oh dear sir whats the price?"
its more like "he sell xyz? good for him, no one cares if he dont even tell the price"

rather write "SELL XYZ for XXX Gold / BC" (or if you prefer the other way write "SELL XYZ, whisper me with offer)

same with "BUY XYZ"
if you wtb something its so important you spend gold to do a worldshout, chances are good its an item thats rare, this means you are not the only one wo want that
---> "he buy xyz? good for him, no one cares, i rather sell in on AH or to guys who are willing to write the offert"
better write "BUY XYZ, XXX Gold / BC" (or if you prefer the other way write "BUY XYZ, whisper me with offer)

--- Other ---

if someome is looking for attention in WC desperately (for example puting random flames there) the biggest punishment he can recieve is to ignore him
it also makes your chattab cleaner in future; helps to filter the junk

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Sunday, July 23rd 2017, 6:04pm

Server:New Frontier

New Frontier : Free2Play server
sluggers paradise : Pay To Win server
equilibrium : Free2play x3 experience

It gets boring to level up Here you have the solution triple experience rate in the new server equilibrium in which you have to levear but with a bonus of experience very high also in your backpack in the part of boutique will give you many free prizes like a wolf to mount 8.45 speed and In level 75 you will be given magic furnance 16.50 speed very fast also you will be given two coffers which will give you prizes like crystal chip coupons for your runes of experience parchments and marks of fate scrolls which allow to complete some missions instantly 1 chest You can open every 5 levels and the other every 10 levels will also give you free holy white weapon level 1 and holy weapon blue level 75 you will also be given aes in spark incense jar which allows you to reincarnate that this is if you do not know and you are new Is a way to have 2 characters but not have to get everything back with your other character if not that you get all your runas mounts custumes etc that is aedos spark es A unique reincarnation can only have 1 aedo is given instantly level 70 then you will only have to raise 5 levels in ammer which when completing the story unlock orders in which you can win titles among other things as I can climb speed score can Join the secret patch or the astral which there are different s9 gives you equipment of green color s11 gives you rare blue equipment s13 gives you purple epic equipment and s15 gives you legendary yellow equipment as unlock the other astrals you can raise your gear score to the point that Is required or you can ask for taxi so that another player can teleport you can get the materials to make your artifacts in observatory you can also go to battles pvp and raids pve winter palace battle of goods gates project in which if you choose the difficult mode you can win fabulous objects Costumes an additional ruby ??and suits for your mounts you can also spend the time competing in the tournaments d And gladiators in ammer to get several rewards or you can spend a good time in tropical atoll to get one of the 3 easy mounts to get like the horse the wolf or a ghypon very fast 14.45 speed or competing in the race of crabs among many other things Fun that you can make Also added a new astral in which you can loot equipment of quality fabled but the difficulty is increased You can get gold in goblinball battlefields by buying gold symbols in the astral etc

pack of rarities-You can buy all powerful artefacts again for a low price of crystals at level 75 at level 4 is given free

You can also request a loan of 50 premium crystals in the boutique section at the% sign every 10 levels you recive in your mailbox 20 free premium crystals in a total of 190 free crystals 8| You can get amalgam in trial of blood in battle battlefields among others here I leave a video But before it is important that you know the auction system can sell and buy objects to improve your character or simply costumes core morpher mounts among many objects that are for sale = D

By participating in incursions in the astral sectors use astral key battlefields increase their prestige in orders you can get titles according to their prestige you can also fight in the arena for fun In the classification of fighting as 3x3 and 6x6 can Win variety of suits if you are in the first 3 places you can also get 1 of customs 3x3 with the combat emblem you need 1500 to buy a piece of the suit as well as the chest helmet layer and shoulder pads. A s You can get a reincarnation that can be obtained on the island of revelation complete 3 trials in the tk rik cave and the realm of the elements.To reach the final ritual. You can also use the recommendations journal that is in the search log. You can also get various objects as costumes for your mounts as the horse wolf or gryphon can be obtained in the tropical atoll

Also have to complete Dane and Ammer in these locations can get an started set which will give them a green equipment which will allow them to go in level 73 to s9 astral and in Dane the set start will help them to complete ammer easily

Also every time you kill a raid boss you win emblems of easy or convincing difficult victory among others which can be exchanged for emblems to buy domain suits among other valuables in astral academy you can also go to the astral hangar of your faction Corresponding and create your own ship to travel by the astral killing astral demons with your group of friends or you can also create your own maze to win weekly prizes or you can join to win gold in the maze of other players if you create your own maze you can get Globin to defend your maze in june catacombs winning in the race of golems or in the fight for the safe

You can participate in goblinball sarnaut cup in which if you stay in the top 3 wins premium crystals a good amount and the mount of the flying backpack 8)

You can also exercise one of the professions available to create positions or equipment improving your skills in your profession can also use it to trade with other players and win gold with it 8o

There are several events in which you can acquire several mounts at an impressive price also costumes which is this event that he spoke is black friday so in this event spends all your glasses as it is a very good offer :whistling:

You can activate your blessing with the mod that sells gold dust and frogs level 1 with the daily mission also gains 10 food for its mount
You can also try various combat assemblies in the machine battle where you are given a combat mount for a temporary time

You can also try several mounts of combat in the battle of machines where it is given a mount of combat for a temporary time the daily reward which is on the side of boutique you can win many prizes according to your luck will give you the most valuable prizes core Morpher crystal chip x 120 x4 = 480 crystal chip
Costumes 2 combat mount for 7 days aniversary platinium coin symbol of ligtning bolt x2 assault sell for 7 days strongbox random which can sell or use for you among others in the last the orange chest is not a matter of luck you can select your prefer Between the gold prizes as complete the daily mission depends your level in 75 wins a random battle a distortion or finishes an astral island
If you are lucky with few crystals you can win a montage of combat in the magic mosiac

You can win several rewards in the card game prophetic cards in which you can win sets costumes crystal chip among many other valuables buying bars if you do not have crystals there is no problem you can complete the 2 daily missions each one gives you 3 free bars if Complete participating in a random battlefield and passing a daily astral island earns 6 compas for free

And because you do not get several rewards in winter atoll you can get magic furnace with which you can sell or use for you suits among other valuables is level 20+ you can ice skate in the steel fortress Ascent to the High Mountain snowboard fishing with ice :D

A summary list of my guide

Equipment: you can get in astral s9 s11 s13 s15 and s17 raids distortions according to your astral sector unlocked


Equilibrium: 2 free mounts gray wolf and magic furnace
New frontier: only gray wolf free
Or you can buy it in boutique or get it at different events or at best friend
Available from level 15 which allows the loan of a mount rank 4 or lower

Artifacts: You can get the materials in the raid observatory

Gold: you can get in Skirmishes astral kingdom of elements tka rik`s cave and auctions

Video Here

Published on 24 July 2017 for me

Some events I'm talking about and daily gifts…-mega-sale-2016…80-winter-atoll…ies-daily-gifts…chines-05042017…summerhold-2017

These are just some events there are many more

Here I help you to create your talents build
Some good builds that you can use or you can create your own build
warrior =$rg9v5j00pg…3000000::13yd40
priest =$egpsed1h00…4trq0s::13ybz4:
paladin =$ugqs01o382…000000::13yc0w:
scout =$rg5t7hp0o4…80g0000::13yc0w
druid =$egpso41g6g…4u8pgg::13ybz4:
druid healer =$dh1ku4o01s…040000::13ydj3:
mage =$r3027h2j0f…g50800::13yby8:
mage frost =$fhu3e1q21g…g50800::13ydj3:…ollections_pack

orvix has attached the following images:
  • descarga (1).jpg
  • hqdefault.jpg
  • wolf.jpg
  • images.jpg
  • tka.jpg

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Monday, July 31st 2017, 7:21pm

Name: Sponsor
Server: New Frontier

First of all I would like to attack MY.COM. Patch Notes are incorrect - version for 8.0.1, but on server he have 8.0.1... with hotfix! You may ask any Palladin if "Holy Ground is no longer cast independently of the overall cooldown. The ability basic damage has been increased by 38%. Casting it now costs 2 Canons of Light and 2 Canons of Purity" or it now costs 3 Canons. Even in-game descriptions can be wrong: Why effect of "Incernation" which "deals damage every second over 6 second" lasts 3 seconds??? Luckily everyone received free Water of Death and it was enough time to test everything.

Now directly to Creation.
Equipment of 84lvl, we have to farm again - good news for new players. Bad news - you can only make Sparkling Tools for OLD equipment. If you want to craft NEW Tools you have to increase Ilumination, by crafting old, useless Tools... Goold luck adn may god be with you We also have COMPLETLY new type of eq - artifacts, with passive bonuses (in example reduced cooldown duration of all teleportation abilities). Honesty, I expected something like old glyphs, but this looks more interesting.

The most important change:
NEW SERVER "EQUILIBRIUM" with triple bonus on killng monsters. You will receive prizes for leveling up: Runes 8lvl! Well, at least for some time... Watch out! These gifts are trying to lure you to the dark side! Nothing can be farmed due to no exchange NPC. Population is low. Maybe it would be better to play on old server, with higher population...
But if you REALLY wanna try Equlibrium:
- ask more experianced players about your class (as I wrote, even in-game descriptions aren't perfect)
- gold shouldn't be problem (dropx3, no exchange NPC to sink gold)
- raids and harder islands gives 50% more staples for equipment. Normal islands are far worse (especially without Tools)
- expx3 makes leveling faster, but you still want to finnish all quest regarding "World Mysteries"
- amalgam comes mainly from battleground... if there will be enough players to start it. June Catacombs practically never pops. Devs should really do something about this.

Other changes aren't important. Additional mini-games (Dionic) always are nice, but not important - better fight in skirmish than ride pegasus. We have special coins for killing bosses - Sovereigns (you can buy large boxes with equipment), but bosses no longer drop gold. Farming gold longer, farming eq shorter.

Old bugs removed, new bugs added..

Oh, and classes, but They've always been changed and They will always be changed.

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