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Hall of Changes Troubles,,,

This problem has persisted even when the original host was Gala Net aka GPotato... and it's still bothering me to this day. But I can't, for the life of me, use the Hall of Changes to further customize my character.

I managed to do so once and had some leftover Carnival Masks back when Gala Net was still the host for Allods Online. And yet I managed to get some more masks to see if it might be a problem... the fact is... is I usually have the amount for the few changes I want to make for my character.

But every time I click accept when I selected the appropriate changes that I like... it exits from the "Hall of Changes" and returns to normal game mode and pops up "Hall of Changes error" and that's it. No changes were ever accepted and I'm still as I was before.

I sent in a ticket to the 'Support Center' and I'm still awaiting a reply... but I'd love to dabble with the Hall of Changes and further change my character's look. It's growing tedius that I keep getting this error.

Is anyone else experiencing this, as well? Or does it seem like it only affects me?

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