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Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 8:16am

Whad does an update mean?

Hi, I'm a relatively new player (started ~7 weeks ago), and I just wanted to ask people who've been playing for a long time -- what to expect after an update? What exactly happens to the equipment? Will the game valuables (KoE emblems, realgar, etc.) get reset? Is there gonna be a new generation for ship devices? Anything you find useful to know regarding an update to a new version, please post it here. Thank you very much.


Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 9:57am

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On the patch everything gets reset except maybe fate elixir


Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 10:42am

As far as I have heard from russian server, koe emblems will not ne reseted with the next patch


Wednesday, January 31st 2018, 11:25pm

i await the following:

- new set of gear (which means the weakest type of new gear is superior to the strongest type of old gear)

- reset of battleground emblems -> the ones you posess get autoconverted to gold by the old exchangerate -> gold is in mail (so you lose nothing!)

- KOE emblems do not get reset

- amalgam used to become "old amalgam" usable only for old (useless) set of gear but im not sure whether this still applies or not (?)

- new generation of ship-devices + hull

- reset of guildprestige and rubies :( (not guildlevel!) -- this one is a bummer on the one hand and a chance on the other (if you want to change your guilds orientation without spending BC; example: no longer have +exp and + loot / 1st grid but get more wraith and heal under cc (2nd grid) or get more attribute points (3rd grid)

- increase on exchangerate (leveling gold + higher goldincome are the cause)

- return of old player so more frequent skirmishes and overcrowded places (which maybe even leads to seperate channles of certain areas :) )

- a LOT of leveling-PVP where gear does not make a difference but only all other factors of strenght (for me this is the best part on an major update at all as im always behind in gear :P)


Thursday, February 1st 2018, 7:57am



a LOT of leveling-PVP where gear

You've mentioned this a few times now.
What do you mean by this? Just an increase of population in pvp levelling zones?
or the pvp on the new lore maps where everyone tries to get their astral keys before the reset of day 1?


Saturday, February 3rd 2018, 12:26am


pvp on the new lore maps where everyone tries to get their astral keys before the reset of day 1?
this is what i mean, yes
also, ppl who get up their reincs, ppl who just stay for the pvp and slow-levelers are available to play with here (as long as banner of war drops :rolleyes:)
i deeply enjoy the situation which occurs when things escalate and ppl go to make accounts on empire to complain, ppl gather their friends and guildmates trying to get revenge and so on

you eventually even grp up with players without the need of any communication as its obvious what to do - kill the enemy - just "Invite" and done
after some time raids happen, completely noncommittal

after some time you find out how to "siege" the enemy base and "Lock it up" with the banner of war means everyone leaving the respawnzone gets x2 TSed and sent to purgatory
after some time the bttle turns and YOU find yourself it this situation, you have to "escape" just to go behind the front and try to cut the "supply" which means the respawning enemy players
and since this is "REQUIRED" for leveling EVERYONE is bound to these things (almost "forced"-well not completely as there are ALWAYS ways to skip these things if you really dont like it! :) ) somehow so basically you have the whole server to play with in your favourite activity... one side as enemies rain or shine and 1 side as potential allies... wow :love:
thinking of these upcoming events makes me smile in anticipation

the short time this happened in ammer after patch Lv75 was live was so awesome, i recorded a LOT of videos to have memories about this awesome time (it lasted like 3 days or 4 max.)
actually its the most(?) satisfying experience in allods for me i can currenly think of - its a pity this timeframe lasts only so short

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