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Spring Festival: Nature's Wardrobe - 21/02/2018

The Night of the Astral Portals is remembered by many as a dire event in which many soldiers of the League and Empire lost their lives fighting back against the surprise invasion of the Astral demons on Kirah. While both factions were fighting for control of this allod, portals opened, leading to an unprecedented assault by the Astral demons in which many of the Great Mages were killed and many soldiers swallowed by earthquakes!
Yasker and Eniel, the leaders of the Empire and League at the time, gathered their forces in order to save what they could of their troops before the land was utterly destroyed.
It was the day on which both sides put aside their differences, joining forces against a common enemy - the Astral demons.
The Spring Festival isn't just about nature, blossoming flowers, or the gentler season - but also a landmark in both factions history. From February the 21st until March the 14th, will you put aside your differences to enjoy the Spring Festival?

During the Spring Festival, players can earn festive rewards from Spring Chests - and by completing certain quests, you'll also obtain a special reputation that grants you permission to speak with Klara Tsvetkova in the Old Square of Nezebgrad, and the Delightful Family in the Main Square of Novograd, who are selling very special seasonal goods!

Spring is the time of transformation! During the Spring Festival you will also be able to purchase unusual style objects, such as the colorful butterfly wings! We assure you that this accessory is absolutely necessary for everyone who has dreamed of feeling like a real fairy ever since childhood!

It's time to dress up for the season, cheer up your comrades with festive cards, and celebrate the day that the League and the Empire united their forces against a common enemy! Here's a small sample of the wide range of goods you can acquire from natures wardrobe:

Turquoise Circlet
Emerald Circle
Spring Costume
Emerald Vine
Ruby Flower
Swallotail Wings

The Spring Festival is your time to blossom. We hope you enjoy this budding event!

Allods Team

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