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Help please!

Hello all!
I have 1 question and i will be very thankfull if somebody help me .. As u can see from the pictures, I have 1 spark and i have free slot for incarnation, but i cant make this race .. So if somebody know the solution of the problem, please share! Thanks ?( :(


In this picture Aoidos Spark x1 is in red... like you don't have this thing needed to create incarnation.
Check your bag (Boutique tab) and make sure you have Aoidos Spark item there.


well .. long time ago i delete 1 aoidon char, who was not 75lvl .. so probably something there bugged ;/ i wrote to support :wacko:


Well, since you don't have the aoidoi spark (which is buyable in boutique if i'm not mistaken) in the bag, you can't create aoidoi incarnation. You may only hope that support does something about it.


This spark is not available in boutique. You get one when you reach certain level or storyline progress.
If you deleted your Aoidos incarnation then you can't make another. It is not bug. From beginning it was impossible to create Aoidos after deleting one because it has instant access to Ammer zone and quests there which give tons of gold.


Hey Ertil,
Actually i deleted 2-3 times aoidons, because i didnt like the class :D but maybe, i think, that the problem came from there last time when i deleted it, it was not 75 lvl :|


you could just go to the hall of changes and change race there.

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