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Monday, January 1st 2018, 10:33pm

New player disappointment.

Not sure if this is just me , or what is going on... I started this game 1 day ago, and the whole atmosphere of it , and the way the classes look and feel really makes me think this game could be good. So me being super hopeful , came into the game and started looking around for people to ask a few questions : is the game worth it, how much time/money would I need to catch up, specifics about some classes, maybe find a friendly guild... but to my surprise all the 10-15 people I wrote to either did not reply ( people who were moving around,jumping around and so on) , or said they were busy, or did not know English. I actually had just one person who answered me a few questions, but only cause it was new year and they wanted to do a good deed.
So ... is the community of this game like this all the time? Super unfriendly, unwilling to help new players, unwilling to answer a few questions and so on. Is it so difficult to find a guild unless you are max level?
To be fair I am left quite disappointed and hope that this is just the experience I had from the first day.


Monday, January 1st 2018, 10:49pm

players who enjoy conversation are on the forums or some players use "telephone software" to communicate together
those you will meet ingame directly usually are busy or communicating with someone else already or have simply disabled the chat
if you have any questions about the game leave them here and you will get answers

i also love to have good conversations on the forum but once i have time to play the game i become a quite "silent" player and sometimes even disable the chat so i wont get disturbed - i focus on playing and not on chatting :P

as for guilds, i think players tend to be reserved because its often that there is a new player, you spend time and effort teaching him things and a few days later he never comes online again - thats frustrating
also the "big" guilds are endgame - focussed i guess so a non-maxlevel is not what they look for

to judge "the community" take a look at the forum, there are plenty of helpful and willing veterans and like every other internetgame there are trolls, flamers and silly players too
but in allods the normal / nice players are in a majority (compared to the many other internetgames i have played)

so welcome to the new game - if you need help we are here for you :)


Wednesday, January 3rd 2018, 8:59am

This game has a lot of flaws but in my opinion not this one, the community is good and helpful for the most part.
I play at lvl max.
it's also true that I only meet players at the maximum level


Wednesday, January 3rd 2018, 7:51pm



Dubstep Dragons in New Frontier welcomes all new and experienced players :) Add Dragagon to your friendlist and we'll get you addicted to the game ;)
See you ingame!


Monday, January 8th 2018, 8:21am

1. The game doesn't have the luxury of players to help you Q dungeons or early astrals or anything it is all solo with the mercenaries which are bought with gold as you level up.

2. The overpowered class atm is scout so if you like flavor classes then that is for you that will change in patch coming soon

3. Most guilds you see that are ones such as Ascendancy, WarSong, Legends, Monsters Inc, a few others can't think of them atm are all guilds requiring you have high cash shop and knowledge of the game but there are less strict guilds that are still around.

4. Population is on the lower side but def not completely dead there is hours of battlegrounds each day and tons of pvp on the weekends.

5. The game is a monster and will eat your wallet up if you want to be competitive at all in this game. Most things like talent points, rubies, stats and extra gear slot is all behind a paywall and each item will have a better version but will require the previous ver x2 or x5 ect. to make a better one. Another huge thing is runes its probably the most expensive thing in this game and level 9's or higher is considered medium tier as most people have 11 runes or higher thx to the premium system you can rent them but need to spend 100's of euros to even unlock the 30 day runes.

6. Toxicity, Allods' playerbase is full of toxic people you won't get away from it especially if you PVP. That's just the truth.

7. Lastly the endgame in Allods is all about a few things; Who can spend the most money, Who has the bigger ego, Who has migrated to the biggest Empire guild to stroke their epeen and lastly PVP. The PvE in this game is mediocre and only used to gear once you hit max there is no real reason to do PVE and the raiding in this game is a joke as they removed any real rewards for it and instead placed with items you have to pay more money out of your wallet to make sure your upgrading on the same level as the rest of the "hardcore" players.

So hopefully that answered a lot of what was in your question list. Enjoy.

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