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Best PvM Class

I decided to play only the PvM part of Allods from now on. What is the best class for Astral that also finishes really fast KoE and Tka Rik?
My focus is on Astral here.


PVM = player versus monsters, so PVE?

i recommend sorcerer & scout, sorcerer over scout as its less keys to press (only 3)
warrior is awesome for AOE and very strong in singletarget

healer also awesome, use melee / chain of light for excellent DPS

and ofc max bloodlust > concentration; full determination or equivalent specific stats



Hmm, thanks!
Is summoner very good in PvE?
I have never played summoner and I think it looks interesting, but it also looks like a slow class, not very good while fighting monsters


very good? no
its OK
but as you noticed, its too slow in comparison to other classes
you end up with waiting for black priest effect (3rd grid right, the one that grant you 3 instacasts) / ritual cd all the time when playing fast and manually casting the dots is unpleasent and not satisfying at all


Anyone who thinks Summoners are slow are clearly not pulling enough mobs. They are actually faster now than they were back in the ridiculous Volatile Infection days. 'Satisfaction' is a relative term and is not detriment to their PvE capabilities.


Let me reiterate the above.

Summoners are one of the most ridiculously comfortable solo-classes you could play. Not only is it a pet-centric class (Tank, Healer and DPS pet-options) but is also capable of playing as DPS or Healer themselves, as well as being one of the classes that benefit greatly from bloodlust. In short, their self-sustain is stupid-good - always has been.

Due to their current mechanics, Summoners are at their peak when debilitating swarms of enemies. The more enemies with DoTs, the more single-target power you acquire through procs and, if you're a Bloodlust Summoner, the more healing you receive as well. This means that content such as Distortions involve simply pulling everything on the way to bosses and rotating your rituals. You have all manner of blood-generation at your disposal, so resource is never an issue - all you have to worry about is keeping DoT's up while you sit back and watch everything keel over and die while you groom your fingernails.

Any slowness would come down to mere single-target-only DPS, given that requires actually paying attention to your blood and not getting as many procs as you would by DoT'ing the entire Allod. Given they're healing capable, it wouldn't be fair if they had EVERYTHING their way (massive ST DPS, massive AoE DPS, self/party healing, pets).

Very good? Yes. Yes they are. From my understanding they do pretty well in PvP as well, though that is something I haven't done since above mentioned old 'volatile infection' days about 2million expansions ago, so I can't comment on that.


You should rather not not focus on on playing the top single target dps class, but on playing the class class that fits your playstyle most. Some classes are melee, some ranged, some are easy to play (most are^^), some require more micro management, some do do more aoe, some more single target dps, some are tougher, others make more damage.

As you see, it all depends on your personal playstyle how much damage you do (naturally limited by the class skills itself). I have seen warriors that sucked hard, but when they switched to mage, they suddenly were top dps.

I hope you find your class




Stop telling ppl to run bloodlust, it's just "hey oneshot me".
500 caution > 250 conc > vita.
bloodlust comes from bards that you always shud run anything with unless u wanna wank around.
be smart, become efficient, dont run bloodlust.


^this applies for (player) astralgroups, raids and (organized) pvp
for leveling, soloastral distortions and everything else high bloodlust is the most efficient setup

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Stop telling ppl to run bloodlust, it's just "hey oneshot me".
500 caution > 250 conc > vita.
bloodlust comes from bards that you always shud run anything with unless u wanna wank around.
be smart, become efficient, dont run bloodlust.

The people advocating Bloodlust are discussing SOLO content. Nice job ramming your foot in your mouth about group-content (when said advocates have already mentioned that Bloodlust isn't optimal there).

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