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Sunday, April 27th 2014, 1:34am



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[PMB]Fireofdeath offheal-dps build


My name is Fireofdeath, demonologist on league side in Silvertower guild on New Frontier server, and i've been playing this game for almost 2 years. I choosed summoner because they can heal and do damage in same time, i prefer being a jack-of-all-trades class, i can dps but in case of need i can heal, and pets are awesome <3. Summoner can have 3 types of pet Hellion-melee, Fiend-acid and Lurker-blood bringer, for demonologist looking like in the picture above (i absolutely love it :D).
At this time im using a dps-support heal build because it's always better to have 2 people in party that can heal, it's also a good leveling build.The build works great in mass pvp doing huge amount of damage and by spamming Plague of mending a great help for the healers.
Keep in mind that summoner uses bloodbank for healing, shield and Howl of death so before every fight is better to use Dark pact to get more blood and Dark renewal to heal yourself.

Pros for choosing this class: very fun to play, able to help others in party,farming,raids, uses pets, good aoe damage, best farming class.
Cons: squishy even with shield rubies, in mass pvp usually 1st targeted so don't get caught as long as you can.!4!133...3…I!wozuwu/AUEPDV


Putrefy/Decomposition r3 - inflicts damage every 2 sec for 20 seconds
Vampirism/Life tap r3 - inflicts damage, generates 4 drops of blood
Blood Aegis r3 - surrounds you with 10 stacks of blood than increase your armor by 8%, consumes 3 drops of blood
Fear r1 - causes the target to flee in terros for 6 sec
Dark pact r2 - drains 30% of your total health and generates 5 drops of blood
Plague of mending r3 - heals a friendly target every 2 sec for 8 sec, very strong aoe heal that spreads, must have r3 for support build, very helpful in skirmishes like Witch hollow, Deserted farm,Arena of death, just cast on 2-3 players and its enough to heal whole raid for a large amount
Dark renewal r2 - heals a friendly target by a certain amount initially then every 2 sec for 16 sec
Reanimation r1 - heals a friendly target (more if more blood used-works with 1 to 3 drops of blood), usefull cuz it's instant cast
Summon Lurker r3 - summon Lurket pet than can become invisible, silences (only 1 target, unfortunately this was changed it used to be aoe silence), and restores you 2 drops of blood
Wandering fever r2 - 20% chance of getting a drop of blood every 2 sec
Rise from the dead r3 - ressurects you with 30% hp/mana


Calculating mind - Increses Profiency by 9
Blood tap - Restores 10% mana and 2 drops of blood after killing an enemy
Master Summoner - Reduces cooldown of Lurker's blood mean by 15%
Desecration - Reduces mana cost of Wandering fever, lague of mending, Volatile infection and Reanimation by30%
Summoning mastery - Allows you to resummon minion instantly, increasing the effectiveness of healing done to them by 30%, 2 min cd, i prefer to resumon it in case it dies, u also recive mana when minion die so resum is granted. Skipable in lvling build, you can take the other 2 Urgent protection for more armor or Eternal Hunger for passive heals ( gives 9 bloodlust) in Vampirism grid.

Empowered infections - Increases the effect of Putrefy,Decay,Volatile infection, Wandering fever, Neurotoxin, Plague of manding by 15%
Virulence - Increases the duration of Putrefy, Decomposition, Plague of mending and Dark renewal by 30%
Toxic Weakness - Increases Vampirism/Life Tap and Howl of death damage by 50% at 15% success rate when you use Decomposition/Putrefy and Neuro toxin - due to the fact that they are dots it pops pretty fast causing a nice burst of damage

For a lvling build instead of Toxic weakness i suggest taking Insidious Touch in Vampirism grid, it increases the effectiveness of your healing skills by 9%, if you have low runes, while i was lvling i had 4s and was pretty hard to keep up with the healing because i like pulling alot, so this depends on playing style.

Evil genius - Increases Vigor by 9%
Whitering touch - grants Neurotoxin 66% chance to apply Putrefy/Decay
Poisoned touch - Critical chance of Putrefy/Decomposition, Neurotoxin by 21%
Neurotoxin - Inflicts poison damage every 3 sec, randomly stacking the effect.When target is affected by 8 stacks it explodes and inflicts damage and stuns for 3 sec.

Necropotency - Grants Putrefy/Decomposition 50% chance to reduce cast time og Vampirism/Life Tap, Dark, Blood injection/shot renewal by 20%. Effect stacks for 5 times.
Very usefull in mass-pvp: precast Volatile infection, cast it, spread Neurotoxin, cast Life tap when you have 5 stacks for instant cast (you dont need to stand in a spot and get caught)

Also can skip 1 Toxic Weakness, 1 Whitering touch and 1 Necropotency and take Accelerated metabolism in Acid bolt grid that adds damage to Wandering fever.

Healing shield - Each time you recive a drop of blood you regen a stack of Blood Aegis Effect at 66% chance
Reservoir of blood - Increases size of your blood bank by 4 drops
Call of the grave - Increases th effect of Howl of death by 12%, reduces its cd by 6 sec
Howl of grave - Inflicts damage and slows down target by 50% per 5 sec, consumes 6 drops of blood. 4 sec cd with rubies
Dark leech - Reduces cast time and mana cost of Vampirism/Life tap by 33%
Summon soul - Ressurects a target with 60% hp/mana - energy, very usefull when in party
Dark gift - Increases stamina and faith by 6%, and minion's stamina by 10%
Blood flow - Vampirism/Life tap grants 1 more drop of blood at 66% chance, Wandering fever gives 1 more drop of blood at 6% chance
Endless blood - Increases critical strike of Vampirism, Life tap, Howl of death, Reanimation by 9% of your current critical strike chance
Endless thirst - Increases damage of Vampirism/life tap and Volatile infection by 12%
Reanimator - Gaining or consuming a drop of blood reduces cd of Vamp/Life Tap by 0.9 sec more blood used/gained by Lurker/Life tap/Dark pact -less cd for them

Rotation: Wandering fever->Life tap->hod->neuro->hod->and life tap is ready to use
Tip: when healing in a difficult situation when tank needs more heal you can hurt yourself with Dark pact to boost Determination.=>Use Plague of mending, then if healer still cant manage the situation Dark renewal, and spam Reanimation to bring tank at 100% hp.

Fireofdeath -70 - demonologist
Puffypuf - 65 - furball warden
Rensy - 65 - paladin
Akyrra - 70 - psionicist healer
Turquiose - 60 - bard
Springfull - 60 - mage
FoxBee - 31 warden

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Wednesday, May 7th 2014, 2:11am



  • "reeah19" started this thread

Posts: 334

Location: Bucharest

Occupation: hydropower engineer

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This patch changed the whole stats system:


Profiency Adds % to damage and healing. The first choice to empower a character. Most usefull for a dps.
Determination Stacks to add % to damage in combat every time a character takes damage.This effect works as long as the character receives damage.Useless for end game as dps.
Brutality Gradually increases damage/healing in combat depending on the HP of the target. The lower the HP is, the higher damage/healing the character will deal. Usefull for dps/heal for all classes. (mages will benefit more from it tho)
Anger Gradually reduces target's healing in combat. Is like the old rage, adds wound complexity to your target.


Vitality Adds % to HP. Should be kept as high as possible, tho not very important as dps.
Willpower Grants resistance to control effects. Gives temporary immunity to control effects if they are applied too often. I dont see much benefit from it at this time, procs hard and barely gives 1-2 sec of immunity, need to test this stats after leggy gear.
Bloodlust A character restores their HP by dealing damage to enemies. Works quite good especially in pvp, heals you thru doing damage, at 35 is aound 14% of damage dealt, so you dont have to bother to heal if you're not targeted.
Tenacity Adds % to healing. Works in the opposite manner to ANGER. Useless as dps.

Special stats:

Luck Gives a chance to deal 100% more damage or healing. Everyone starts with 5% crit chance, cant add stats into this anymore, some classes have luck rubies, summoner doesn't have but has crit rubies for skills.
Faith Increases the mana pool. Should be as high as possible, main weapon influences it, for dps 2h is better while in pvp 1h/offhand are preferable, still summoner is a big mana eater so it easier to live with 2h.

Im using all points into Prof for better constant damage, sustained by brutality/bloodlust and profiency/vitality gear for end game
for astral gear (green)i recommend having around 50-60 profiency, 30-40 brutality, 30-40 bloodlust, a bit of Determination like 2-3 for cases when you take damage to be able to heal faster.

This patch has a major rework in stats, but for a dps all that matter are profiency,brutality and luck.
Luck can only be obtained by Elixirs in Cash shop or Relics that drop in Tep piramide and Eclipse raid.

Healer for Divine foresight - heals when hp drops under 35% - 3 min cd
Holy Shield - Surrounds you with a holy shield that absorbs X damage for 6 seconds and dispels most control effects. 5 min cd

Warden for Bee Swarm - Inflicts periodic damage and disorients the enemy for 5 seconds.1 min 35s cd. Useful for pvp.
Natural Balance - the character appeals to the forces of nature and evenly distributes the health pool of the group, losing 10% overall health. All targets receive the effect “Sustainable Balance”, preventing them from using this skill for 90 seconds. 3 min cd

Mage for Flash - the character instantly moves forward for 25 meters. Any obstacles encountered on the way will interrupt the movement. 40 sec cd
Barriers - the character learns the abilities “Stone Barrier” and “Elemental Shield“. 45 sec cd

I used Telekinetic pull till patch for dps but since it got a 3 target max limit is not as much a live saver as before.(even tho tooltip seems brokes atm saying "all targets")

Professions: i started with Alchemy because i wanted to be able to make my own amalgam, but if you start as a new char is better to take Tailor, make your own armor and slowly getting 25k reputation ( tailoring is way cheaper now and you get mats from mobs) so you get 2nd profession wich should be Alchemy (is uses herbs that need to be gathered, is way easier if you can afford to buy a pet and Herbs&Roots manual, then all you need to do is run thru maps and the pets gets you lot of herbs).
Fireofdeath -70 - demonologist
Puffypuf - 65 - furball warden
Rensy - 65 - paladin
Akyrra - 70 - psionicist healer
Turquiose - 60 - bard
Springfull - 60 - mage
FoxBee - 31 warden

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