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Friday, April 25th 2014, 6:10pm

[PMB] PvE in a Nutshell

Hello, Groove here!

Your friendly neighborhood Nub! Level 57 Non-Great Bard - Yeah I said it! Anyway, I’ve been playing this
game on and off for awhile. I am currently in the Inglorious Bastards -Tensess- Guild, Empire side.

I like this class simply because it doesn’t bombard you with many spells, so it’s easy on the spellbar ex-
cluding toggle passives. It’s a nice class which gives you a break from the same old tiresome classes such
as; Warriors, Clerics, or Mages. What I dislike about it however, is that it’s energy consuming if you don’t
sway with your rotation well enough. I also really dislike how Nocturne isn’t as effective as you’d like it to
be. Personally, I’d have favored a guitar maintained healing spell for yourself or a friendly target. Won’t
be as strong as a Clerics heal spell but sufficient enough.

Moving on- - I’ve taken advantage of the 7-day WoD that has been given to us via the HoTW patch to tweak
some builds i've liked before combined with the calculator - the first one is nice for leveling players and the
others as an example for PvE in general such as Astral 'n' stuff.

I’ll do my best to explain but only to the extent of my Melon’s limited knowledge. Also, if you Google Allods
Online Calculator you can mess around with concepts yourself + you can mouse over the talents and rubies to
get a general idea. So yeah, not going to jam into all of that Jello.

Okay, lets get started (Below)

Stats!-- HoTW brought us a new stat thingy!
Where do I start-- I really didn’t want to get into this, but I can’t move on without at least attempting.

I think as you look ‘em up you’ll get a sense of what seems more for PvE & PvP. That’s not to say that
some stats can’t work for both cases, right?
AFAIK Proficiency is a good stat to focus on in general, and Brutality is another nice one. Moreover,
Here is a great guide by Oracle, it helps you to see the Offensive and Defensive in clear details and from
there you can get an idea of what works better in your opinion.

Skills I Chose

Dissonance/Disharmony ~ Our main frickin' attack spells.

Elegy/Cantata ~ An AoE dmg passive which is great for both PvE and PvP.

Solo ~ I took r1 just for kicks since it cast Diss/Disharm up to 4x free of charge!
Warning: Beware of mob aggro!

Love Song ~ Lets face it, this skill has PvP written all over it - However, you can
single out mobs with it, so it’s not entirely useless for PvE. If you want, r1 is nice
while leveling for when PvP happens.

Protective Overtune ~ Who could say no to an emergency situational spell? You decide its
rank and wether you want its rubies (Trickster).

Nocturne ~ That spell you’ll love to hate! Either way, heals are heals.
Ska-Roo Yew Cheep Sha-pport!

Flying Blade ~ Rank 3 Baby!

Power Chord ~ Stamps an effect on a foe to bump your Diss/Disharm’s dmg. Woot!

Musical Notation ~ Oh yeah! Gives you toggle passives for both you and your party!
Gotta get your Groove on!

Dancing/Raving Blade ~ One of our main spell attacks. TAKE IT! It’s vital to your rotation
while energy kicks back up!

Muse ~ If you care anything about CDs and energy regeneration you’d get this + its rubies
ASAP! Don’t be a lemon-Head!

Ballade ~ This is one of those bi-sexual spells. Great for both PvE & PvP. You decide!

Encore ~ Resets your abilities-- How can you deny this?

Skills I didn't Choose

Requiem ~ This song radiates PvP more than PvE, but still works for both. so you decide!

Timpani ~ Great for bumping Diss/Disharm + PC but for leveling I am not including it.

Fugue in A Minor ~ Another PvP related spell. I’d leave this one alone

Overture ~ Great for removing magical effects and healing upon succession. I left it out.
You decide!

Shadow Duet ~ Clones you and mimics what you’re playing. Really useful for certain

Now, since this is for leveling, I can be more flexible in choices. Anyway, you may be wondering about
that 3rd Grid there... why so much trouble to reach Resonance Point? That 40 yard range, I personally
favor it since I can open with FB which trigures it and then PC + rotation, eating away at the enemy’s HP
before they reach me. Lets not forget, great against ranged players in PvP. I've taken Invigoration also,
to play a 3rd song (Ballade).

Firstly, consider (X) rubies that will enhance your chosen talents. Then seek out rubies that enhance you
further such as; Temperament, Reverberation, Protective Overtones and Stat Rubies. And ofcourse, look
for rubies that help with energy, because lets face it you’ll need it as a Bard. Now some players seek to
make the most out of their DPS, scouring the grid to bump it as best they can.

I want you to think about the following when building:
# of Rubies to spend/Ruby budgeting
Direction of build
Important through least important (to you)
What can be ignored entirely (by you)

Take a look a this Grid (below), I have marked what is recommended and what is considered. The color
lines represent your route to them, that is, if you choose to go for 'em. That's not to say that other surroun-
ding rubies can't be considered. Now, I didn't bother with the color lines for the 3rd grid since it's more

about PvP than PvE. Anyway, How you choose to reach them is entirely up to you!

[Green Lines] Spell Augments [Pink Lines] Augments [Blue Lines] Song Augments
(?) Considered (!) Recommended

Now here are builds that I am in favor of as an example, and a general idea of what a later level build
would look like. Remember, as long as the talents/rubies satisfy you in the role you're aiming for, then all
should be good. Anyone is free to build a lil' outside the box. Just note though, try not to busy yourself
with too many songs. Also, consider if you're building to be more supportive or more about DPS.

Okay so, this following build has Timpani, its rubies + Overture. Dancing/Raving Blade have their rubies
and it has Aria + Invigoration x2 to play a 3rd song in shorter time spans. So, Aria to accompany Cantata
and during (X) fights one can pop invigoration to toggle Nocturne for the support heals. Or vice-versa.

Secondary Build (below) with a few changes and Ballade as one of the 3 songs instead of Aria. If you
prefer Requiem for this build, you can undo sixth sense, trickster and one grand finale ruby for Grim
Rhyme rubies. You'll have to consider your talents to rank up Requiem.

If you wish to keep Nocturne instead of Ballade for a support song to accompany Requiem and Cantata,
you can downgrade Diss/Disharm to r2 to be able to rank Requiem to r3. Click here to see!

Link to Build A and Build B for your editing purposes. These builds also work with 62 rubies, so
you may have to re-think some rubies for a work-a-round.


In conclusion, only your experience will mold the build to your satisfaction. The choices are yours!

~ Laters!

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Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 5:13pm

Nice guide there ^^! I actually didn't want to criticize this guide but I think there are some little mistakes you did in some of them so I'll just give some feed back..It might be helpful,hmm?
1-you neglected some stat rubies necessary for PVE DPS like the proficiency rubies(perfect ear) and you picked only 1 ruby of them and the luck rubies (child of fortune) that you picked only 2 of them and luck is a really rare stat this patch so getting all of the luck rubies is kinda necessary,don't you agree? O_o and the vigor rubies(bully) you sometimes neglected all of them O_O The only rubies I neglect in PVE DPS are determination rubies since you have to receive hits first in order to get the boost in DPS from them so in my opinion one should avoid those determination rubies in PVE DPS builds since you shouldn't get hit as you're squishy and not to mention how these rubies can make aggro for tanks even harder in case you steal aggro from them for a while so simply you might end up dead because of this stat..Other than that I see proficiency and vigor and luck rubies necessary to get and are a priority but it's up to you.

2-I wouldn't recommend picking combat tune rubies for raving blade..I mean it's only 15% CD and energy reduction and actually there are more useful rubies like the solo ticks rubies and unison and even the solo CD rubies would be more worth it than combat tune in my opinion.

3-In the PVE support build you picked overture energy ruby,why in PVE? I mean one really really rarely uses overture in PVE..The most common use of it in PVE is vs light Sarn in GT so do you think it's worth wasting 2 rubies to get that overture ruby in PVE? Well I don't think so.

4-I'd recommend taking at least rank 2 of protective tune unless you're running a requiem build as requiem builds require more talent points..Protective tune is a life saver for all kind of bards and the difference between rank 1 and rank protective tune is quite worth it as having it lower CD gives you more safety even on DPS builds and prevents you from getting 1 hit killed.

You can check this build out..It's your PVE support build after I tweaked it a bit and you never know you might like my choices or talents and rubies more :rolleyes: :

On the other hand,I actually liked how you picked consonance and octave rubies though most players leave them..I actually like these rubies but they're not a priority..I also like how you always focused Cantata and chords and you even sometimes left raving at rank 2 to make chords better in PVE and I actually like chords more too than raving blade for PVE DPS builds.
Anyway these are just feed back and my opinion and I hope they would be somehow helpful..

Good luck in the competition! ;)
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Tuesday, April 29th 2014, 9:32pm

Hey and thanks!

If you read my Guide then you'd have likely known by now that it's to be viewed and to change over the
course of gameplay, as players quickly start to mold builds to their own preference or liking. So what others
might construed as mistakes, players themselves may see it as their playstyle of choice and we have to respect
that. If players seek cookie-cutters, or seek advice, then they'll get it here or from somebody in-game.

Also, your 1 - 4 list is all optional choices. Players will have their reasons for taking (X) and their reasons for
not taking (X). Now, concerning the stat rubies, you do bring up good points, but 2/3 or 1/3 is hardly a sin if
said player is content with it.

Note: Just to clarify, these builds are not set builds, they're way-points. Basically, they're there for players to
grasp a concept of what a later build would probably look like - what changes later on will be based upon their
own experiences and what they feel works better for them. I am not here to try an attempt 'The Perfect Build'
for (X) role-type because players will always find something they may not be in favor with. I encourage players
to see, mess around and decide for themselves! (Variation Go-go!)

Lastly, I'm not sure if you're being condescending considering you also placed a /rolleyes emoticon - and while
I do appreciate the gesture of tweaking said build; that is exactly what I have been hint-suggesting throughout
this guide. I provide a waypoint and the players narrow it down to their preference of choices.

To conclude, I appreciate your feedback, but it's not warranted for this type of guide considering I am encouraging
players to tweak the builds to their own liking. Now don't take me as a player that rejects advice, because what
you're offering came across more as Wood-Peckerin' with proposed corrections to what you thought were solid
written-on-stone choices to be handed out as the final product, which was not the case.

IDK, according to your reply, I may have to clarify that in the guide now.

PS: Thank you for the 'good luck' line :)

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Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 1:34am

Ah I understand what you are aiming for now but if I was going to give people hints,I'd show them the best choices of rubies/talents and the most efficient.For example:instead of the octave rubies and combat tune I'd get all of proficiency and luck and vigor rubies and aria as a priority since they're more efficient in many ways..Do you get what I mean?It's like if I wanna give hints to someone I'd give them the best I'd recommend them the best choices I see..It's much like economics hehe. You try to get the best results using least resources because of rarity of resources and resources here are talent points and rubies so you draw a curve of the best choices of resources in order to get best results like production possibility frontier but anyway each one have their own opinion and point of view and I respect your point of view..I hope you get my point of view though so please don't consider my comments a kind of sarcasm or disrespect..I just like to help and share thoughts. After all good work on this guide and keep it up! :)
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 8:58pm


Okay, I minimized the guide some and clarified some more so that players will understand the goal of this guide.

Your reply is appreciated, even though there is still some minor over-ride preference with own preference goin' on,
which is completely up to the players. Nonetheless, You say stat rubies, and i've now included them as recommended. :thumbup:

PS: Thank you, and also, I would appreciate it if you PM'd me in the future. After all, this is an event post.

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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 11:22am



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You guys that reply,you don't need to tell what you would put,if you say something like that make your own PMB entry.If someone makes his guide he knows what he is doing.Or not?


Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 1:32pm

You aren't optimizing your dps potential. pew pew off to the next thread.


Friday, May 9th 2014, 3:09am

... and now I am wishing myself Good Luck like the loser that I am!


Friday, May 9th 2014, 1:27pm



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... and now I am wishing myself Good Luck like the loser that I am!

Oh well,I wish good luck to you too,so don't feel down! :D


"The day Worcs becomes Allods'Messiah,is the day i quit."-Murak-


Tuesday, May 13th 2014, 9:53pm



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in your leveling build, why don't you take Overture in your leveling build? It's the best skill to pull mobs: almost no energy cost, no cooldown. You only have to begin the cast of Overture to pull the mob then step aside and continue pulling the other mobs with this tip :p
Drood retraité !


Sunday, May 18th 2014, 5:55pm


Sunday, May 18th 2014, 6:41pm



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Is timpanini works with solo?

No it doesn't.


"The day Worcs becomes Allods'Messiah,is the day i quit."-Murak-


Sunday, May 18th 2014, 11:09pm

Damn in game they saing it does work, you saying it doesnt. Is there anyone who knows for 100%?


Monday, May 19th 2014, 10:09am

Damn in game they saing it does work, you saying it doesnt. Is there anyone who knows for 100%?
Sadly Timpani doesn't work with Solo..You can even try it yourself:do solo then timpani and see if it AOE s or not though I'm sure I tried it a couple of times before and it never worked :P and don't rely fully on what people say most of time but always try it and experience it yourself..I have both timpani and solo and Solo never stacked with timpani..TBH I guess they made it this way for more balance.
Hilver level 60 Kanian great skald.


Monday, May 19th 2014, 7:02pm

Damn in game they saing it does work, you saying it doesnt. Is there anyone who knows for 100%?
Sadly Timpani doesn't work with Solo..You can even try it yourself:do solo then timpani and see if it AOE s or not though I'm sure I tried it a couple of times before and it never worked :P and don't rely fully on what people say most of time but always try it and experience it yourself..I have both timpani and solo and Solo never stacked with timpani..TBH I guess they made it this way for more balance.

Thanks for info, well then i think i will max up raving blades with my 6 points

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