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Thursday, March 1st 2018, 11:47am



  • "pokaberry" started this thread

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MARCH CONTEST: Botanical Bonanza! /Feb results are in!!

Absolutely AMAZING effort! The amount of thought put into each and every entry is most certainly impressive!

The link to vote is right here! Good job and good luck :)


Spoiler Spoiler

February results!

Spoiler Spoiler

Big Congrats to our Feb contest winners! Huge thanks to all participants! As always, Duplicate targeted upvotes and downvotes votes have been removed and final results adjusted. Winners please keep an eye on your in game mail, as your prizes will be sent out within the next 48 hours.

1st : 1200 BC
Sylvernas - New Frontier 2.98 * rating

2nd : 800 BC

BioSlaiper - NewFrontier 2.93 * rating

3rd : 500 BC

Geirov - New Frontier 2.64 * rating

4th : 300 BC

Titanium - new frontier 2.61 * rating

5th : 200 BC

DAWNXX - New Frontier 2.50 * rating

Link to last months contest


It’s time to stop and smell the flowers! Sarnaut is surrounded by magical greenery, many of which are used in potions and magical brews.
It takes a real flower savvy hero to know which plants and what parts of them are required for use.The time has come to share that knowledge with our budding herbalists to stop the spread of mystery mixtures and backfiring beverages!


1st : 1200 BC
2nd : 800 BC
3rd : 500 BC
4th : 300 BC
5th : 200 BC


Submission: Now - 20th March, 23:59pm. CET.
Voting: 21st March - 31st March, 23.59pm. CET.


IMPORTANT* Only characters from f2p servers can participate. If you are from p2p, you can still participate (perhaps for BC towards a collector's edition) as long as you enter with a f2p character name and server so I have somewhere to mail the prize to.

1. Provide 1 screenshot with interface hidden (ALT + X) of a plant ingame.
2. Plant may be a flower, tree, bush, shrub, grass, vine - anything that can be classified as a ‘plant’.
3. Name the plant (you may use an existing flower/herb name, or make one up) .
4. State what the plant is used for (can be an existing potion, or a made up use).
5. Explain what parts of the plant can be used (description of unusable parts are optional).
6. State your Username and Server.
7. Failure to comply to any of the above will result in disqualification.


Spoiler Spoiler

'Lurkers Kiss'

The pollen of this bright flower is traditionally used in Orcish love potions, although novice herbalists beware! Even though it's not toxic, the petals of this dainty plant will leave a blistering rash if handled with bare hands.

Mstake - New Frontier

As always, absolute best of luck! :love:

You kill vegetarian vampires with a steak to the heart. HA HA HAH

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Thursday, March 1st 2018, 9:15pm

White Astilbe

The stamens of this flower are used for "Potion for good mood". It is easy to prepare, but herbalist should be carefull with the quantiti of stamens, because if they use too much the effect can be opposite.

VeryBadLady, New Frontier

Good luck!


Wednesday, March 7th 2018, 3:35pm

The life tree

The tree of life, his sap is one of the ingredients to create the potion that will give those who consume eternal life and unlimited knowledge, she resides in darkwater.

BioSlaiper - League - New Frontier


Friday, March 9th 2018, 1:56pm

ligustrumis, now called the demon friend, the one of the few plants that can survive face to the demonic dust, very abundant, you can easily neglect it, but looking closer you can't miss the importance of this tree in protecting sarnaut as we know it.
The trees start growing with a twin tranc then reaches the adulthood with multiple roots, its tranc is used in naval construction, and to make shields for the newbie tanks.
The leafs used by master alchemists to make astral potion (gives immiunity against astral attaques), and during weaponsmithing with the right dosage, the weapon can be of good use for a demon slayer.
History of the demon friend:
When Gorluxor first came to Yazes shard and startedd building his tower, the holy land archipelago was coverd by trees. All but Ligustrumis tree died instantly.
At that time the head of the herbalist's guilde headed to Yazes and started studing it.
After less than one year only 0.01% of the total trees remained, hopelessly when the year was about to end, he tried to inject the seeds he has with a mixture of demon's dust and blood, fortunately the new young trees gained a complete immunity, and started immediately planting near the demon's portals, in order to stop the desertification that accompanies those creatures.

BlackDM/elf summoner/ new frontier

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Saturday, March 10th 2018, 5:20am

Username: Axiledris (League)
Server: New Frontier

Name of Plant: Thucydides Rose

"The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it." - Thucydides

Thucydides Rose is the deadliest flower which has thrived through the woes of war. It is said to reflect the glory and success of those who triumph while its hardiness speaks to their ability to persevere. Many a time, the bud of the Thucydides Rose has been offered to the greatest of Allods heros in ancient ceremonies as the symbol of bravery, freedom and honor. It signified the heros as the people of action and thoughtful leaders.

The Thucydides Rose is famous as an ingredient for the Thucydides Rose Tea and Perfume. Its huge petals are usually boiled, steeped and strained for the exotic tea and when drank, the fluid eases anxiety, promotes the sensation of calmness and determination. The perfume is rumored to increase virility. The sap of the Thucydides Rose is highly recommended as one of the best components for closing wounds and serving as a primitive "superglue" for weaponry. However, Thucydides Rose is called the deadliest flower for a reason as its roots are strongly emetic and its thorns are potentially fatal. Any accidental consumption of the roots can immediately result in vomiting and decrease in stamina while being pricked by thorns will lead to violent muscle contractions, with prolonged blockade results in flaccid paralysis of all the muscles in the body and ultimately, death. It is advisable to never touch the roots or thorns and to chop them off when farming the Thucydides Rose.

As always, only the bravest touches the Thucydides Rose.


Tuesday, March 13th 2018, 12:14am

[img]C:\MyGames\Allods Online EN\Personal\Screenshots[/img]

Pinus of Power

The leaf of this tree can be use for a potion that increase your magical power in 50%.

It's said that this tree grows only in place with strong magical power absorving it from the environment and storing it in their leafs. When
the alchemist make the potion, he/she extract proteins linked with particles of magical power. This protein binds into cell membranes of the person who drink the potion and pull out the particles of magical power natural from each idivudual, channeling them and increasing it's numbers beacuse of the particles already linked to de protein, increasing the magical power of the person. Rumors said that Aidenus and Yasker drink this potion to be strong.

Amuron (League)- New frontier


Tuesday, March 13th 2018, 8:18am



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Eclipse Trap

Ancient cultures got reasons to see eclipses as evil omens that bring death, maybe this plant is one of these reasons. Life Emitter, that's the name it has been given just before that disaster called "Eclipse" occurred, the bright flower has been turned into a deadly poisonous plant, everyone who gets trapped by its beautiful appearance and touches it will die within seconds, even the most powerful furious beast won't be able to withstand its effect. Scientists tried to exploit it in favor of humanity, they found that putting one piece of its petals in water and exposing it to sunlight for three hours will reverse its effect, all its toxicity power will be turned into positive energy for the human body after consuming it. They called this potion Eclodness, as an abbreviation of two phrases, Eclipse Goodness.

NiteLite, New Frontier


Wednesday, March 14th 2018, 10:57pm

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Botanical Bonanza! Entry

Alurimia Plant

Thriving in the darkest of areas the Alurimia plant’s luminescent purple glow draws the attention of all who come across it’s wondrous beauty.

Surrounding the base of the flower are clusters of small stems, each stem’s top is adorned by a bulbous censor. Once the Censor is triggered a small barbed hook made from the plant’s spines erupts out and implants itself within anything that came in contact with it. The spines are laced with a deadly neurotoxin that shuts down the victim’s nervous system in mere seconds one it finds a single nerve, this rampant toxin can be passed on to any predator who stumbles across the numbed creature and attempts the steal the Alurimia flower’s meal as well. Once the creature is numbed the spine begins to slowly drain the creature’s blood over the course of days or even weeks. Reports of travelers being found dead next to the flower covered in latched stems is not uncommon either. This biological mechanism is crucial to the plants survival as without sunlight the plant’s main nutrients come from the plasma of its’ victim’s blood.

These stems if harvested correctly contain the glands in which the neurotoxin is produced. When diluted affectively this poison can be made into a sleeping potion called Aluri’s Dream to ease the consumer’s troubled mind and in some cases even madness, providing a very useful (and extremely expensive) tool for psionicists in the higher stages of training and in some cases Kings and Queens. However if not done correctly the liquid can do permanent harm resulting in various forms of brain damage such as loss of memory, comas, blindness, loss of cognitive functions or even death. Thus, production of the potion or even harvesting of the stems is highly illegal without proper paper work.

The Alurimia Plant’s long luminescent purple petals contain varying quantities of stored energy which travel up through the petals releasing it’s purple glow to draw in prey. Any attempts to touch the petals without something to cover your skin will result in a brief but excruciatingly painful shock that can burn your skin to the point of severe nerve damage. This flower is by all means the definition of “Beauty hurts”.

Username: Secondtonone (League)
Server: New Frontier


Monday, March 19th 2018, 2:23pm



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March Contest

Baum der Offenbarung (in german ) or The Tree of Revelation

This Tree guards the entrance to the Great Cave of Tka-Rik , the cave which holds the June secrets

Some people think this Tree is similar to a Christmas Tree which is a huge mistake , despite the somehow similar looks , Baum der Offenbarung is not a boring ordinary tree , it offers a lot of value . This tree whispers to everyone who decided to enter the holy cave " beware my child , as beyond this portal lies great knowledge, great power but also great dangers. Be careful young one..."

The old books say that Nihaz himself planted this tree to watch over the adventurers who dare to enter the cave. Along the way to the cave there are other trees , but Baum der Offenbarung is the true and only immortal tree...

Later in the Modern days of Sarnaut , the magical wood of this tree was used to craft some weapons , armors , and you might be surprised but because of it's unbelievable magical power and magic resistance , some of its branches and leaves were used to craft some parts of Zak's crystal armor , to protect people who enter the cave from the June curse . A holy drink is made of " Baumwurzeln" or (tree roots) can be used to treat the incurable "Leper" which can be found in Umoir , Catherina refused to use this brew to treat the Leper infection because she believed that the tree is evil since Nihaz is the one who planted it.

this is Baum der Offenbarung , the tree that witnessed history...

New Frontier

مُشْرِف سَابِقْ في اللودز العَرَبِيّة

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Monday, March 19th 2018, 2:59pm

In Memory Of August De Ardeur

After the total spark destruction of August De Ardeur, Pharmacognosists started searching for a cure to prevent that crisis from happening again, after along investigations, testing of the herbs, extracting their active constituents, the science finally has an answer !!

Augusta Remedium was the name given to the plant, the prefix stands for the first initial of August De Ardeur, while the suffix stands for Remedy or cure for his diagnosed illness.

The plant was found in the Isle of revelation, I guess it still has some mysteries to reveal, the Pharmacognosists stated that the part used is the extracted Alkaloid from the fruit itself.

Name: Titanium
Server: New Frontier


Bring It On! Cuz I'm Just Gonna Grow Up In The Battle HEY !!

Timed Artifacts: The hidden value
Blanks In Chat?


Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 11:59pm



  • "pokaberry" started this thread

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thank you everyone for your amazing entries! submissions have now closed, stay tuned for the link to vote! :)
You kill vegetarian vampires with a steak to the heart. HA HA HAH


Friday, March 23rd 2018, 1:25pm



  • "pokaberry" started this thread

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Absolutely AMAZING effort! The amount of thought put into each and every entry is most certainly impressive!

The link to vote is right here! Good job and good luck :)

You kill vegetarian vampires with a steak to the heart. HA HA HAH

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