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[PMB] Range hybrid pvp

Hey this is Chocodile

Hybrid PvP

I found that with a regular range build i was able to kill/do well against
most class. The only problem was when they closed the gap.

Let’s say I’m fighting a warrior (they are able
to run over Caltrops with Charge and jump to us with Crushing blow)
and they
close the gap plus i had already used somersault, i was a easy target. So
instead of just taking damage i added
Rend and Sambo roll to buy time for other skills.

The main goal is to do damage but avoid getting hit and keeping a controlled distance between you and whoever you’re fighting (Kite). With that in mind i went for...



Ruby's can go in Killer Instinct / Quick March / Sharpshooter
Talents can go to Crippling Blow / Tesla Arrow / Caltrops depending on play style


*Reinc skill*
Summy: Fear (makes them flee in terror for 6 seconds)

(Recommended investing in Page from the book of secrets )

*Racial skills*
(They share the same cooldown)
Explosive Shot: explosive shot doing 54371-98856 to all enemies in a 10 yard radius
No Escape: jump over 30 yards
Crafty Snare: immobilizes target for 5 seconds
Throw Dagger: inflicts 98065 to 107871 damage to enemy's in front of you

*Main stats*

Proficiency – Increases Damage

Brutality – Deal more damage the lower targets HP is

(keep these two just about level with Proficiency being just a little bit higher)

Vitality Increases HP

*Other stat to keep an eye on*

Willpower – Increases chance of immunity to control effect


*Main damage dealers*
-Double shot-
-Rapid Fire-
-Explosive shot-
-Throw Dagger-
-Intuitive shot-

*Secondary damage dealers*
-Incendiary arrow-
(always keep x3 if possible)
-Tesla arrow-
-Crippling arrow-
-Blade Storm-
-Crippling blow-

Sambo roll / Rend stall combo:
9/10 of the time in a situation when this combo is needed precision shot isn't on cool down so I can use that after combo to buy a little more time if somersault still hasn't finished cooling down.
+ Works great when you're in the situation where you've used smoke cloud and the target is able to get inside as well. It gives you the chance to stun and while not having to leave the cover of smoke cloud. Once the move is done smoke could should be done or almost done giving you the chance to get distance again.
Alot of times i would use smoke cloud and be stuck in a situation where i either had to stay in the smoke cloud and not be able to do much or try to escape but not being able to see the target once i left smoke cloud.


*Scout 101*

Ranging fire:
In most fights it should be the first arrow you fire.

Smoke Cloud & Caltrops:
Smoke cloud and Caltrop are used in different ways depending on the situation you’re in but don’t forget you should use it as a tool to support the group as well. Not just yourself. If they are taking a lot of damage use it to cover them.

Bag of tricks:
Don't be afraid to use. This should be used when you need to
kill someone quickly but don’t use it too early in fight as you will be open to
get hit as you will have low energy. Use more as a finishing move. it can also be used when you need to do damage while on the move.

(There are a lot of great potion from the Alchemy profession that are great for pvp that you should invest in as they help with survivability such as Common potion of the courier and Common potion of astral vision)

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