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Sunday, February 18th 2018, 12:27pm

The difficulty of the cave of Tkarike

Hello I am a player of level 46. I have received the task of testing Takarik Cave But I can not go past the last stage there are very strong monsters I can not kill them I have tried a lot but to no avail I have a Crystal 5.5.5 and 3.2.1 solution


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 12:30pm



Do it when you're max level :) Way easier "_^


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 12:36pm

Change your approach to it.
You don't have to kill mobs in last stage (one where mobs spawn everywhere around). Just survive for some time.
Getting few levels more also helps.


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 1:33pm

Thank you but how long it is to stay I can not stand for more than a minute and what is the appropriate level


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 2:14pm

If I remember well You are getting two buffs which are usable during all trials:
1. Weapon of the ancients- lightning instant kill weapon
2. Shield of the ancients- immunity to damage and heal
Just make sure nr 2 is out of cooldown while monsters are getting close to You and it should be fine.


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 2:35pm

I'm really angry I've raised the level to 49 but to no avail there are a lot of monsters and there is only a skill shield It is up to you to kill the monsters It's very difficult I've tried


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 4:17pm

This is hilarious actually ...the game quests, quest-line, finding missing quests are easier than ever, yet people complain about the quests being hard... back in patch 3.0 tika-rik was very hard, especially for scouts, we had no bloodlust stats yet, the skill that heals you and reduces the incoming damage you get was only for the first and second trial, we had to take huge amounts of buffs (+30% hp and mp from mage, bard skill that increases you hp by 100%, etc...) and potions and it took me 12 hours just to finish that quest.

So my old painful days aside, how you can do this quests easily ?
-Get gears for yourself it will help you (astral gears or craft gear, also get some bloodlust from guild and gear stats)
-Get alchemist potions the one that heals you a percentage of your hp and another one that is call the last chance potion which heals you when your hp drops below a certain level (most of the player have alchemy as their profession if you are on the league side you can pm me/ send me a message I can make some for you, if you are on the Empire side you should find someone, it won't be that hard).
-Raise your blessing level (you can see what level do you have if you let the mouse cursor on the patronage symbol next to your character's Icon) the max level of it is your current level it gives extra vigor= more healing and damage dealt.
-like what other players listed above CHANGE your maneuvers you need to survive, not to kill mobs in the last phase, keep running use the shield only when your HP gets low, use aoe CC like scout's caltrops, all things listed above will increase you chances of staying alive = finishing the quest successfully.

Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 8:27pm

Thank you I have successfully passed the cave after several attempts but is there another cave I do not wish so


Sunday, February 18th 2018, 9:22pm

God help you if you want to make a reincarnation!

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